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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

CCT Presentation

Salam and good evening everyone!

Alhamdulillah, I'm so relief that I had already finished or should I say 'passed' one of my killer subjects' presentations which was CCT presentation. Seemed our group (Anisah and I) was the first group to present about the barriers that hinder tafakkur, specifically Jahl and Juhud, so, we knew we must give our best shot to it. Even I still have the feeling that I hadn't done my very best during the presentation, but I am quite satisfy and most content after had being praised by our lecturer, Madam Adibah regarding our simple but full-of-effort presentation. Well, in my opinion, our presentation wasn't good enough because my examples for Jahl were too general to be explained to everyone in the class. However, we believed that madam would understand how much we had been working on it and how hard we were trying to make our explainations to be understood and accepted by her and our other classmates. Moreover, our satisfaction began to increase when madam said, "anyway, it is a good attempt. Thank you!" After received such a good feedback from madam, we were really proud of ourselves. Not takabbur or riya' instead we felt that all of our efforts had being paid/rewarded by The Almighty! Alhamdulillah... Thank you Allah for helping and guiding us about the presentation and giving us such a wonderful praise by our madam.

Anyway, well done to my other friends who had also passed the presentations too (Jue and her friend; Rin and Siti). Seriously guys, you had already done the best presentation I had ever seen. Insya Allah, don't think much about the past. Like I always remind Siti about my life philosophy, "we learn from mistakes." Always think good about yourself and be proud of everything you had done in your life. God willing it will always motivate you to become the best person in the future.

Insya Allah, I won't forget about the rest presenters. Suhaila and Munirah; and Farissa, Puteri and their friend (sorry, don't know your name), trust me, you had done a very good job regarding your presentations. Although madam asked you to redo the presentations next week, that doesn't mean that she wasn't satisty with your presentations at all. I think she expects more from you or maybe she loves to see the way you were presenting your topic in front of the class. People who repeat their work will learn more than people who had passed (my own quotation. Sorry if it's not suitable to be used).

Last but not least, congratulations to all of us for the best presentations we had given in order to share our knowledge with our friends. Before I forgot, a thousand thanks to Asma' and Rauyani for asking questions to the presenters (excluding my group) and also many thanks too to Ali and the rest of you who had paid 100% attention to our presentations. We hope that our presentations had given you much understanding about barriers that hinder tafakkur and let's pray to Allah to give us the best result for our CCT mid-term and also final examinations which are just around the corner. Amiin... (let's prove to madam Adibah that we can do our best!) Insya Allah!

So long...

p.s: All the best for the next presenters who will be presenting their topic next week! May Allah bless us all!!!

Take care


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