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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Saturday, 28 November 2009

Eidul Adha Special


The story hidden from the month of Dzul Hijjah...

*A command from Allah toward His prophet, Ibrahim a.s. to slaughter his own son, Ismail a.s.

One day, when Prophet Ismail a.s. had reached his teen age, his father, Prophet Ibrahim a.s. dreamed that he had to slaughter Ismail, his only son. For the prophets and the messengers of Allah s.w.t., dream is one way to which God reveals wahy to His chosen prophet. After he was confidence that the dream was from Allah s.w.t., Prophet Ibrahim a.s. realized that he must obey the command asking him to slaughter his one and only prince, Ismail a.s. He sat all by himself thinking about the dream for so many time as he thought that the dream has been the biggest test he had ever faced in his life as a prophet of Allah s.w.t. He thought as a father who had been waiting for his child to be born after had been praying to God for so many years. A son who had reached his teen age and was the only hope to take care of the family. A son who was meant to be the only heir of the family and continue the life of his parents until the end, who his life had to be sacrificed by his own father's hand.

As it was stated in the Holy Quran:

"And when he (his son) was old enough to walk with him, he said: 'O my son! I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you (offering you in sacrifice to Allah). So look what you think!' He said: 'O my father! Do that which you are commanded, Insya Allah (if Allah wills), you shall find me of As-Sabirun (the patient)." (37:102)

And finally, after had listened to Ismail a.s's answer, without wasting time, Ibrahim had decided to fulfill Allah's command to start the sacrifice seemed his son was willing to be sacrificed to show that obedience toward his Creator.

When the time had come which Ismail a.s. was almost slaughtered by Ibrahim a.s, Allah s.w.t. revealed His verses as stated in the Quran:

"We called out to him: 'O Abraham! You have fulfilled the dream!' Verily thus do We reward the Muhsinun (good doers). Verily, that indeed was a manifest trial. And We ransomed him with a great sacrifice (kibasy - a ram)." (37:104-107)

This story is enough to show us how much high the obedience of both prophets Ibrahim a.s. and his son, Ismail a.s. to Allah s.w.t. Although they have to sacrifice their own life for Him, they are not scared. Because they know, they believe that whoever obey Allah s.w.t. with sincerity are sure will be rewarded and be blessed by Him both in this world and in the hereafter.

The story is the beginning of the act of Qurban which is considered as sunnah and it is recommended to be carried out during the celebration of Eidul Adha festival. This sunnah has been carried out by all Muslims from all over the world.

Specially from me,


Friday, 27 November 2009



Ladies and gentlemen,

"The LOVELIEST couple of the day goes to..."

[jeng... jeng... jeng...]

"Mr, and Mrs. Azharina!!! Let's give them a big round of applause!"

"Congratulations you guys!!!"

"Awww... both of you have made such a sweet couple. Because of both of you had won
the Loveliest Couple Award, I am honored to inform you that
your wedding picture had been chosen to be published as the cover page of
the TruLove magazine."

"Stay sweet you two!"

"We (the Wan family) love you!"


I might not have anything to give as your anniversary present,
but I do have a special quotation for you both.
Hopefully this will be enough to create a smile on your faces
during your anniversary.

"A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together.
It is when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy
their differences."

May your marriage be blessed by Allah swt.
today, tomorrow, and ALWAYS...

Specially from me,
your one and only "adek"....



Thursday, 26 November 2009

Eid Mubarak!


Salam Eid Mubarak to my beloved mother and father
who are now still in Mekah (may Allah bless them always),
to my family (kak long & abg long, angah & kak arsyi, abg nwar & kak aisyah, kak uda, Hafiz and Zaim. I love u all!)
to all my g13th friends (guys, you're the best!),
to my ex-dormates e-1-10 and a-1-3 (miss u all so much!),
to my one and only secret admirer (ehem2, all the best in your spm),
and not forgotten to all my BFFs (Ct, Reen, Nisah, Ali, Farissa, Anis, Azie,
Mimi, Iman, Pija, Syaff, Tyah, and Eza).

May Allah bless us all!



Tentang Cinta


*Serikandi Rabiatul Adawiyah

Rabiah mempunyai satu impian. Satu angan-angan. Dan padanya hanya ada satu jalan saja yang bisa membuatkan impiannya itu menjadi kenyataan. Satu-satunya cara, iaitu kematian. Padanya hanya dengan kematian saja yang boleh menemukan dia dengan CINTA sejatinya, Allah swt. Inilah satu-satunya keinginnanya selama hidupnya. Untuk menyaksikan Dzat Tuhannya. Kerana pada saat itulah semua penghalang yang menghalanginya untuk beribadah kepada Allah swt akan lenyap. Sedangkan jalan untuk mencapai darjat yang mulia itu tidak akan bisa ditemukan melainkan dengan hanya mencintai Allah swt.

Kerana CINTA itu membuahkan kebaikan, sudah seharusnya bagi seseorang yang sedang jatuh CINTA untuk berbuat baik kepada yang dCINTAinya.

Oleh sebab terlalu banyak kebaikan yang telah dianugerahi Allah kepada Rabiah, dia tidak mahu menikmati dunianya, bahkan dia menghilangkan naluri kewanitaannya. Hidupnya hanya untuk menCINTAi Allah swt.

Pabila ditanya oleh banyak orang kepada Rabiah tentang CINTA,

"Wahai Rabiah, bagaimanakah pendapatmu tentang CINTA?"

Maka, inilah jawaban yang diberikannya,

"CINTA itu berbicara dengan kerinduan dan perasaan. Hanya mereka yang menCINTAi yang dapat merasakan erti CINTA yang sesungguhnya. CINTA tidak dapat dijelaskan dengan kata-kata. Tidak mungkin seseorang dapat menjelaskan sesuatu yang belum dikenalnya atau mengenali sesuatu yang yang ia belum pernah bergaul dengannya. CINTA tidak mungkin dikenal melalui hawa nafsu, terlebih lagi apabila tuntutan CINTA itu diabaikan. CINTA dapat membuat manusia menjadi bingung, sehingga akan menutup apapun untuk menyatakan sesuatu. CINTA itu mampu menguasai HATI."

Kerana CINTA, manusia alpa...
Kerana CINTA, manusia leka...
Kerana CINTA, manusia berduka...
Kerana CINTA, manusia binasa...

Mengapa? Kerana CINTA itu buta dan bisa membutakan.

Namun, CINTA yang suci terhadap Sang Khaliq, adalah SEGALAnya.
CINTA terhadap DIA yang Maha Agung, mampu mebuatkan sang pencinta menjadi buta.
BUTA dengan nikmat dunia yang hanya bersifat sementara.
Dan akhirnya, balasan CINTA dari yang Maha Esa bakal didapatkannya.

CINTAilah Allah dengan setulus dan seikhlas hati. Kerana CINTA Allah tidak pernah mengecewakan. Dan insya Allah, kita tidak akan dikecewakan.



Wednesday, 18 November 2009



This is a story about two children...

A story about two playful and cheerful kids...

This is a story where a relationship is built...

This is a story that touched my heart...

This is a story about my beloved boys...

This is a story... a story about 'them'...


They always make me furious.
They always cause me a headache.
They always turn me into somebody else.
And they always make me showing my true colors.
They always make me shout like a crazy person.
They always make become fierce like I don't actually used to be before.
They always tend to rise my blood.
They always encourage me to become angry with them.

Poor them. They got a bad sister and awful aunt.
Poor them. They have to face my terrible look every time they're having fight to each other.
Poor them. Their only Kak Chik and Mak Andak had changed to the scariest monster they had never met.
Poor them. Poor poor them.

Everyday they fight, to attack oneself.
Everyday they fight, to defend oneself.
Everyday they fight, to satisfy oneself.
And everyday they fight, to increase my blood pressure, even I don't have one.

Although they fight, they're cheer me up.
Although they fight, they make me laugh.
Although they fight, they break my loneliness.
Although they fight, they bring me happiness.

I LOVE them, for their cuteness.
I LOVE them, for their kindness.
I LOVE them, for their naughtiness.
I LOVE them, for their sweetness.
I LOVE them, for who they are.

They're my pearl, they'll always be.
Lighting up my day with so much memories.
Without them, what'll my life be,
They're my angels, they'll always, for ME.


They're such a sweet 'brother' and 'nephew' of mine.

I LOVE them both with all my heart.

Yup! They are my Zaim and Kamil.

~The End~

Monday, 16 November 2009

15 Nov - Yesterday


is someone's birthday.
I didn't forget, I remembered.
someone SPECIAL.
I did wished him "Happy Birthday",
I forgot one thing.
I forgot to give him
a big hug
a LOVE kiss.

the only nephew
of mine.
the only prince
of my eldest sister.
the only grandson of my parents.
playful, kind, sweet, and cheerful.

He is
the one and only
The birthday boy of the day!

Happy Belated Birthday,

Three different cakes of Thomas, the train.
(If only I have my own money, I won't
be hesitate to buy one for you, Kamil)

So, choose any you like, and
I'll buy it when you
reached your
one year-old birthday.

"I'll try my best, dear..."


~Mak Andak~

All about Life

Salam to all my brothers and sisters...

What do you know about LIFE???

What is Life?

What's inside a Life?

What can Life give us?

Why are so many people obsess about Life?

What's a Life for a Muslim like us?

For me, I defined Life in a simple poem:

Life can be anything, can be everything.

Life is full of mystery, so much secrecy.

Life is unpredictable, but everything is possible.

Life is less happiness, but so much tears.

Life makes us forget our true selves.

Life gives us too much pains.

But who knows...

Life has thousands of sweet memories can be gained.

In the diary of a Muslim,

Life in this world is meaningless,
but could be valuable as a preparation for the Day of Judgement.

Life in the hereafter is last longer and life for a human
can be sweeter and sweeter if it brings him closer to his only Creator.



Insya Allah.

Simple Quotation taken from the novel "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern:

Life is kind of like a painting. A really bizarre, abstract painting. You could look at it and think that all it is, is just blur. And you could continue living your life thinking that all it is, is a blur. But if you really look at it, really see it, focus on it, and use your imagination, life can become so much more. That painting could be of the sea, the sky, people, buildings, a butterfly on a flower, or anything except the blur you were once convinced it was~

Friday, 6 November 2009



Nampaknya, mulai dari hari ini, saya tidak akan menceritakan apa-apa lagi tentang kisah hidup peribadi saya di ruangan ini. Semalam baru saja lepas dinasihati mak. Mak kata sepatutnya cerita-cerita tentang hati tidak sepatutnya menjadi tatapan umum kerana itu adalah rahsia hidup kita. Bukan apa. Menurut mak lagi tak manis kan ramai orang tahu tentang kisah cinta seorang gadis sunti spereti saya ni... Hehehe... ada betul jugak kata-kata mak tu. Jadi, insya Allah, lepas ni saya tak akan menceritakan apa-apa lagi tentang perkara yang melibatkan hati dan perasaan saya di sini. Biarkan ia terus menjadi 'rahsia...'


Tiba-tiba pulak hari ni rasa macam nak kongsi minat kat sini. Disebabkan tiada idea untuk meng'update' blog, jadi saya nak jugaklah ambil kesempatan ini untuk berkongsi dengan kamu tentang hobi saya yang membuatkan saya sangat kagum dengan diri saya sendiri. Niat di hati bukan ini riak atau membangga diri, tapi sekali-sekala ingin mewujudkan rasa cinta terhadap kelemahan dan kelebihan yang ada pada diri saya. Kerana sekarang saya sedang berada dalam proses untuk mencintai diri saya, iaitu Wan Hazimah.

Jadi, tak salahkan tindakan saya ni?

Baiklah. Hobi saya itu ialah saya sangat sangat suka membaca! Antara buku-buku yang saya gemar membacanya ialah buku-buku agama, motivasi, novel cinta islami, novel peperangan dan novel yang berkisarkan tentang teknologi. Dan buku-buku yang saya baca ini tidak kira sama ada berbahasa Melayu mahupun Inggeris. Dua-dua saya meminatinya. Sekarang ni, saya juga sedang mempelajari bahasa jepun. Insya Allah, sekiranya diberikan kesempatan, saya akan mula membaca buku-buku cerita bahasa Jepun pula.

Namun hari ni, saya cuma ingin fokuskan pada beberapa buah buku yang hasil penulisannya dinukilkan oleh seorang penulis yang bertitelkan 'anonymous' dengan nama penanya Hlovate. Seseorang yang tidak pernah dikenali sesiapapun. Seorang wanita. Seorang muslimah. Saya amatlah berharap, walaupun saya seperti orang lain yang tidak pernah mengenali dirinya, namun saya sentiasa berdoa agar suatu hari nanti saya dapat bertemu dengan beliau. Lebih-lebih lagi secara bersemuka. Terlalu banyak yang ingin saya tanyakan kepada beliau. tentang penulisan novel ni. Terlalu banyak yang ingin dikongsikan dan terlalu banyak yang saya ingin pelajari daripada penulis ini.

Siapakah sebenarnya Hlovate ini???

Saya amat meminati penulisan beliau. Saya mempunyai cita-cita. Dan tiada siapa akan menjangka bahawa cita-cita saya itu setinggi gunung dan langit yang susah ingin dicapai sekiranya tiada usaha keras. Saya ingin menjadi seorang penulis ulung yang bukan saja boleh menghasilkan karya yang diminati ramai seperti karya-karya Hlovate, semata-mata tetapi dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yang lain daripada yang lain yang bisa menyumbang kepada agama dan ummah serta kepada para generasi akan datang.

Sebenarnya kalau nak diikutkan, ramai yang seolah-olah memperlekehkan impian saya ini. Entahlah... mungkin pada mereka ia adalah seuatu yang mustahil bagi saya untuk memilikinya. Tapi, wajarkah mereka berfikiran macam tu? Tidak dapat dinafikan bahwa setiap hari saya juga berfikiran seperti itu. perkataan 'mustahil' sentiasa berlegar-legar di ruang fikiran dan sentiasa menghantui. Perkataan inilah yang melemahkan saya dan sentiasa berusaha untuk membuatkan saya lupakan saja impian saya yang menggunung itu. Tapi, kalau saya sendiri yakin dengan kebolehan dan bakat yang saya ada, kenapa tidak mereka? Setakat ini, saya tahu dan boleh nampak sikit-sikit di mana kelamahan saya dan di mana kekuatan saya dalam bidang penulisan cerita.

Saya boleh cakap, dalam masa sekarang ni, sepatutnya seuah lebih dari lima buah novel saya boleh hasilkan. Tanpa menciplak idea dari mana-mana sumber dan insya Allah ia adalah yang asli, datang dari kotak fikiran yang dianugerahi Allah kepada saya sendiri. Namun, entah kenapa terlalu banyak kekangan yang terpaksa saya hadapi sekarang dan mungkin kekakanga-kekangan inilah yang membantutkan usaha saya untuk menghasilkan novel sendiri.

Sebenarnya perkara-perkara seperti inilah yang saya ingin cerita sangat dengan Hlovate. Tolonglah doakan agar suatu hari nanti Allah boleh pertemukan kami berdua. Kerana pada saya, hanya beliau saja yang dapat membantu saya meneruskan usaha dan terus bangun daripada jatuh untuk menjadi penulis terkenal seperti beliau.



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