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i know what's right and what's wrong. i am cheerful and out going. it's hard for me to find the one that i want, but once i find the right person, i won't be able to fall in love again for a long time.


"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Monday, 29 December 2008

Selamat Jalan Adikku


Hari ni, Anith, junior sya, buat kenduri sikit sempena dia sekeluarga nk pindah duduk kat sabah. Sedih rasanya, x dpt jumpa Anith lagi.

Tulah, dulu, kat sekolah x reti nk sembang ngan dia lm2.
Tp xpelah, insya Allah ada kesempatan jumpa dia lg.\
Dunia ni bknnya besar mn pun.

Untuk Anith,
Akak doakan agar Anith Berjaya di sana nanti.
Belajar rajin2.
Jgn lupa kwn2 n AKAK kat sini.
Kami akan sentiasa merindui Anith.


All The Best!!!


Kak Wani,
Well, she was really a nice ‘sister’ of mine.
She was in the same batch with me but
She was one year older than me. That was why we call her, KAK WANI.

Kak Wani,
There were too many memories we built together.
During the first semester,
We were in the same classes for all subjects.
English and also FIM.
But now, she aren’t with us anymore.

Kak Wani,
Such a nice, friendly and sisterly type of person.
We were happy every time she was by our side.
Clever, hardworking and love to study,
Are her strengths.
For beloved family,
She had to sacrifice her ‘future’ for a while.

Kak Wani,
Now, she’s become an independent woman again.
Looking for money to help her family,
Who are in need.
She’s not selfish or though, doesn’t have time to think about herself.
Her FAMILY, is the only TREASURE she has left,
The only PEARL given by Allah in her life.
It’s apart of responsible to care about them.

Kak Wani,
Working very hard to earn some money,
To be given to the beloved family.
May Allah bless this person.

All the best, KAK WANI!
Miss you…

*barulah ada kesempatan nk tulis psl kak wani.
*semoga kak wani dibekati Allah, dunia akhirat.
*sayang akak!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Luahan Hati

Why, why, why?
Why every body hates me?
Is it because o my attitudes
That annoys them?
I have no idea.

Since I was a little girl,
Nobody like me the way I am.
Shy, less talkative and quiet.
They were all scared to talk to me.
What a funny thing.

Why, why, why?
Everyday I always feel that I lost something.
I feel I lost someone.
He took him from me.
Someone special.
Someone called FRIEND.

Every second, every minute and every hour,
Each of them go and leave me behind.
I’m so sad.
Thinking about bad luck.
Why I always lost friends?
What is my real mistakes?
I didn’t even notice them.

Oh, Allah,
Please show me to the right path.
Show me the true color of FRIENDSHIP.
Teach me the meaning of LOVE and CARE towards friends.
So that I’ll not worry anymore.
Because all of my friends are by my side.

*sebenarnya ramai lg. tp ini semua yg terdekat dgn hatiku. chewah!!
sahabat hingga syurga.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Ice Skating Lagi??!!

semalam, saya, Na dan Asma' pergi main ice skating!!
kali kedua saya menjejakkan kaki di atas ace Sunway Pyramid... bg dorang, ni kali yg pertama...
best sgt...

xde moodlah nk tulis psl smlm... tgk gmbr jelah...

kak uda!
imah main ice skating lagi!!!
sekali je jatuh. hehehe...

3 sahabat sejati. comel-comel semua. hik2..

ooo, pakai kasut ice skating ye? amboi2 Na, posing bkn main...

minah mn plaklah tgh minum air ni??

makan kat KFC?? mn gmbr Zimah?? huuaaa!!!

ni jelah gambar blh share...

gambar lain dlm hp asma', lupa nk bluetooth dr die smlm.

igt nk amik gmbr dlm ice, tp org tu x bg.


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Specially for You, Nasuha.

I’ll Be Waiting For That Moment

My best friend,
Do you still remember?
The first moment we knew each other?
At a knowledge programme,
After we had gone trough our SPM examination,
HIMEGA, the name given,
When I sat alone,

Without knowing anyone around me,
Then you came and asked my name,
Your smile, your kindness, your gentleness,
Had attracted me,
To get to know you much closer.

My dearest,
Do you still remember,

The moment we talked about you,
I asked you “Do you really a type of person that wears ‘tudung labuh?”
Maybe you felt strange of my question,
But you said, “We are al Muslims. We’re just the same in His Eyes”,
I admired the way you dressed up,

Do you still remember?
You did tell me that you wanted to give me something,
You wanted to sew me a ‘tudung labuh’,
With my favourite color?

You said you wanted to make it as a special gift for me.
Until now, I’m still waiting for it.
Not because I really want that present,
But instead I want to know,
Whether you still remember me or not.

My pearl,
Do you still remember,
We cried together in the phone?
The moment I told you about my real feeling towards you,
I made a confession,
I made the first step to be honest with you,
I really meant my words,
Oh, my pearl!
I really MISS you!

I didn’t aspect that
Allah would grant this gift for me,
The Gift – a special feeling towards you,
For the first time I felt like this,
You don’t know how much I’d be thankful to Him,
He knew what I was looking for
For whole this life,
Someone that would wipe my tears,
Someone that would loose my sadness,
Someone that would give me lots of cheer,
And someone that would bring me happiness.
And praise to Allah, the person was you!

Nasuha, my sweetheart,
Until now I’ll be waiting for you.
Never give up pray to Him,

To let us meet again, is my mission now.
I always ask Him to lend us time
To meet each other in the most blissful way,
Like the first time we met.

I’ll be waiting for that moment
To come and invite us.
With Allah’s will, it will be a DREAM comes true.
I promise!

Always LOVE,


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