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Friday, 22 August 2008



Assalamualaikum w.b.t…

Hello, there! Alhamdulillah we meet again today.

It feels so good to be back again. Now, I am at my house, in Gombak. I arrived home at about 2.30 pm. Oh, I was so sleepy at that time. Actually, my best roommate, Jue, was following us too this evening but she went back to her sister’s house with an LRT and then took a bus from the Central Market straight to her sister’s house.

Hmm… What am I going to share with you today is about my big whole family! Hahaha…

I got a big happy family. To me, my family is the greatest family I have in this world and it is the most precious gift given by Him. As for you now, it seems like this is the most valuable thing I have, so, I am going to appreciate and in that case, I will express my appreciations through writing about them in my blog.

*These are some photos of my family captured since I was in standard 4. hehe… Don’t I look very cute? Don’t I look adorable? Haha… kidding!

Starting from the uppers..

I got only one Daddy and Mummy… and they are the cutest couple in the whole universe. Hahaha… Don’t you think? My father’s name is Wan Ibrahim b. Wan Ahmad and my mother’s name is Zaila Abd. Kadir.

About Daddy

Hmm.. what can I tell you about him. Let see… Alhamdulillah, of course he is the best daddy in the world as he’s always in my heart. Hahaha… He is very good at particular things like fulfilling our needs. He would never forget to fulfill his responsibilities as the head of the family. Everything that we want from him, he would never upset us because he knows his children needs. I also very respect him (salute him) in things like money management. Based on my observation, daddy is such a very careful person. He will always take care of his money from spending to non-beneficial things. He knows how to manage his money properly for our goods for the future(even though sometimes he is very stingy..hehehe…). But, sometimes he likes to get angry easily. You know, when he’s get mad with someone, you will feel scared looking at his face as he is the twin of lion. Hehehe…

About Mummy

Oh, mummy is the BEST! She’s my idol, role model, the Queen of my heart and also my angel. I admire her very much. She’s always there whether I am in happiness or sadness. She’s everything in my life. I can’t imagine how my life is going to be without her by my side. Maybe I would after her because I really think that I can’t live longer without her. My life will get meaningless without her looking at her face, listening to her voice, kissing her face and hand, smelling her perfumes and hugging her body. Hmmm… she’s my only BESTFRIEND as she always listen to me every time I got problem especially problem involves LOVE. She’s such a good listener. I love her with all my heart…

I love my both my daddy and mummy!

They are the best and nobody can replace them in my heart!

As you can see, above is the photo of my siblings. All of us are seven. We are the princes and princesses of King Wan Ibrahim and Queen Zaila.


Nickname: Kak Long


  • Exactly the same with Daddy(hehehe…)
  • The prettiest among the other daughters
  • Very talented in cooking
  • Very friendly and kind to everyone
  • Caring and loving towards other siblings
  • Fashionable like cosmetics as they are part of her
  • But very sweet!!!


Nickname: Angah


  • cute
  • Friendly and likes baby and kids
  • Loving person
  • Caring
  • Like to help people in needs
  • Very concern about religious things
  • Sporting
  • Alert about the current issues(especially issues that involve Islam)


Nickname: Abg Nwar


  • A lawyer
  • Handsome and very good-looking
  • Taller than my parents
  • Determine kind of person
  • Hardworking
  • Quiet and not very get along with us, his siblings
  • Likes to show his serious face


Nickname: Kak Uda


  • Sweet face
  • Funny girl (likes to make people laugh)
  • The most intelligent person in our family
  • My second best friend
  • My company in all things
  • Attractive to all men (hehehe)
  • Cheerful and friendly too
  • Likes to make friends and very helpful to them
  • Good advisor and a good speaker


Nickname: Imah or Adik or Kak Chik


· Cute, baby face (haha… that’s me!)

· Caring about others

· Just like Angah, I also interested in helping people who need my help

· Concern about FRIENDSHIP and LOVE matters

· Love my family and friends so much

· Honest such person and hello, I’m hardworking too..

· Likes studying, eating or do what ever that makes me happy

· My parents are my idols

· Very-very emotional, like to cry, weak in LOVE matters, like to act childishly.

· Also can get furious with something easily.


Nickname: Hafiz or Abg Chik


  • Dark-skinned and ‘naughty’ face
  • Playful and always go out and play with his friends
  • Very shy person
  • Likes to be involved in sports esp. in basketball
  • Caring and loving but doesn’t like to show them to people
  • Loves animals esp. cats


Nickname: Zaim, Zharfan, Baby


  • Cute face fair-skinned
  • Can be friends with anyone (with adults or even with kids too)
  • Sometimes very helpful and kind
  • Likes to act according to his moods
  • Likes to play with kids ex. Kamil and Itqan

To be continued......

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Assalamualaikum, hello everyone.

Hmm… Of course today is a very busy and tired day for everyone, especially for Farrah because, like others, she got so many classes as usual. Hehehe… sorry to her.

Actually, I just want to share with you about my ‘Listening and Speaking’ presentation that had been done yesterday, Monday, 12 August 2008, 8 am to 11 am. Oh, it was so miserable for me. I think it was a nightmare for me too. I don’t know. Yesterday, I felt so disappointed and upset with myself because I couldn’t do my presentation very well. I always fail in this sort of thing, even though I like to talk in front of everybody.

Ok, lets get straight to the point, ok?

The title for my presentation was ‘Languages I Want to Learn and Master’. I chose this title because to me, it was the easiest topic than others. I don’t know. It’s just my opinion. Other than that, I had searched a lot of points about this topic also. My turn was number seven. Oh God, I was so nervous when I found out that I was among the earliest students to present my topic. But, what can I do? Hmm… So, when it was my turn, I just paced calmly to the front class and ‘tawakkal’. Just leave it to Him, let Him decides what is good and what is bad for me.

After I have got myself comfortable in front of the class, I read Surah as-Syarh 3 times and said to myself, “You can do it, Hazimah!”. So, I just went. Then, I started my presentation by introducing myself along with seeking an apologize from the audience.

“Assalamualaikum, a very good morning to Madame ‘Ain and all of my friends. Today, I would like to present about the topic ‘Languages I Want to Learn and Master’. Before that, I want to apologize because I actually have completed my presentation using Power Point but I haven’t bring it along here today. So, I have nothing along with me today as I only got a very simple notes about this topic, but never mind. I will try my best to explain about it to you…” then, I started the topic.

Oh, I can’t forget about how was I looked at that time. So nervous and very difficult to speak in front of people without prepare anything. But, I just did it. At first, I thought I wanted to tell Madame that I didn’t prepare yet, but I was afraid to do so. So, I just did my very best at that time. No matter what, at least, I tried my hardest and I kept all SF’s advices in my heart, and Alhamdulillah I could get trough it.

But, I still think about my presentation until now because I have a bad feeling about it. Of course Madame will give me the lowest marks because my presentation is really bad. Oh my God! If only I can get back into the past, I am really sure that I will do my very best because I have prepared everything before I present it to the class. But, how come I do that? Unless I got the power to turn back of course I would do that. But, it’s all about yesterday. What done is done. There is no need to talk about the past, because it useless.

The most important thing is, I am going to improve myself in the future just like what my SF have told me before.

written on Tuesday 12/08/2008


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