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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ice skating with Husna :)


Today is Saturday. Yesterday was Friday and you know what, yesterday was the most special day ever for both me and Husna. Remember Husna? She's my best friend which I have known since we were in CFS, IIUM, Nilai. Just so you know, she's the first person I had known and be friend with during the first time I set my foot in CFS. Amzing, isn't it? We have been best friends for about more or less five years (I think) and  we are glad that we are still best friends now. Hopefully, Allah will bless our friendship forever until we meet again in Jannah.

Speaking about Husna, there's one story I would like to share with you guys here and the story is about the day we spent together "on the ice," which was yesterday. Ice??? Is there any ice in Malaysia? Well, of course! The only place which got an ice court in Malaysia is Sunway Pyramid.

Sunway Pyramid, here we come!

We had our breakfast at IIUM first. We just had roti canai for our breakfast and some hot drinks. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Him for this rezeki. I wonder what do my poor brothers and sisters outside have for breakfast. Praise be to Allah for giving us the best food to eat. 

About 10.30 am, we departed from IIUM. We went to Terminal Putra by car and it was my decision actually. I decide to drive my car and park it at Terminal Putra because I thought that it will be easier for us to get back to IIUM on time. If let's say we went there by Rapid KL bus, I wonder at what time we eould arrive IIUM after we completed our outing. Hmm. Alhamdulillah, I made a wise decision. So, we took the LRT to go straight to Sunway Pyramid. Before this, I never thought that there is a Rapid KL bus which goes straight away to Sunway Pyramid. Because for all this while, whenever I want to go there, I would first take the LRT PUTRA from Gombak station to KL Sentral. Then, I have to switch to KTM Komuter until Subang Jaya station. There, I need to ride on a mini bus straight to Sunway Pyramid. So, it will be a tiring journey for me. But then, I discovered a new way which is the easiest way for me to get there without even tiring myself, which is by taking LRT PUTRA from Gombak station until Kelana Jaya station and take a bus which could take me directly to Sunway Pyramid. So, that's how Husna and I got to Sunway Pyramid, by both LRT PUTRA as well as Rapid KL bus. But, it took quite some times to reach there. We spent about an hour for just staying in the LRT and another few minutes to arrive at Sunway Pyramid. Whatever it is we enjoyed our journey very much! We're back Sunway Pyramid!

Once upon a time in Sunway Pyramid...

When he had arrived at Sunway Pyramid, we didn't immediately skate on the ice, but we took a short tour in the building for a few minutes. After that, we had our lunch together at KFC. We ordered dinner plate set and we shared. I said to Husna, "If only Aishah sees us sharing our meals and eating together she might say, 'Husna dengan Zimah ni asyik makan berdua je!'" And we laughed. The reason why I shared meal with Husna is that I didn't feel like eating at that time. Maybe it was because of my impatientness of wanting skate on the ice again after not skating for quite a very long time. I felt so enthusiastic to skate again for the third time with my besfriend, Husna, until it made my tummy to not feel hunger for food anymore. Don't you feel I actually transgressed myself? Quitelah.

So, after we finished our lunch, we went straight away to the ice skating counter to pay for the entrance fee. But do you want to know the most interesting part? We forgot to bring our gloves! Ta-da! Geramnya! Both of us were so regretful of our carelessness. How come we forgot about the most important thing in ice skating; the gloves! And you know what, that was the second time I forgot to bring along my gloves when I knew that I wanted to ice skate and that was also the second time I brought the new gloves for myself. What a waste! If my mother knows this, she could be so furious towards me. So, let's keep it as a secret. He he.

 At first I thought if we we want to purchase new gloves, the price would be expensive, say RM 30. But then as we wanted to pay the entrance fee and buy the new gloves, the total fees that the cashier keyed in on the cash register was only RM 23! Okay, that was quite okay for us both. So, we were so relieved. "Alhamdulillah, not that expensive," said Husna and I just smiled. As usual, after paying the the fee, we entered the place and go straught to the shoes counter to get our own skate shoes. The size of Husna's shoes was 37 and mine was 40. What big feet I have! We wore our shoes, tied up our shoelaces tightly and be ready to skate! As we entered the ice court, as we stepped our feet on it, I said to myself, "Here I am! Standing exactly on the smooth surface of ice!"  "Let's start skating!" I shouted silently. Thus, we skated! Yippeee!  

We skated... and skated... and skated so happily, so delightfully, so excitedly! Siapa yang tak happy setelah sekian lama tak skate, akhirnya dapat juga diriku skate atas ice tu lagi. He heAnd what made us more exhilarated is that the ice court was not compact with so many people. So, we could skate freely without worrying about crashing or bumping on to other skaters. Well, that was just in the beginning of our skating. As hours passed by, lots and lots of people entered and the ice court was getting more and more  crowded.  

To make the story more interesting, as we were skating, Husna and I saw this one guy skated all by himself along the ice court. Seemed he didn't have any friends who skated with him, so we tried to make friends with him. You know, just to add some more friends in our friends list because for me, I think the ice court is not just a place where we can do the skating but it is a social place, whereby we can get to know more and more people, regardless of what religion they are practicing and where they come from, who are physically and mentally different from you. With that you will realize that how much you can learn from them about life. But in our case, we didn't share many things with our new friend. Instead, we just made up a simple conversation with him as he was quite a shy person. We thought that he could be someone who rarely to speak to girls and tell you what, that was our first time of being acquainted to someone who is totally a stranger to us. But for friendship reason, I mustered up my courage to start greet him with a smile. Alhamdulillah, who expects that he would respond to my greetings so well. So, we asked his name, where is he studying and so forth. He introduced himself as Azri and he's doing his diploma in mechanics at Segi College. One thing that made us interested in knowing him is that by looking at the way he skated. He skated like an expert and that made us want to know him because we thought that he could teach us to skate properly but it was just an angan-angan. Lol.

"Selalu main ice skating ke?" I asked him.
"Tak selalulah." He replied.
"Selalu main seorang, ek?"
"Kadang-kadang main dengan kawan tapi hari ni main seorang je."
"Oh..." Husna and I responded.
"Ambil kelas ke? Sebab tengok you main macam terer je."
"Tak adalah. Belajar sendiri je. Tak terer manalah. Biasa je. Tu yang tengok-tengok orang main tu." He smiled. 
"Oh, tak apalah. Kami saja je nak kenal dengan you. Okaylah. Gotta skate!" Husna and I continued skating.

All I can say that, Azri was quite friendly sebenarnya but maybe he just didn't know the right way to talk to girls. Tapi, it was okay for us really. It shows that he is actually a good guy and we were glad to know him and befriended him even for only one day. May Allah bless this meeting. In sha Allah.

New acquaintances from IIUM Kuantan!

As we skated around the ice court for many times, we bumped into two Muslims Malay sisters. We stopped skating right behind them. They smiled to us.

"Akak, macam mana nak skate ek? Sukalahlah tengok korang skate." Okay, it seemed like they wanted us to teach them skating but they didn't know that we were also still learning to skate properly ourselves. Lol.
So I said, "Kalau nak pandai skate, kena berani untuk jatuh dan jatuh banyak kali. Ni dah jatuh ke belum?
"Belum lagi." They smiled.
"Haa, make sure lepas ni kena banyak-banyak kali jatuhkan diri ya." I giggled.
"Korang ni dari mana?" asked Husna.
"Course apa?" Husna asked back.
"Saya dentistry. Kawan saya ni ambil pharmacy."
"Wow! Science students. Hebat! I finally exclaimed. I was so proud of knowing new friends from IIUM Kuantan. 

Both of the girls named Lin and Piqah and both of them were sweet and cheerful. Hope to see them again in the future. Who knows, maybe during that time we're gonna go ice skating together. Nothing impossible in this world. Right?

Wow, what a long post I wrote. Let's end this ASAP because I need to get home by Zuhur. 

What I can conclude from my outing with Husna is that I learned many things and got to know a few new friends which are to me a good sign of being an adult. We should not be shy in making friends with strangers. They are also like us. Together we are human beings and seems we are living in a multi-cultural and social community, it is so important to socialize with many sorts of people. Sometimes we have to get out from the tempurung that we have been living in (what a word). Instead of increasing the number of friends in our friends list, we can also improve our communication skills with people thus it can make us a better communicator.

To conclude, I really enjoyed ice skating with Husna and I really hope that I could get the chance to skate with her again in the future, though she will be graduating soon. But I believe that there will one time which has been set by Allah for me to meet Husna and on that day, we shall skate again and who knows that by that time, we are professional skaters! Yikes! (I really hope it will be a dream comes true)


I end this post with alhamdulillah and thanks for reading.

p.s.: Husna, thanks for the sweet moment we created together. I just want to tell you that yesterday was my best day ever since we are best friends. Now, we are expert skaters, though not officially yet. Hehe. I love you with all my heart. Take care sayang! 


Friday, 29 June 2012

Why is Islamic Literature is an important course?


Alhamdulillah. I learned a lot today in both Dr. Mahmoodul. Now, let me just briefly tell you about those things I learned in ISLIT class.

In today class, Dr. Mahmoodul simply gave us a short description about the course. He said that the title of the course is supposed to be Muslim Literature because it is more appropriate to be called that what rather than Islamic Literature? You know why? Because when we say 'Islamic' and since we know that it is obviously an adjective (which describes a noun) it means that the thing must be closely related or connected to the religion of Islam. So, when we say 'Islamic Literature' it simply means that the literature must contain only Islamic ideas or viewpoints.

Other literature which are not Islamic do not belong to the Islamic literature itself although they are all written by Muslim writers. However, it is different when we say 'Muslim literature.' 'Muslim literature' indicates that although the literary works do not (necessarily) contain some of the Islamic values, but as long as it is written by the Muslims, it s considered as Islamic literature. Got it? 

Okay, I apologise. I know that my explanations are quite confusing. Actually, this isn't exactly what Dr. Mahmoodul had lectured us. I just paraphrased it but in sha Allah the meanings are still the same. Don't worry. Just bear with me. In sha Allah in the next next posts, when I narrow down all the things that I had leanerd in ISLIT class, I'm sure that you're gonna get a clearer picture about the ISLIT and you yourself might be able to distinguish between Islamic literature and Muslim literature.


Before the lectures started, Dr. Mahmoodul asked us one question.

"If Topics in Islamic Literature is not made compulsory, will take this course?" 

(For your information, ISLIT is actually one of the major courses that BENL students must fulfill in order to complete their studies. If not, our graduation certificate will not be complete)

According to the survey, most of said "Yes" instead of "No." Dr. Mahmoodul was quite happy for the responses and he stated that it was a good sign. Honestly, I sort of knew what Dr. Mahmoodul was about to say during that time. Probably he really did want to stress that how much important ISLIT for us to learn. Okay, ISLIT is not just for the BENL students to learn, it's for all. I can say that students from other kuliyyah are also welcomed and so much encouraged to  take this course as their supplement. Why? Because Dr. Mahmoodul said,

"... if we don't appreciate (as in study) the works of the previous Muslim scholars or writers, the next generation will never appreciate ours..."

Well, that's what he said and personally I 100% agree with him. Seriously, ISLIT is not meant for BENL students only, it's for all! Even students from Kuliyyah of Engineering are recommended to explore more about Islamic or Muslim literature in their leisure time rather than spending their 24 hours on the machines. The same goes to Law, ECONS, and students from other kuliyyah as well. I'm saying this because I am a writer and a poet (think so) myself and I want to us to preserve our own literature or poetry.

Aha... another reason why ISLIT is important because poetry (or generally literature) is considered as one of the most powerful weapon for the Muslims, other than prayer (du'a). Why did I say so? Because literature has something to do with our culture and language and I believe that many of us aware that language is a very crucial means of communication of the people in this world. Language in line with literature is so beautiful and it affects us in our everyday lives. Language is so powerful until it could make one's heart turn around from what it is used to be. 

One more thing. If you ever read literature and if you notice, when we read a literature (say a poem or a prose), we are sort establishing a bondage or relationship with the authors. This is because literature itself is the product of the author's emotions, ideas, thoughts and feeling about something. So, if we are the kind of people who enjoy reading literature, we are would be aware that the author is actually talking, communicating with us. I feel this every time I read other people's novels and poems. Well, I don't know whether you might feel the same or not. It you wanna know, you should try yourself. Really.

Oh no! It's already 01:17 am! It's getting late and I still don't have the guts to wash my brother's uniform. Frankly speaking, there are lots of things I wanna share with all of you, my blog readers. But I just remember that there are some responsibilities that I still haven;t fulfill for today. Forgive me for updating this blog late. In sha Allah next time I try make it on time.

Whatever it is, just remember Allah in everything you do. In sha Allah, you will gain barakah from Him.

Take care.

See you soon!

p.s.: Tomorrow is a special day! A moment when I would skate with my good buddy on the ice in Sunway Pyramid.  Can't wait for tomorrow! Bismikallahumma amuutu wa ahya...


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Diari Heliza Helmi


First day of lectures

                                                                                                                                                            Salam to all my blog readers!

Hello my IIUM friends! Yesterday was my first day of lectures. Sorry, I just got the chance to update this blog today because yesterday I was quite busy. 

For this semester, since I had only registered for two courses, so I got only four classes a week; every Tuesday and Thursday. So I can say that I have quite a lot of leisure time this semester, but not very a lot. I don't know what I;m talking about now. Haha.

Okay. Let's proceed.

So today I would like to write about what happened on my first day of classes, which was yesterday.

My first class, Topics in Islamic Literature, started yesterday at 10 am. As Dr. Mahmoodul came in, he made an announcement. For your information, I was really enthusiastic to start learning with him again this semester (I had taken 20th Century with him before and now I'm doing other course with him again. So exciting really!).

"Assalamualaikum. We cannot have our class today because my parents got sick and I need to take them to the hospital now..."

Then he told us about his parents coming to Malaysia and he requested them to stay here with him and his family for quite sometimes. But then when they arrived, they fell ill. Poor them. Maybe it is because they still cannot suit themselves with the whether in Malaysia (I think so). So they are like having a "cultural shock" or something.

However, deep in our heart I believe that many of us were actually screaming excitedly about the announcement. Dr. Mahmoodul meant that after he said a few words he would let us go. But he gave us some homework and asked us to bring them in the next class. But the students were still delighted because we were able to leave the class early yesterday.

Seems this is an Islamic Literature class, so Dr. Mahmoodul gave us a task whereby we have to do a small research regarding "literature" itself. I believe he asked us to do this in order for us to get a clear picture about what literature is all about first before he started lecturing us everything about it.

So here are some tasks that he gave us (including the questions that we need to answer):
- What is literature?
- What is the Islamic position of literature? Does Islam allow it or not?
- During the Prophet's time; did he encourage or discourage literature and who are the Muslim poets?
- The Prophet SAW gave his last sermon (farewell speech). In his sermon, what did he say?
- The Prophet SAW wrote some letters to some rulers to invite them to Islam. Find the letters.
- Hassan bin Thabit: Try to find some of his poems (in Arabic or English translation).

Hence, this evening I began doing my Google search. Oh, but before that, I went to the library and searched for the book that Dr. Mahmoodul asked us to search. The book titled, "Muhammad: Man and Prophet" but I was very upset because I didn't find one on the shelves. On the other hand, I found some other books which contained a few letters written by the Prophet SAW to some rulers of the big countries during his time. Without wasting time, I loaned the books and then went to the photocopy shop to photocopy all the letters of the Prophet SAW as Dr. Mahmoodul requested. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for making things easy for me. I thought I would never meet such books and I was so afraid that how can I possibly face Dr. Mahmoodul in our next class without the tasked being completed. I would be so embarrassed by my own irresponsible act. But, with His help, I had escaped myself from the trouble.

So, I have done with ISLIT homework! Phew! Enough with ISLIT story then. Now I shall proceed with the evening class, which was Pragmatics.

Okay, what about Pragmatics?

Well, our Pragmatics lecturer is best known as Dr. Normala. The first time I saw her talking in front of the class, I blurred. I just didn't know how to describe her and how I felt about her. Simply to put, it was the first time I did not have any impressions about someone during the first time we met like I used to before. Weird, isn't it? But honestly I believe that she is such a loving lecturer, just like my other BENL lecturers; Dr. Zurahani, Dr. Maskanah, Dr. Rozina, etc.

Dr. Normala began our class with a brief introduction about herself and the course. She said that each and everyone of us would be a good communicator after taking Pragmatics with her. Wow, I hope so! When she  briefed us about Pragmatics, all I can say that Pragmatics is just like the other Linguistics courses that we had taken before; Morphology, Phonetics, Introduction to Language, Psycholinguistics, etc. because when I scanned through the textbook, some of the components of the courses that I mentioned above are in there. Most probably, I am going to learn the same things again this semester but still there will be some new things that we will explore in Pragmatics and I just can't wait for it. Yikes!

Oppss! Wait a sec! I'm not finished yet! I got more stories to tell. So stay tuned!

Last night, we held our first meeting of TELESQOP 2. In meeting I just got to know the full name of the abbreviation TELESQOP. Actually, the word stands for Tutoring and Learning the Significance of the Quran. Oh... now I get it! Our new programme manager is Irfan (Head of TNL bureau of QYC) and his assistant is his own assistant in TNL bureau, which is Kak Khaty. This time, in TELESQOP 2, I'm the committee of catering bureau. So I'm going to handle all issues concerning food and drinks for all the participants, VIPs as well as committees. The only sad thing about TELESQOP 2 is that we are lack of committees and facilitators. This is because not many of the QYCians are doing the short semester. Most of them have already started their practical outside. So, it's very difficult for them to join the programme this time. In our discussion last night, we have decided to recruit new committees and facilitators ourselves. This means that we're not going to open booth anymore, instead all we need to do is that is to invite and persuade our own friends to take part in the programme. Hopefully Allah will guide us and help us to accomplish the mission. In sha Allah.

We are coming to the end of the post...

To conclude, I really can't be patient to wait for my next lectures. You know why? Because I had set my goal for the new semester. I want to study hard and study smart for the sake of Allah SWT alone and I want to become successful just like my Muslim icons, Datuk Siti, Dr. Afifi, and Heliza Helmi did. Most importantly, I want to be as successful as my beloved prophet, Prophet Muhammad SAW and his wife, Khadijah. I want to follow the footsteps of all our best khulafa' in leading the ummah towards achieving the blessings of Allah SWT. Hopefully this time I won't fail but if I fail, I will never feel give up to stand up again. In everything we do, we should put our faith in Allah and also in ourselves. Because if people think you can't do it, you are the one who believe that you can do anything because there's no such thing as "impossible" in this world as long as Allah wills.  

So, let's be positive, confident and consistent in whatever good deeds we do every day.

All the best!

p.s.: Today. I'm so happy! Thanks to Allah for planning all the good things happened today.


Monday, 25 June 2012

New semester! New mission! New goal!


Dear readers,
How are you doing? I'm doing fine. Phew! Alhamdulillah, we have come to a new semester of the session 2011/2012, which is the third semester. Okay, this is the second time I'm taking short semester so long I'm studying in IIUM. Before this, my mother told me that IIUM was so quiet with no students "lepaking" at the HS cafe and wandering around. But now, we can see groups of students are walking here and there, looking for their destinations. Not only the new intakes but including the CFS students as well are very busy looking for their classes and stuff. Not to mention the senior students who are still struggling to add some more subjects into their schedule in order to add up their credit hours. Well, they have to because it will be a waste if they only take one course when they got to stay inside the campus for about two months! What do they want to do in such a long period of time with no classes and all? Don't you think so?

Unlike me, I think I'm very fortunate. Okay, let me correct it. Not just me but all my BENL friends are quite fortunate actually because we had been offered many major courses for the third semester. Alhamdulillah. There are about six to seven courses offered by DELL (English Department) for us to register. If you ask me, I registered only two courses for this particular semester; Introduction to Pragmatics and Topics in Islamic Literature. Pragmatics is one of the specialization courses (Linguistics) I'm taking this semester. I'm so grateful that I could register this course for the semester because according to my friend, Iman, Pragmatics is barely offered by DELL for every semester. I'm not sure why but whatever it is I'm so thankful to Allah because if it wasn't for His will and mercy, Iman and I would never get the chance to take this course until the final year (since I'm specializing in Linguistics, it is very crucial to take this course in order to complete my specialization here). So, since it had been offered this semester, we just thought that why couldn't we grab the chance if we still could, right?

So, today I got no class. No at all! So boring. One thing I dislike about short semester is that we only have classes twice a week for each subject (in my case who takes only six credit hours). That's why I like long semester more because everyday we attend lectures and learn new things. But during the short semester, we have so many gaps. What do you think I want to do to fill up all the gaps? Perhaps when the lectures have started, I would know what to do. Wait a minute! I think I forgot something. Hey, I'm still a QYCian, aren't I? Oh, I forgot to tell you that QYC is holding the second TELESQOP this semester. Can't wait for it. Aha! That's what I'm about to tell you. Truthfully, I still can fill up my spare times by involving myself in all programmes organized by the club along the semester. How come I forgot about my beloved club. Forgive me for that. Lol.

However, seems this morning I got no class at all, so I spent my leisure time at SILLC. I'm not so sure whether I spelled the abbreviation correctly or not (excuse me for that) but it is like a mini library in IIUM. But it only provides books regarding languange, mainly Bahasa Melayu, English and also Arabic. To be frank, I always spend my time there learning more about English grammar by myself. Well, that's one of the reasons. Moreover, this is where I do some preparations every time before I start tutoring English to my one and only tutee, Kak Nurlian (IIUM librarian). There, in the mini library, I could find many sources about English which I can refer to. It's pretty exciting. Other than enhancing my English knowledge in order to teach my tutee I can also benefit myself from it. That's why I like teaching profession so much until it has been my ambition to become a teacher or lecturer since I was a little girl. When you learn something in order to teach someone the knowledge, you are also teaching yourself actually. When I teach my tutee English grammar, I understand it better and I can say that my English is improving each day (I think so). To prove, just look at this post. It was written in English, not Malay anymore. Lol. Okay, enough about all the nonsense. Let's move on to the real story.

Dear readers,
It feels so good to see IIUM students back again. I really love this feeling. The noise made by the students in HS cafe makes me feel that IIUM is so alive again. You know what, this is what I have been waiting for during the semester breaks. For those who stay far from Gombak, you will never feel how I felt. I was so unhappy to see IIUM empty with no students (excluding the international students. lol). Only the staffs walking to their offices and go back again to their homes made me feel so melancholic. That shows how much I miss all my IIUM friends. I hope it's not to late for me to say, "WELCOME BACK ALL SENIOR AND NEW-INTAKE STUDENTS OF IIUM TO THE GARDEN OF KNOWLEDGE AND VIRTUE." Don't they sound cool? Okay, forgive me. Seems you can't hear I'm exclaiming, just try to imagine yourself, okay? Lol.

And it would be an honor for me if I can share with you my gratitude to Allah for awarding me such beautiful result for the past final examinations. I never thought that I could get that 'cool' result. For me, I think it is the best result I ever got compared to the previous ones. I know that it isn't due to my efforts alone, but it is actually the product of my parents' and lecturers' prayers and blessings and also my friends' supports. A big "thank you" to all of them. This best result of mine is not merely for me but I consider it as a "gift" to those who never stop cheering me up and those people are the ones who always think that I can do my best in my life. And most important of all, of course, if you don't have a good relationship with you Lord, which Allah SWT, you'll never be on the peak of the success as you wish. So, thank you my Lord for this beautiful gift.

So, my new mission for this new semester is that I want to start study hard and smart. I want to be more serious in my studies. My studies are my priority now and I don't want to mingle with "time wasters" anymore because a new thing I learned from one motivational book that I've read titled Zero to Hero is that time is so precious. It will never wait for us but it us who have to consume it only with beneficial things. To add, my new goal is mardhatillah and His jannah.

May Allah make things easy for me. Insya-Allah.

Okay, finally, psst! Actually, I was supposed to go to the library and do some readings on the academic journals written by the intelligent shcolars and professionals. But I just changed my plan. I'm too lazy to walk there because in half an hour time, I need to pick my brother, Zaim, up from his school. So, I thought it would be lovely if I could share with you some of my thoughts in the beginning of my fifth semester here. At least you will get a clearer picture about the first day of the short semester in IIUM. You agree?

Okay. I think I shall stop now and be ready to fetch Zaim at his school. If I got free time, I'll consistently update my blog with more interesting stories throughout the semester with you guys.

So long.

Let's start our days with bismillahirrahmanirrahim...


Friday, 15 June 2012

Tour de Campus bersama adik-adik SK Saujana Utama


Semalam, 14 Jun 2012, CENSERVE IIUM telah mengadakan satu lagi aktiviti menarik semasa cuti semester iaitu program Tour de Campus bersama adik-adik dari SK Saujana Utama. Program yang berlangsung dari jam 9 pagi hingga 4 petang ini benar-benar memuaskan hati.

Ini kali ketiga aku mengikuti program sebegini. Tak sangka, seronok sangat-sangat bila bersama-sama dengan adik-adik comel ni. Bak kata Ustaz Abdul Rasyid, guru Bahasa Arab mereka yang turut hadir dalam program ini, mereka ini umpama kain putih yang diamanahkan kepada kami bagi mencorakkannya dengan nilai-nilai Islam. Subhanallah, berat amanah ni, ustaz. Tapi dengan izin-Nya, semuanya berjalan dengan baik.

Nak kongsilah sedikit di sini apa yang kami buat sepanjang program ni.

Pada asalnya, program ini banyak slot. Selain Tour de kampus, kita ada menyediakan slot Sharing Moment dan aktiviti ringkas untuk menguji kreativiti adik-adik. Tapi nak buat macam mana? Masa tidak mengizinkan. Memandangkan para guru pengiring sudah berjanji dengan ibubapa murid-murid akan kembali ke sekolah mereka sebelum jam 4 petang, jadi program terpaksa ditamatkan dalam jam 3.30 petang. Sedih sebenarnya, tapi tak mengapalah. Sekurang-kurangnya dapat juga luangkan masa berjalan-jalan sekitar IIUM dengan adik-adik.

Sambil-sambil bawa mereka melawat bangunan-bangunan kuliyyah dan beberapa kemudahan yang terdapat di IIUM ni, banyak juga soalan yang mereka tanya tentang IIUM ni. Lihatlah, betapa tingginya perasaan ingin tahu mereka tentang alam universiti ni. Aku pula jadi seronok nak menceritakan pengalamanku belajar di sini. Alhamdulillah.

Berjalan, berjalan dan berjalan, akhirnya kami sampai di perpustaakaan IIUM yang diberi nama Darr al-Hikmah. Punyalah melonjak gembira adik-adik ni bila dapat tahu yang mereka diizinkan untuk masuk ke dalam. Bila dah masuk, apa lagi, terujalah si kecil ni semua. Mana taknya, bukan saja sejuk, malah ruangan perpustakaan IIUM yang besar turut menarik perhatian mereka semua. Ini membuatkan impian mereka untuk sambung belajar di IIUM membuak-buak. Hehehe. Seronok tengok mereka semua gembira.

Dipendekkan cerita, ada lah sedikit aktiviti selingan yang kami buat demi mengisi masa adik-adik sementara menunggu majlis penutup. Setelah itu, majlis penutup pun berjalan dan Abang Yazid meminta agar adik-adik SK Saujana Utama bersalaman dengan abang-abang dan kakak-kakak fasi. Bila bersalaman, berciuman dan berpelukan dengan adik-adik ni, terasa hangat sangat. Rasa kasih dan sayang pada mereka semakin memekar. Bila dah peluk tu, rasa susah sangat nak lepaskan pelukan mereka. Dalam banyak-banyak murid SK Saujana Utama ni, ada dua orang murid yang berjaya menambat hatiku. Seorang namanya Atiqah dan seorang lagi namanya Zaulaiqha. Kedua-dua mereka sangat ramah denganku dan tak henti-henti menangkap gambarku sepanjang perjalan kami melawat IIUM. Comel sungguh mereka ni.

Okay, penat pula menaip. Jom kita layan gambar-gambar di bawah ni pula ya.

Sampai saja di IIUM, sempat lagi bergambar di tangga besar

Adik-adik tekun mendengar taklimat program

Tour de campus pun bermula

Penat berjalan... berehat sekejap ambil udara sejuk perpustakaan

Yang sebelah kiri gambar tulah Atiqah. Comel, kan?

Yang tengah tu pula Zulaiqha

Barisan guru lelaki yang sudah keletihan menjamu pelbagai jenis makanan di setiap kafe IIUM

Fasilitator perempuan bergmbar bersama guru-guru perempuan SK Saujana Utama sebelum berpisah

Selamat tinggal adik-adik! Jumpa lagi nanti!

Walaupun penat melayan kerenah adik-adik comel, tapi kami tetap cool dan  enjoy!

Diriwayatkan daripada Anas r.a: “Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah bersabda: “Tidak ada seorang pun di antara kalian dipandang beriman sebelum ia menyayangi saudaranya sesama Muslim seperti halnya ia menyayangi dirinya sendiri.”


Jumpa lagi pada program CENSERVE atau QYC yang akan datang!

p/s: Terima kasih kepada Puan En sebab mengajak saya menyertai program ini. Next time, jangan lupa ajak saya lagi ya. TERBAIK! ^_^

Warkah cinta buat adinda-adindaku: "Tidak mustahil untuk berubah"

Dengan lafaz bismillah pembuka bicara.
Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan besar, Rasul tercinta, Muhammad SAW.

Assalamualaikum buat adinda-adindaku yang kukasihi hanya kerana Allah.
Semoga adinda-adindaku berada dalam keadaan sihat diiringi dengan rahmat dan redha Allah.

Bagaimana dengan pelajaran kalian? Baikkah semuanya?
Tertekan? Letih? Bosan? Malas?

Ah, kukira itu semua perkara biasa bagi seorang pelajar yang sebenarnya dahagakan ilmu seperti kalian. Ingatlah pesanku, bahawasanya tidak ada istilah "senang" atau "mudah" dalam menimba ilmu Allah. Terlalu banyak rintangan dan cabaran yang kalian harus tempuhi kerana ilmu itu ibaratnya seperti sebutir mutiara di dasar lautan. Bernilainya ia hinggakan tidak semua orang mampu untuk mendapatkannya. Ia hanyalah rezeki yang Allah sediakan bagi mereka yang sanggup membanting tulang, berusaha untuk menggarapnya.

Bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.

Wahai adinda-adindaku,
Tahukah kalian betapa bernilainya diri kalian pada Islam, juga di mata Allah? Walaupun manusia memandang kalian hina, namun mereka tidak tahu bahawa hati kalian bersih dan lebih mulia dari mereka. Jika merek terus-menerus menghina atau merendah-rendahkan kalian, mungkin mereka lupa akan firman Allah dalam Surah Al-Hujurat (49:11):

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Janganlah suatu kaum mengolok-olok kaum yang lain, (kerana) boleh jadi mereka (yang diperolok-olokkan) lebih baik dari mereka (yang mengolok-olok)..."

Walau manusia memperolok-olokkan kalian hatta memulaukan kalian sekalipun, ingatlah bahawa Allah tidak akan pernah lakukan hal sebegitu kepada kalian. Kasih dan cinta-Nya sentiasa tertumpah pada kalian tidak seperti kasih manusia yang saban hari kian memudar. Janganlah sesekali kalian terfikir untuk berputus asa dari rahmat Allah. Ingatlah janji Allah dalam Surah al-Rahman (55:31-32), pabila Allah mengatakan:

"Kami akan memberi perhatian sepenuhnya kepadamu wahai (golongan) manusia dan jin. Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan."

Bahkan, jika kamu menghadapi masalah atau dugaan seberat mana sekalipun, Allah tidak akan pernah membiarkanmu terkapai-kapai menanggung beban masalah itu sendirian. Sebaliknya Dia masih tetap di sisi kalian, setia menemani dan memberi sokongan malah pertolongan kepada kalian bagi menghadapi hari-hari sukar. Andai saja kalian terus-menerus melakukan kesilapan dalam hidup kalian, Dia dengan sifat-Nya yang Maha Penyayang dan Maha Pengampun akan sentiasa memaafkan kalian, setiap minit dan setiap saat. Tambahan pula, kecintaan-Nya kepada kalian tetap juga sama seperti selalu walaupun kalian terkadang lalai daripada mengingati-Nya.

Ini bisa dibuktikan oleh kata-kata-Nya dalam Surah Ad-Duha (93:2-3):

"dan demi malam apabila telah sunyi, Tuhanmu tidak meninggalkan engkau (Muhammad) dan tidak (pula) membencimu,"

Tetapi, kalau kalian telah melakukan sebarang kesilapan, cepat-cepatlah memohon ampun daripada-Nya. Percayalah, pengampunan Allah sentiasa terbuka luas bagi hamba-hamba-Nya yang ikhlas bertaubat. Sebagaimana Allah menjelaskan dalam Surah Al-Ma'idah (5:39):

"Tetapi barang siapa yang bertaubat setelah melakukan kejahatan itu dan memperbaiki diri, maka sesungguhnya Allah menerima taubatnya. Sungguh Allah Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang."

Jika kalian sentiasa menemukan kegagalan, janganlah menyangka bahawa tidak akan ada sinar cahaya di penghujung usaha kalian itu. Percayalah, yakinlah bahawa cerita kehidupan kalian akan berkahir dengan sebuah kecemerlangan. Seorang Muslim sepatutnya tidak boleh membiarkan dirinya terjatuh dalam lubang yang sama. Itu pesan Nabi kita. Akan tetapi manusia akan belajar daripada kesilapan yang dilakukannya berulang-ulang kali sebab dengan itu, barulah kita bisa mengingat pengajarannya dari kesilapan itu buat selama-lamanya.

Sekiranya manusia memandang rendah pada keupayaan kalian akan sesuatu, sebagai contoh, ada dalam kalangan mereka yang tidak yakin bahawa kalian mampu sampai ke puncak menara gading dan menjadi orang yang berjaya, ingatlah bahawa aku sentiasa percaya bahawa kalian bisa melakukannya lebih daripada sangkaan mereka semua kepada kalian. Kerana kutahu kalian semuanya mempunyai kelebihan dan keistimewaan yang tersendiri yang mungkin sekali belum sampai masanya keistimewaan kalian itu ditonjolkan di depan khalayak. Sungguhpun mereka mengejek-ngejek kalian atau meremeh-remehkan kebolehan kalian itu, sentiasa ingatlah akan pesanan Kekasih kalian yang Maha Penyayang, dalam Surah Ali Imran (3:200):

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Bersabarlah kamu dan kuatkanlah kesabaranmu dan tetaplah bersiap-siaga (di perbatasan negerimu) dan bertakwalah kepada Allah agar kamu beruntung)."

Adinda-adindaku yang kucintai,
Luangkanlah masa kalian sebaik-baiknya. Isi masa kalian hanya dengan perkara-perkara yang bermanfaat yang akan mengisi penuh kantung pahala kalian dan membiarkan kosong peti dosa kalian. Masa itu umpama pantasnya kilat. Kita hendaklah tangkas memotongnya sebelum ia memotong kita. Ada tiga hal yang apabila ianya berlalu, maka tidak mungkin kita bisa mendapatkannya kembali:

Pertama, kata yang telah diucapkan.
Kedua, masa yang telah berlalu.
Ketiga, peluang yang diabaikan.

Ingatlah ketiga-tiga hal ini. Sematkan di dadamu. Simpan di dalam kotak memorimu. Masa dan kesihatan adalah antara nikmat yang paling berharga, anugerah Allah buat kita semua, ciptaann-Nya yang agung berbanding dengan ciptaan-ciptaan-Nya yang lain. Beruntunglah kalian, bersyukurlah kalian kerana lahir sebagai manusia dan sebagai seorang Muslim. Jangan sesekali kalian perisa-siakan nikmat Allah ini.

Kukira terlalu banyak yang inginku sampaikan dalam pesananku buat semua adindaku yang kuingati ini. Namun, seperti yang kukatakan tadi, masa dengan lajunya telah memotongku dan mengehadkan peluangku untuk terus menukilkan kata-kata di sini.

Namun begitu, wahai para adindaku, sebelum kuakhiri warkahku pada kalian kali ini, suka untukku berkongsi dengan kalian tentang sebuah kisah seorang anak muda seperti kalian yang dahulunya seorang pelajar yang terkenal dengan kenakalannya akhirnya kini telah menjadi seorang yang berjaya. Kisah ini kupetik daripada ruangan Dr. Tengku Asmadi Tengku Mohamada dalam majalah Anis keluaran Jun 2012. Marilah bersama-sama denganku. Kita amati dan hayati kisah di bawah ini dengan seikhlasnya agar dengan itu kita bisa mengambil pengjaran dari kisah hidupnya yang mungkin ada sedikit persamaan dengan kisah hidup kalian.

Dalam bulan Februari lalu, bekas pelajar saya yang pernah ikuti program motivasi yang dijalankan pada tahun 2000 telah hadir di majlis penutup kursus. Beliau menceritakan bagaimana ketika itu dia dalam tingkatan tiha dan bakal menduduki Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR). Keputusan peperiksaan percubaannya memang teruk iaitu 1B, 1C, 4D dan gagal subjek Matematik dan Sains. Bukan setakat itu sahaja, malah beliau seorang yang mempunyai masalah disiplin di sekolah, merempit, kaki gaduh, buli, ponteng kelas dan bermacam lagi. Kalau diikutkan memang mustahil baginya berjaya malah ibu yang memasukkan dia ke dalam program motivasi yang saya adakan itu juga tidak meletakkan harapan yang terlalu tinggi.

Namun, apa yang berlaku ialah selepas 42 hari menghadiri seminar motivasi, beliau mendapat 8A dalam PMR. Selepas itu, beliau ditawarkan ke sekolah MRSM dan mendapat 10 A dalam SPM. Beliau akhirnya melanjutkan pelajarannya ke UKM dan mendapat Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang Terapi Cara Kerja dan mendapat Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang bagi Fakulti Kesihatan dalam konvokesyen pada 2008. Beliau telah ditawarkan UKM untuk menjadi felo dan melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat PhD. Namun, beliau akhirnya menolak tawaran tersebut kerana dalam masa yang sama turut mendapat tawaran sebagai Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik (PTD). Akhirnya, beliau memilih menjadi PTD hanya kerana sewaktu dalam program motivasi pada tahun 2000 dahulu beliau sudah tekad suatu hari mahu menjadi Perdana Menteri. Cita-citanya itu begitu menghantui fikiran dan tidak pernah padam. Dan kini setelah 12 tahun berlalu, pada usia 27 tahun beliau adalah PTD di Pejabat Perdana Menteri.

Hebat bukan, si dia seperti yang diceritakan oleh Dr. Tengku Asmadi ini?
Tidakkah kalian merasakan bahawa kalian juga bisa menjadi sepertinya, malah jauh lebih berjaya darinya?

Mungkin kalian masih belum lihat di mana letaknya keistimewaan kalian itu. Tapi yakinlah bahawa kalian tidak akan diciptakan oleh Allah di atas muka bumi ini dengan sia-sia. Setiap daripada kalian akan menjadi penyumbang utama kepada Islam. Setiap seorang daripada kalian akan menjadi peneraju kepada daulah Islamiah seperti yang telah diwariskan oleh Rasulullah SAW dan para sahabat-sahabat khalifah baginda.

Dengan itu, adinda-adindaku sekalian, kuakhiri warkah ku ini dengan lafaz alhamdulillah.
Semoga kalian bisa mengutip butir-butir mutiara dalam ucapanku ini.

Aku di sini sentiasa mendoakan kalian dan tidak akan pernah berhenti berusaha untuk mebantu kalian, mempin tangan kalian mendaki gunung ujian yang berliku-liku ini demi sampai ke puncak menara gading itu. Aku akan usaha semampuku untuk memastikan bahawa kalianlah yang akan meneruskan tampuk pimpinan Islam suatu ketika nanti.



Semoga kita semua diberkati Allah.
Salam kasih dan rindu, dari kakak kalian.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Let's sum up!


Alhamdulillah... we had just finished our sem 1 for session 2011/2012. How's everyone? Hope everyone is in a good health along with the blessings of Allah.


Okay. There were a lot of things happened throughout my fourth semester in IIUM. Well, other than holding a position as an Assistant Head of one of the bureaus in Quranic Youth Club (QYC), not to mention there were also tones of sweet and bitter moments which I had gone through whether with the company of my friends or even by my own self, as long as I'm called IIUM student and more precisely English major student.

Seems everything is over, so let me just sum up some of the highlights which I experienced throughout the semester.

Okay, first and firstmost, things regarding QYC. Alhamdulillah, this semester was the first time holding such a crucial post in QYC, which is Assustant Head of Publication and Information Bureau or rather be called as PNI. My job is to assist my head of bureau in doing all the things concerning media and also publication, like taking photos of all QYC programmes, creating a montage video to promote QYC programme, recording meaningful moments when a QYC programme is in progress, producing risalah, updating QYC website with latest issues and many other stuffs pertaining information about current issues or QYC itself. Interesting isn't it? Yet tiring! But I did enjoy my works. Seriously!

So far, alhamdulillah, for the first time QYC had produced its own buletin or risalah. The very first risalah in the history. The name of our risalah that we wad agreed for is "The Quranic Wave." How macho is that? 


Previously, Kak Aini, our Vice President 2, used to tell me that QYC had never come out with a single bulletin or risalah which was quite sad actually. Because all I know about bulletin is that it is one of the means that we can use to tell the public about our club. This is how the IIUM students keep themselves up to date with all our programmes from time to time. Because not everybody will be online on Facebook. So, by reporting in the risalah, it will make them to get to know what is QYC's latest programme going on in that particular time. Furthermore, from the bulletin also we can share our opinions and ideas about certain issues. To me, our risalah is just like our identity. Some of the articles or masterpieces in it are written by QYC members themselves. Thus, the articles actually portray our stand regarding something. That's why risalah is very important, nit just for our club alone but for all other clubs or societies as well. 

Next, I want to talk about one of QYC programme which I think was the most interesting and exciting one. TELESQOP 2012. Have you heard of it? Okay, to be honest, I already forgot what does TELESQOP stand for. But basically it was a mentoring kind programme which emphasized on teaching the Quran to the little khalifah. For instance, our main focus for TELESQOP 1 were teaching the little khalifah of Sekolah Rendah Agama Integrasi Sg. Chinchin (SRAI) the proper way of reciting the Quran (in this case, Surah al-Fatihah) with right tajweed and also explaining to them the details of the tafseer of Surah al-Fil. To add, we enjoyed all the activities with our little khalifah. This is the time when we could show off our "keabangan" and "kekakakan" in front of our little brothers and sisters of SRAI. Honestly, there were so cool and awesome! This was my first time joining such programme and it would be the most valuable memory I will treasure.

I miss them all. Sob... sob...

Sigh! Pheww!

Okay, done with QYC. Now, I want to share with you about my "feelings" problem. Opss, please don't misinterpret my words. Surely I will not say anything about my personal problem here, coz I had been warned by my such caring big sister about not to share anything about your private life to the public. It's just that... I don't know. It's hard to tell, truthfully. Okay, okay. Let me just go straight to the point.

I have a few friends which I have best befriended since the last short semester. There are four of us. At the very beginning of our friendship, we always hung out together; had some cups of tea, spent our sometimes outside, sat together at the cafe and shared about our problems. Simply to put, we did a lot of things together. But as this semester began, everything started to change. I could feel there are a long gap between us. All the good memories we used to create together were gone with the wind. They faded away, slowly. I believe they also feel the same way but they are not brave enough to admit. I don't know. It's complicated, really. To me, things about love, family and friendship are all complicated and only wise people know how to deal with these problems wisely. Just so you know, I'm not a wise a person. I'm still learning about the real meaning of life and I'm still searching for my true self.

Okay, back to my point. What I want to say here is that I just miss my long lost friends. Who? They. If my friends read this, they will immediately know that these paragraphs are actually meant for them. But I know they will never read my blog. Ever. None of them bothers to drop by and read except if I ask them for. But it doesn't matter to me at all. I admit that my blog isn't interesting enough to attract people to drop by, read and leave some comments. What a shame. But no matter how, I will never quit blogging. Yehee...

I still remember one of them did promise me that he would bring me and my friend, Husna, to go eat burger bakar at Wangsa Maju and play ice skating at Sunway Pyramid. But til then, I hear nothing about the person. Only silence. My phone message box is kind of 'empty.' No more messages I receive from that. That is the most thing which saddens me lately but they never know coz they never bother. To them, friendship is all about remembrance. It's okay if we don't keep in touch with our friends as long as we remember them in our prayers. Okay, seriously no one can deny the power of du'a but to me keeping in touch in our friends show that you are still care about them, don't you think? But never mind. Everybody has his own stands and I can do nothing but respect and accept that. Although there are like that but only one remains faithful to me and I totally appreciate that. May Allah bless my friend.

Okay, let's continue with other topic. 

Beside every bitter memories, there should be sweet memories. Beside every bad people, there must be good and there's always Ying  beside Yang. Although I experienced bad feelings about my long lost friends, Allah with all His mercy replaced them with new friends. These new friends of mine are kind, sweet and accept me just the way I am. I like the way they treat me as a friend. There are just what a good friend should be and I salute them for that. I cried a a lot every time my mind recall about my long lost friends but with the presence of my new friends, all my sadness are taken away. They omitted my sorrowness. They destroy my tears whenever I cried to them telling how disappointed I was towards the attitude of my long lost friends. These new friends of mine are truly amazing! May Allah bless them.

Okay. I'm tired of writing this long post. 

I'm not sure whether this has covered up everything or not for the last semester. But I hope I would never write such post again in the future. Lol.

So long. Have a nice breaks, my friends :)



Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Puzzle 29: As I recall the past

As I recall the past
In a theater we met
That was the first time I bet
Performed a play together
Knowing well each other

As I recall the past
I got to know you 
Many things together, we would do
Hanging out always
Never be in grace

As I recall the past
Remembering all your promises
With all those premises
But now you've gone for so long
Without I knowing what I've done wrong

As I recall the past
You said we were friends
Insya-Allah til the end
Presently the promises are fading away
As the emotion turns grey

As I recall the past
You always be by my side
Never lost from our sight
Wherever we are you will be there
That's how I view you-I look and I stare

As I recall the past
These are only memories
Which are losing-I'm sorry
Seeing you avoiding me
It hurts me more than you can see

So long "friend"
Your act has broken my heart and ruined my stand
As you went and lost contact
Don't ever bother to come back

Thanks for everything and
Take care

Note: Previously, you were the one who made this friendship "tasty" but now you are also the one who makes it even more "tasteless". I know, other thing seems to be more important to you compared to this one. The only thing that I hate the most about friendship is that it will always be sacrificed for the sake of a "conditional" love. Just remember this one. As you turned around, you had left me to drown. If anything happens to me, you shall not be blamed. So long. I hope we'll never meet again coz seeing you, it just hurts my heart even more. Just go away and live your life happily like always and I will do the same.


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