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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mood yang hilang. Kembalilah!


I know I'm not supposed to be blogging right now as my first paper is waiting for me in the exam hall this coming Saturday and tell you what, I'm still not revising anything for my exams. See, how I'm procrastinating my works. Yup, I know that. (Astaghfirullah... bertaubatlah Zmah)

Hmmm... what can I do? Mood hilang secara tiba-tiba. I feel that my physical body is so weak. Not to mention the loss of spirit in my inner self. Should I blame anyone for this? I shouldn't, should I? I'm the one who could not discipline myself. I'm not serious enough about achieving my goals at the end of the journey. Although I realize that I still have one more semester left, but it's very hard to accept the fact that I'll be graduating so soon. You see... this is just how I love IIUM very much. It's like IIUM has been a part of my flesh and blood. We cannot be separated. When I say this to my friends, they will all be like, "Seriously, Zmah?" "Kalau boleh, kiotrang ni cepat-cepat nak keluar dari UIA ni." Well, I just smiled hearing them speaking that way.

Well, I guess that makes us different. We have our own uniqueness. We have our own likes and dislikes. We have our our dreams. I hope one day I would contribute something to my community; IIUM community. But when I think back, it's nearly impossible for me to end up being a teacher or lecturer. Tutor, perhaps but only part-time not full time. I'm not confident enough to apply to be an academic staff at the institution which I had graduated from or in other words, I'm not confident enough to get involve in an academic field, though I love teaching very much. As time passes by, there's something going on in my mind. I got a new plan for my future. When I first joined Amin Idris punya talk at the IIUM library, he once said, "I believe that we can make a career out of our passion, bukan daripada jurusan yang kita ambil di universiti." I guess he was right. Take Amin Idris as an example. He was a Law graduate but no one could predict that now he has become a ceo as well as a full time motivator and trainer in his own company, Amin Idris Training and Consultancy (AITC), though he had graduated in Law! What a record!

Okay. This is not a curhat or something. I'm just dropping by to pour out whatever being kept inside my heart since I haven't written anything on my blog for such a long time. Actually, there's so much to share. About my studies, about my friends, about my family, about everything. But something stopped me from doing so. You know, when something is called 'privacy,' then you know it should not be revealed anywhere, writtenly or even spokenly. (please don't use these two terms in your paper. I just created them) Well, I guess I shall stop now. Ling Lit book is waiting for me to open it and read it for my revision sake. So long. I'll update again soon! 

Okay, mood. Silalah datang kepadaku kembali. Aku dah tak sabar-sabar nak studi balik ni.

"Ya Allah, bukakan fikiranku dan hatiku. Lapangkan dadaku untuk menerima cahaya ilmu. Rabbi zidni 'ilman naafi'an. Warzuqni fahman."

Take care.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012



 Aku di sini tidak ke mana.. wahai sahabat,, sungguh aku merinduimu jua.. Zimah Zaiwani, enti adalah 

anugerah Allah buat ana ~Nur Syahidah

"Kamu juga anugerah Allah buat saya."

Isk... isk... isk...

"Ya Allah, lindungilah sahabatku dan berkatilah dia sentiasa."

"Aku cinta padamu, Syidah."


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Let the picture speaks for itself (4)

How could I haven't thought of this?
Forgive me, Lord.

Selalu je amik test, sit for exam. Tapi tak pernah terfikir pun about the "real test."

Subhanallah. Allah is Beautiful and His plans are even more beautiful.


Let the picture speaks for itself (3)

Menjadi Muslimah merupakan salah satu pengalaman terindah aku 
sejak dilahirkan dan dibesarkan dengan Islam.

Islam adalah permata.

Terima kasih, Tuhan.


Puisi: Pedih


Rasa berat amat bebanan dalam hati ni
Macam-macam bebanan
Banyak beban 
Banyak pula tanggungjawabnya
Tapi ingin merungut pun tiada gunanya
Siapa kita untuk merungut?
Raja? Bukan. Tuhan? Lagilah bukan!
Kita hanya hamba-servant of Allah
Yang sepatutnya menurut perintah Maha Kuasa
Jangan gelar diri Muslim
Jika takut menghadapi cabaran
Jangan mimpi untuk dapatkan syurga
Kalau ujian dunia tak sanggup dilalui
Jangan berangan untuk berjumpa Tuhan
Andai diri tak ikhlas bekerja kerana-Nya
Sedarlah! Bangunlah dari tidur yang panjang ini!
Masa telah sampai

p/s: Sejak akhir-akhir ni, stress menyerang, sampi jantung terkesan. Semoga Allah beriku kekuatan. 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Let the picture speaks for itself (2)

The only thing I can do is to continue pray to Him and have faith in Him.

"You're my only hope."


Sunday, 23 December 2012



05/01/2013 (Saturday), - Semantics
09:00 am

08/01/2013 (Tuesday), - Computer Applications in Language Learning (CALL)
09:00 am

08/01/2013 (Tuesday), - Introduction to Sociology (SOCA)
03:00 pm

09/01/2013 (Wednesday), - Linguistics for Students of Literature (LING LIT)
09:00 am

10/01/2013 (Thursday), - Discourse Analysis (DA)
09:00 am

12/01/2013 (Saturday), - Learning and Teaching English (ELT)
09:00 am

*This is the first time throughout my life at IIUM, I got two papers in one day. Fuhh!
*It's true that my exam will start later than my other friends, but there's no much gap in between those exams. So, I need to struggle more.
*Bittaufiq wannajah :D

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pengalamanku belajar English? Hmm...


English language has been my second language since I was very small. After acquiring the first language, which is Bahasa Melayu, my parents started sending me to Tadika Amal Gombak, where I had first been exposed to English language learning and the process of learning the language continues right until I entered the university. It is known that  every teacher has his own ways or styles in teaching English language to his pupils. The same thing can be observed from my previous English teachers. However, I do not exactly remember the approaches used by my teachers during kindergarten and primary school but what I can recall is that a few techniques used by them during my secondary school.
            To begin with, learning English is not a piece of cake at first because it was totally a foreign language to me. Being brought up in a family whereby Bahasa Melayu is the medium of communication among its members had given me more challenges to learn English. Although I have learned the language since I was a little girl, but still it is difficult to grasp. This is because at home, I do not have a company who could speak English with and thus makes my English on its static position. It does not improve at all. Whenever I try to speak the language with my parents and siblings, they will always respond to me in Bahasa Melayu. The same thing applied when I was surrounded by my peers at school. There was one time where I talked to my friend in English. I did that for the sake of improving my English, plus English was my favorite subject in school. So, after we performed Zuhur prayer, I began chatting with my friend in English and her respond was, “Zimah, cakap Bahasa Melayu jelah. Anti punya English berteraburlah…” (Zimah, why don’t you just speak in Bahasa Melayu because your English is bad). Of course I did not blame her for saying that but somehow it had demotivated me to speak  English and it had caused me not to speak the language with anyone for such a long time.

At home, I learn English in a different way. Nobody have ever tutored me on how to be a good English speaker or writer. Most of the time I learn it on my own. When I was about standard six, I asked my mother to buy me more English story books from Enid Blyton series and I also watched some English cartoons on television. From there, I started to learn to language slowly and at my own pace. I learned about new words and some expressions that I barely heard before. But when my mother realized that I was going to sit for my UPSR, she began looking for a private tutor who could teach me English and she really took this matter seriously. Learning English with a personal teacher was too much different from learning in school. With him,  I was more focus on what I was learning and my tutor paid more attention to me. The first thing he would do was to trace all my weaknesses in English language. However, he only taught me on how to enhance my English writing and reading skills because the main reason my mother hired him for me was due to UPSR not because she really wanted me to master the language. On the other hand, he only concentrated on teaching me the correct pronunciation of words, basic grammar and writing essays, without considering the importance of speaking and listening skills. Furthermore,  he did not teach me English in English. He used Bahasa Melayu instead. Maybe he did that because he was afraid that I would not understand his teaching if he used English.
Things were too way different at school. In the English classroom, my teachers used different approaches to teach English to their students. This is because they need to cater to the needs of all students. In a proper English classroom, a teacher does not have time to give more attention to one student only, instead he needs to fulfill all his students’ requirements, which is to me is much more challenging. Back to my secondary school, when I was in form one until form three, my English teachers used the same approach when teaching us English. All I can say is that they were textbooks-oriented. This means they taught us English according to the syllabus given to them.
I  believe all schools in Malaysia provide English textbooks and exercise books for the students to carry everyday and use them in class. The same goes to my school. My teachers really made use of all the books provided for them and they taught us English blindly following the orderings of the chapters of the textbooks. They would go page by page. As for the exercise or practical book, they would ask us to do all the exercises according to topic orderly. Sometimes, they would just command us to complete the exercises in class but my other English teachers preferred to give them as our homework, which was the thing that we hated the most at that time. No kids would want homeworks. My lower forms English teachers I can say, were too rigid when teaching us the language especially for the grammar part. They would merely use textbooks and everyday would be the same.
  Nevertheless, things were different when they taught literature. When I was in form two, I still remember that the novel chosen for us to study was The Phantom of the Opera. Different from my other English teachers, my form two English teacher requested us to do a short play about the novel. Firstly, all of us would be assigned into 12 groups, according to the number of chapters of the novel. Then we were asked to perform the scene in the chapter for about 15 minutes during class time. We were permitted to ask for our friends from other classes to be the minor roles of the play yet we were not provided with anything as our props. So, we needed to make our own props in making our play more interesting. It was a competition actually and my teacher would give us marks according to the way we acted out our roles as well as the props we had made based on our creativity. To me, it was a very awesome activity that teachers should do when teaching literature to the students. Because if the students are only asked to read the novel on their own, it is not a guarantee that all of them would have finished reading them and this will give problems for the teacher to discuss the content of the novel in class.
As I moved to the upper forms of my secondary school, in which I was in form four and form five, the approaches used by my English teachers during that time were much unusual from the previous. The activities conducted by my teachers became more interesting and interactive, whereby all students got to involve in those activities, whether they liked it or not. Such activities included games like spelling bee, cursed box, quizzes, and some creative works. Usually, my English teachers would conduct a game pertaining to spelling English words and as mentioned above, the most game conducted by them in our English class was spelling bee, which was the most famous game done by English teachers from other forms as well. The main reason why they loved to instruct a spelling bee game in class was because according to them, most of the students at my school was so weak in spelling English words. So, in order to improve our spelling skills, my teachers would ask us to form a group of five to six people and we had to compete with other groups spell long English words according to the time set by the teachers. It was an amazing moment whereby all students integrated in one group helping each other to spell the words correctly.
Other activity which I favored the most was the cursed box game. This is a kind of game whereby first of all we had to make a big circle around the class sitting on our own chairs. Our teacher would provide a box contained many pieces of small paper with questions pertaining to English. The box needed to be passed from one person to another following the music played by the teacher. When the music paused, there would be one person who would have the box in his hand and he was asked to choose any question inside the box to be answered. The game went on until the time was up. There were other sorts of activities which my teachers assigned to us in class which did not involve speaking or listening skills at all. These activities were mostly related to our writing skill. I did not know exactly what was the name of the activity but it was a kind of creative art works. There was one activity whereby we were asked to bring English newspaper (i.e. The Star or The News Straits Times) to class and a drawing block. Our teacher would ask us to collect as many adjectives as possible from the newspapers, cut them and pasted them on our drawing block. Then, with all the adjectives we had collected and pasted on our drawing blocks, we were asked to make up sentences from all the adjectives in our collection and presented to our classmates.
Based on the activities discussed above, all I can say is that most of my English teachers did not prefer lively activities such as games, quizzes, role play, etc. as their teaching methodology. They were still using the traditional ways of teaching which is using the textbooks and asked the students to read everything inside the textbooks out loud without really knowing the significance of doing it. On the other hand, there are also a few who love to conduct such interesting activities in teaching English rather than doing exercises in both textbooks and practical book. These teachers of mine tried their very best to make the class attention-grabbing and to inject our interest in learning English as our second language. This can be clearly examined from those who did activities like role playing in teaching literature. But most of them were still textbook and exam-oriented. They only taught us English for sake of making us all passed the examination, not because they really wanted us to become a good English speaker when we grow up. However,
When I was working as a part-time teacher, teaching English at my secondary school, a lower form English teacher once told me that I needed to be creative in teaching English. She further said that being an English teacher is all about being creative. We cannot use the same method when teaching the language throughout the year. It will make the students feel bored of whatever they are learning because language involves both theories and practice. Theories are important in order to make the students gain an insight and more knowledge about the language they are learning but without practicing it, all the theories taught by teachers to them will be nothing. To do this, students need some new approaches to enhance their English language skills. Fully depending on textbook and merely doing the exercises provided in the textbook do not help the students learn the language much. All they need are supplementary activities that can make their learning process become more effective and appealing and teachers should take note of this. Seems we are now living in an era whereby mostly everything has been computerized or digitalized, many things need to be altered, including the ways teachers teach English language to their students .
Since the birth of the Internet, there are many sorts of new ways that English teachers can adapt when facilitating their students in developing their English language skills. In my opinion, traditional methods such as doing exercises in textbook and practical book are already outdated. It is encouraged that teachers could make use of the advanced technology in the language classroom. If the computer is used as a teacher’s assistant in the classroom, it will help him to make the learning process become more and more attractive and extraordinary. This could possibly trigger the interest of the students to learn English in a better way. For example, English teachers can use popular websites like Blogger to improve the students’ writing skills and YouTube to improve their speaking and pronunciation skills. Other than using the computing technology as their methods of teaching English, English teachers are also encouraged to conduct more activities which could increase the interaction among the students and at the same time improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well. Such games are encompassing Coca Cola and  Survival games. This allow the students to communicate more with their friends using English although they are not really used to it. This is because the students, especially young children prefer activities or games rather than doing exercises as they are more fun and entertaining at the same time they can also get the knowledge their teachers are trying to deliver to them.
Based on my case stated above, a language learning theory which can represent the process of language learning that I involve in is a combination of two; behaviorism and  interactionism. To recall, behaviorism agreed by some traditional behaviorists is generally the result of imitation, practice, feedback on success and habit formation. So, pertaining to my case, it can be clearly seen from the way I learn English on my own, without the help of any tutor or teacher. As I mentioned before, it is true that I began learning English since I was in kindergarten yet I continuously learn the language for the sake of improving all the four basic skills; speaking, writing, listening and reading merely through reading English story books and watching my favorite television shows which are mostly cartoons and among the television shows which are my favorite including Totally Spies, Barbie and Charms. As I watch these programmes, I tend to imitate every single words uttered by the characters or actors from the movies and try hardly to memorize all the words or phrases or sometimes expressions so that I can use them in my daily conversations. If I view them on YouTube or DVD, I will rewind or reply the parts that I like the most and will try to memorize the lines. Although this has not helped me so much in better my language learning, but it still contributes to my empowerment of English language. Besides, when I listen to the real people’s conversations, I would listen very carefully to the words coming out from their mouth and try to copy the way they talk to each other, especially if they are the native speakers of English.
In addition, behaviorism can also be seen from the way I learned English at school. It is known that B. F. Skinner, one of the proponents of behaviorism argued that behavior of people is based on a reward-and-punishment basis, in which people will only do things if they got something from it in return. So, to illustrate, previously in my English language classroom, my English teacher did give us rewards if we could answer her questions correctly and not to forget a punishment if we failed to. We would be rewarded with something if we completed any works given by her. For instance, she would praise us in front of our other classmates and we would also be punished like standing on our chairs or outside the class if we did not successfully accomplish our works. In addition, another language learning theory which applies to my situation is interactionism. I also learn English through my social interaction with other people. When people who are very fluent in English speak with me, especially those whose first language is English, it motivates me to speak the language better because when I talk to them I can talk leisurely as they will just let me do as many errors as possible. From there, I learn more about English grammar and never feel inferior to speak the language. Interaction with other people also influences me in improving my English.
To sum up, learning English is not just about learning the language itself in terms of its structures, grammar, and so forth but most importantly as Muslims we should know how to Islamize the language. Meaning to say, although we know that English belongs to the West but it is nothing wrong to learn it as our additional language as Islam never prohibits us to learn knowledge as long as it does not against the shariah law. We can always insert any Islamic elements into our English language learning. For example, there are many books provided in the bookstores that are written by prominent foreign Muslim scholars which talk about Islam itself and not to mention quite numbers of illustrated story books that contain lessons which young children can grab being published from time to time. Other than improving our English by reading these books, at the same time we can also gain some knowledge about our beloved religion. In fact, I still remember when I was learning English in my secondary school, my teacher never forgets to include Islamic histories inside her teachings or sometimes she would tell us some stories about the Prophets and his companions before she began our English lesson. This is because my school is a religious type school whereby all teachers are required to include as many Islamic perspectives as possible into their teachings.
~The end~

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Amir Mukhlis adalah penuntut di Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran dan ditakdirkan berkenalan dengan pelajar Naim Lilbanat iaitu Wardah dalam satu sesi pertemuan antara redaksi sekolah. Amir dibesarkan dalam keluarga yang subur dengan atmosfera agama. Beliau dididik dan dibesarkan oleh ibubapa yang faham asas-asas agama dengan baik. Malah, ibubapa Amir sering berbicara dan memberitahu bahawa Amir perlu menjadi pemimpin apabila beliau besar nanti. Disebabkan itu, Amir sangat fokus pada pengajian dan komitmennya amat tinggi terhadap pelajaran.

Wardah pula berasal dari keluarga yang agak kucar-kacir disebabkan bapanya mempunyai beberapa karekter yang negatif. Bapa Wardah seorang yang materialistik dan tidak menyukai karekter agamawan. Dia juga tidak mahu Wardah belajar di sekolah agama kerana memandangkan jaminan kerjaya yang kurang cerah. Bagi bapa Wardah, belajar agama adalah membazir masa dan wang, kerana tiada pulangan besar yang diperolehi daripada ilmu agama. Berbeza dengan ilmu profesional yang lain. Wardah cuba menyedarkan bapanya bahawa tanggapan seperti itu adalah salah. Atas dasar itu, beliau mahu mencari bakal suami yang berprinsip dan boleh menjadi tauladan kepada keluarganya.

Dari konflik keluarga itu membuatkan Wardah sentiasa mencari-cari lelaki ideal yang sesuai dijadikan tempat sandaran. Akhirnya, pertemuan secara tidak sengaja dengan Amir membuahkan cetusan rasa kagum dalam diri Wardah. Wardah mengambil langkah pro aktif dengan meminta sepupunya iaitu Rahim yang belajar di sekolah yang sama dengan Amir Mukhlis. Wardah cuba mencuri perhatian Amir melalui bantuan sepupunya Rahim, namun Amir tidak mahu memberikan respon. Dia berkeras tidak mahu bercinta demi menjaga kesucian agama dan status penghafaz al-Quran.

Dalam diam, Amir menghormati Wardah dan mengkaguminya disebabkan Wardah dalah antara pelajar terbaik sekolah Naim Lil Banat. Secara berhati-hati Amir cuba memberi nasihat dan peringatan kepada Wardah agar tidak bercinta dan mengikut gelora emosi remaja yang mudah dibuai kasmaran. Wardah menjadi keliru adakah Amir menyukainya atau tidak? Beberapa kali Wardah cuba mendapatkan kepastian, namun Amir tetap menggantung jawapan.

Amir pernah memberitahu kepada Wardah “Kalau ada jodoh, tidak ke mana. Takkan lari gunung dikejar” Dengan harapan Wardah mengerti bahawa dia akan setia. Malah, Amir juga cuba untuk tidak mencari orang lain. Namun, ungkapan seperti itu tidak mampu meyakinkan Wardah.

Beberapa minggu sebelum Amir ke Mesir, beliau terlibat dengan satu kemalangan kecil. Iaitu dia terlanggar seorang pelajar maahad sewaktu mengundurkan kereta. Pelajar itu luka di tangan dan Amir memberikan sapu tangan kepadanya. Gadis yang luka itu adalah BALQIS. Dari insiden itu, Balqis terlupa memulangkan sapu tangan dan menyimpannya dengan baik. Pertemuan ini berlaku seketika sahaja (Bahagian ini sengaja tidak diketengahkan, hanya pembaca yang tekun akan menyedarinya)

Beberapa tahun Wardah menggantung harapan dan berkomunikasi dengan Amir melalui surat dan telefon. Biarpun begitu, Amir tetap dengan sikapnya. Sehinggalah mereka menjejakkan kaki ke menara gading. Wardah ke Universiti Malaya dan Amir pula ke Universiti Al-Azhar, Kaherah. Wardah yang merasakan dirinya bertepuk sebelah tangan semakin tertekan dengan keegoan Amir. Ketika itu, Wardah pula dipaksa berkahwin dengan lelaki pilihan bapanya iaitu Syamsul.

Bapanya memilih Syamsul dengan niat memisahkan anaknya daripada mengahwini Amir. Juga disebabkan Syamsul adalah seorang pemuda yang bergaji besar serta mempunyai pekerjaan yang mantap. Sedangkan Amir masih lagi bergelar mahasiswa dan belum tentu mendapat pekerjaan yang selesa. Akhirnya Wardah kecewa dengan sikap Amir dan merelakan dirinya dilamar. Akhirnya Wardah berkahwin dengan Syamsul.

Sebaik menerima berita perkahwinan Wardah, Amir mula menyedari ada sesuatu kehilangan dalam dirinya. Dia mula merasakan kerinduan yang amat. Barulah dia sedar apa itu mencintai dalam diam. Namun, cintanya sudah dimiliki orang. Amir mula menyesal dengan sikapnya sendiri. Dia cuba mencari dimanakah kesilapannya? Dia sedar, selama ini dia terlalu rigid dan langsung tidak meluahkan perasaan sebenarnya. Disebabkan itu, dia berazam untuk bersikap dengan lebih matang dan rasional.

Sewaktu Amir sedang meneruskan pengajian di Al-Azhar, Mesir. Amir menyimpan luka kesedihan yang dalam itu. Dia mahu mempastikan bahawa persepsi bapa Wardah adalah silap. Agamawan tidak akan merempat sekalipun mereka tidak menjadi seorang yang kaya raya. Dari situ, Amir memaksa dirinya bekerja keras, dia mula membina karisma seorang pemimpin. Dia terus mengaplikasikan ilmu-ilmu yang pernah dipelajari oleh guru-guru dan ustaz-ustaznya di maahad dahulu.

Secara tidak langsung, Amir memasang cita-cita untuk menjadi penulis dan pendakwah. Dia memasuki team editorial dan menjadi pengarang utama di majalah mahasiswa Mesir. Dia mula menulis dan mengarang untuk melepaskan perasaannya itu secara estetika. Dia menulis catatan untuk memberikan motivasi dalam dirinya sendiri dan orang lain. Dia mahu sedarkan agamawan bahawa golongan ilmuan harus berjuang terus-terusan menyampaikan ilmu dalam semua bidang mahupun lapangan. Khususnya bidang seni serta penulisan.

Beberapa tahun berlalu dan pengambilan mahasiswa-mahasiswi baru dari malaysia ke universiti Al-Azhar berlangsung. Suatu hari, satu insiden telah berlaku membabitkan Amir dengan seorang siswi baru yang bernama Balqis. Beliau telah menyelamatkan Balqis dari situasi genting. Disebabkan itu, Balqis yang baru kematian ibubapa cuba mencari seseorang untuk dijadikan sumber inspirasi. Dalam masa yang sama, secara kebetulan berlaku beberapa insiden ke atas diri Balqis, dan ternyata Amir juga yang mampu menyelesaikan kesemua masalah itu.

Dalam diam, Balqis meminati Amir dan cuba mendekatinya. Melihat perwatakan dan mengenali prinsip diri beliau. Balqis mula meyakini bahawa Amirlah orang yang mampu menjaganya dunia dan akhirat. Amir masih cuba menjaga status pelajar agama dan seorang penghafaz Al-Quran, Amir tetap menjaga kesucian diri sekalipun Balqis mengharapkan perhatian darinya. Memandangkan beliau pernah bersikap ‘keras’ terhadap Wardah, Amir mahu membawa pendekatan baru dalam dirinya terhadap Balqis.

Amir pernah menyelamatkan Balqis daripada terkena satu kemalangan, dia juga pernah mendapatkan semula beg duit Balqis yang pernah diragut seorang pencopet. Tetapi, semua jasanya itu sengaja ditutup serta dia meminta Izzuddin agar memberitahu secara umum. Secara tidak langsung balqis akhirnya mengetahui kebenaran, dia kagum dengan keikhlasan Amir. Beberapa kali dia cuba memberitahu perasaannya, namun Amir seakan menolak.

Satu eksepedisi ke Jabal Musa atau Bukit Tursina telah berlangsung. Amir, Izzuddin dan Balqis turut serta dalam eksepedisi itu. Kali ini berlaku satu lagi insiden dan akhirnya Balqis benar-benar tidak dapat menahan perasaanya terhadap Amir. Balqis juga menunjukkan sapu tangan yang pernah diberikan oleh Amir ketika dia terlanggar Balqis. Amir baru tersedar, Balqis adalah gadis yang pernah ditemui secara tidak langsung di Malaysia dahulu. Tercetus dari situ, Amir mula berazam untuk menerima Balqis dengan baik.

Malangnya, sebelum ekspedisi itu berakhir, Amir jatuh pengsan dan dibawa ke hospital. Lalu dia didapati menghidap tumor di kepala. Dia diramalkan oleh doktor akan mati tidak lama lagi.

Hasrat Amir untuk menerima Balqis akhirnya menjadi kabur semula. Dia tidak mahu menerima Balqis seandainya dia terpaksa meninggalkan gadis itu sendirian selepas ini. Pasti situasi itu akan menyebabkan Balqis menderita. Dalam masa beliau membawa dilema yang besar. Ketika itu, dia mula berhadapan satu konflik dengan Izzuddin yang mempunyai perasaan terhadap Balqis. Amir cuba memberi jalan kepada Izzuddin yang mempunyai perasaan terhadap Balqis. Amir memilih untuk beralah. Namun, salah faham telah wujud antara mereka berdua. Ketika konflik kian meruncing, Amir ditimpa sakit yang kronik. Dia kian terbeban dengan harapan Balqis, tekanan sahabatnya dan masalah kesihatan.

Amir perlu membuatkan keputusan besar dalam hidupnya. Sama ada di mahu pulang ke Malaysia dan menjalankan pembedahan, atau dia perlu meneruskan serta menamatkan pengajian tanpa memikirkan lagi soal hidup atau mati. Akhirnya dia memutuskan untuk terus belajar, sebaik keputusan akhir peperiksaan hampir diumumkan. Amir diterbangkan ke Malaysia. Ibubapa Amir baru mengetahui penyakit yang dihidapinya dan membuat keputusan agar Amir menjalani pembedahan.

Balqis dan Izzuddin baru menyedari bahawa selama ini Amir berperang dengan perasaan sendiri demi menjaga perasaan orang lain. Malah Amir berperang dengan kesakitan dan penyakitnya, demi untuk tidak membebankan orang lain. Balqis masih berdoa agar jodoh antara mereka masih ada. Manakala Izzuddin hanya mampu merasa kesal dengan kebodohan sikapnya.

Amir menjalani pembedahan. Dia selamat. Keputusan peperiksaan akhir juga diumumkan, Amir mendapat keputusan cemerlang sekalipun beliau menduduki peperiksaan dalam keadaan berperang dengan kesakitan. Semua sahabat Amir beranggapan bahawa Amir sudahpun meninggal dunia. Termasuk juga Balqis.

Amir memilih untuk merahsiakan bahawa dirinya masih hidup.


Let the picture speaks for itself

Thursday, 13 December 2012



Alhamdulillah. I think this is just the right time for me to start blogging again. It's not that I don't have any more works to do. I still got two more presentations and an assignment awaiting for me to work on them. So to say, the deadlines for these tasks will be next week. So, I got ample time to struggle (in other words, I got ample time to "break my heads apart," metaphorically). Lol. Okay, back to subject.

Look at the title. 12.12.12. I just read my friend's blog and in her latest post, she did mention about this very special date. She said that everyone wants to create their own special event on this date. Last night, as I watched the TV with my mom in the TV room, there was a news which showed about more than five couples got married on this date and I was like "Wow!". According to my mom, there will be no date like 12.12.12 anymore after this. "Alah! Nanti tarikh kahwin Imah mesti tak cantik!" Haii... merungut nampak dan mak sengih je. 

However, I had created my own special event on 12.12.12. Know what it is?My groupmates (for ELT) and I did our best for our micro-teaching presentation. Alhamdulillah, although there many things to be amended but that is where we could learn from each other, right? Yet, overall I think our teaching can be considered as the best so far (alhamdulillah3x) and we are pretty much satisfied with all the comments given by our lecturer, Dr. Maimunah and the two previous presented groups. 

Let me share with you some of their comments.

Observation: What Worked 

- Good introduction  
- Good du'a recitation - for students to remember
- The teacher asked one of the students to recite the du'a
- Good recap of the previous lesson
- The teacher managed to get the students' attention
- The teacher gave overview on what they are going to do
- Interesting and colorful slides, all the pictures are very attractive to kids
- Good interaction with the students
- Class control is good
- Good class management
- Like professional Year 2 teacher
- The teacher praised the students
- Good way to motivate the students
- Story telling is the best part
- The story is interesting
- The other instructor asked the student if she was okay or not
- Interesting activities
- The topic chosen was suitable for Year 2 students
- The activities were interesting, especially the second one
- The students responded to the teachers

Observation: What Didn't Work

- Thea teacher only focused on one side (the girls side)
- At the boys side, even though Ali was saying something and Malik didn't complete his work, the teacher didn't do anything about it
- The teacher need to be more authoritative (give punishments, scold the kids, etc.)
- Class control was poor
- Teacher didn't respond to the students' answer
- The teacher should ask the students to recite more than just once
- The teacher didn't explain what is "thief"
- The words in the slides should be appropriate to Year 2 kids
- The teachers didn't aware that one of the students was wandering around
- The teacher always pointed the same student
- For the du'a recitation part: the teacher should teach the students how to read the Arabic words, not just reading the du'a themselves
- The students were beginners. They might not understand the story. Perhaps, translations would be helpful
- The first teacher seemed to be scared by the students
- The other instructor was laughing with the students
- The teacher asked the students to clap their hands after reading the du'a instead of saying aamiin
- The class was a bit chaotic
- Students at this stage need to be scolded (sometimes)

Phew!!! So many feedbacks. Thanks to all of them.

I can't really remember some of the comments given by Dr. Maimunah but all I can recall is when she said:

"Do you plan to become primary school teacher or what?" Then, she grinned.

ELT micro-teaching had just ended. And now it's time for us to squeeze our brain out thinking of how to write a report based on the comments given by our classmates. 

"Special thanks to Hannah, Kak Nad, and Rosa for all your efforts and congratulations, you guys! You did your very best for our micro-teaching! May Allah bless you." 

p/s: To answer Dr. Maimunah's question, I would say, "Yup, I wish I could be one. Soon! But not primary school, as I've problems controlling younger kids :P"


Terima kasih Allah


Express our gratitude towards Allah for waking us up from the "death" and today, 
we're still able to enjoy all His ni'mat again.

Alhamdulillah (1000x)

Although we say "alhamdulillah" for zillion times, it is still not enough to defeat all the ni'mat that Allah has granted us in this world. 

So, please be grateful.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012



Recite in the name of your Lord who created - Created man from a clinging substance. Recite, and your Lord is the most Generous - Who taught by the pen - Taught man that which he knew not.
(Al-'Alaq 96:1-5)

"Books are magic. Reading books is truly magical."

One lesson I got from my classmate's Discourse Analysis presentation today;

"Books are definitely magic and one thing I like about books is that it always provides me the way 
to escape myself from the challenges of the world that we're living in."

According to her, books are totally magic because it allows us to:

                            learn about ourselves;
                                                                    dream;                                           think;
                                 discover new things;                                                         be something else;
                                                                          be someone else;
                                                                                                                      be somewhere else.

We can do anything we want when we had immensed ourselves into the thickness of the book that we're reading. By reading books, we can be what ever we want to be, who ever we want to be and where ever we want to be. Doesn't it sound magical? 

Nothing can give us this sense of happiness and shall I say 'freedom' except books. Nothing can give us peace in life unless it's through reading.

But if you ask me why books are magic and reading books is magical, I will immediately reply:

"From books, we find wisdom and reading the Holy Book, got us to know our Creator, noble Prophets, Messengers and their companions better."


Start reading from now on and make up your own days through reading. As you've started reading books, you'll find out how much your days would be as "magical" as people could ever hardly to believe.


p/s:  I'm a book lover. Books are my loyal companions. They are always with me wherever I go. I love books just like I love my own self. Books are also my teachers. They teach me a lot of things about life. I thank Allah for giving me the ability to read. If not, I won't be able to get the wisdom and share  them to all my loved ones. Alhamdulillah, thousand thanks to Allah.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dia gembira, aku juga gembira


Once she wrote this in her blog:

Aku gembira
melihat dia gembira

aku tersenyum
melihat dia bahagia 

aku terharu
mendengar dia bercerita 

Ui budak
Tengah hepi la tu?? 

cepat la kawen makcik

Oppss!!! Why suddenly I bold the last sentence? So naughty of me. Hehe... If that's what she asked  from me, then I will definitely reply:

I wish I could, but both of us still have lots of obligations that we need to settle first before we be each other's life partner.

It sounds odd, I know, but that's the real thing. We're not ready for everything now. There are many things that we need to consider and not to mention there are lots of improvements that we would like to make within ourselves before we agree to be a part of each other's life. 

So, this note is for her:

Mak cik, nothing to worrylah. If Allah says he's the one for me, I will definitely wait for him as long as I'm still healthy to live my life. But if Allah fates that I'll be sick until I could hardly stand, then there's no need for me to wait for him any longer and so does him. On that day, I'll just be waiting for Izrael to come and take my life and leave the world forever-leave him. Because... I just want him to be my imam. I don't want others.

(deep crying)

Now, there's nothing much we can do about it, but two-TRUST AND DU'A! These are our strengths. I trust him and I trust Him more! 

But please pray for us too.

And now I'm writing for you:

dia gembira
melihat aku bahagia

dia suka
mendengar aku bercerita

dia ketawa
dengan setiap gelagat keanak-anakanku

dia terharu
aku sudah menemukan cinta yang aku harapkan

bila tahu dia gembira
aku juga gembira sama

Terima kasih, kekandaku!
Luv you from far :')

JOM Berubah!


Assalamulaikum warahmatullah. Alhamdulillah. Finally, it's raining today. Betullah kan... rain is one of Allah's so-called utusan which sends berita gembira to all His servants. So, jangan merungut setiap kali hujan turun okay? Because raining brings happiness. It gives peace. So, be grateful when Allah still sends rain to us. 1000 of praises only for Allah. Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah also, I'm back to share with you some of my thoughts today. Fyi, we just ended our last daurah just now. Seriously, I'm going to miss it but we soon are going to meet again next semester with the new identities. In sha Allah.

This morning, before Abg Nwar sent me to AIKOL, where the daurah was held, I got the guts to read the second chapter of Life is an Open Secret by Zabrina A. Bakar. Although I've the book for many times, but the contents never make me feel bored and always attract to kepp reading it whenever I can. So, alhamdulillah. So, the second chapter of the books stresses on how we should decide our path wisely. Meaning, as Muslim we must always have mission and vision in life. We know what we are going to do and what we are going to be in the future. Well, Sis Zab didn't exactly mention these words but that's what I understood from the gist of the chapter, generally.

Why do we have to have mission and vision in life? It's to ensure that everything we do is worth while and we won't waste our time doing things which don't benefit us at all. And, as long as we're given chance by Allah to improve ourselves, we should do so. We cannot expect other people to change us and most importantly, we cannot expect Allah would do the changes for ourselves. Because it is obvious that Allah Himself had mentioned about this in His Holy Book:

This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing. (Al-Anfal 8:53)

And what is more precious is that when Sis Zab mentioned another verse which said that if we go back to Allah, Allah will definitely grant us a success. Isn't that what we want the most in this life as well as the life in the Hereafter? Below is the verse:

Turn toward Allah, O believers, every one of you, so that you may be successful. (An-Nur 24:31)


However, in the chapter, what had attracted me the most was the story shared by Sis Zab concerning the importance of we make some changes within ourselves, in other words, improve ourselves to become a better person. The story was about a man and his street and it consisted of five scenes with an analogy worth sharing.

The story goes like this:

Scene 1:
I walk down a street, and there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. It takes forever to get out. It's not my fault.

Scene 2:
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It still takes a long time to get out. It's my fault.

Scene 3:
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It's becoming a habit. It is definitely my fault. I get out immediately.

Scene 4:
I walk down the same street and see the deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Scene 5:
I walk down a different street.

My analysis based on the analogy:

Scene 1:
As I walk down a street, I see a deep hole. I fall in.
= As I live my life, I commit a mistake. I lose.

Scene 2:
I walk down the same street and I fall in the hole again. 
= I commit the same mistake for the second time.

Scene 3:
I still use the same street and fall into the hole again. 
= I do the same mistake again, for the third time-I'm such a forgetful person.

Scene  4:
I'm still walking down the same street. I see the hole but I just walk around it.
= For all this while, I realize that I've been doing the same mistake repeatedly. So, I try to discover the factors that influence me committing the mistake. From there, I learn something.

Scene 5:
I walk down a different street.
= I've found the way to correct my mistake. I replace with something else-good deed/good actions. I;ve changed!

Can you see what I'm trying to explain here? If you still can't see it, I urge you to read the analogy followed by my analysis more than six time. I bet you'll understand. Dr. Subra said, "If you want to understand something, you should read it at least six times." Lol.

But my point here is that, if we fed up with ourselves and so the people around us, there is something wrong with us and we need to detect what are the weaknesses that we want to improve. Remember, it's not too late to change. As long as we're given the continuous life and time, we always have the opportunity to make some changes within ourselves in order to become the most  successful person in this world as well as in the Hereafter. In sha Allah.

"...Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition..." and you know what to do next.


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Comm App (CALL)


(This entry is specially for my classmates who were absent during CALL last class. I know this is not enough but it's all I have to share with you. Check this out.)

Alhamdulillah... we had finished our CALL class successfully. No need to attend Mr. Mazlan class anymore after this because he'll be away for quite some times. But, honestly, I'm gonna miss him :(

So, in our last class, Mr. Mazlan did share with us some tips for the final examination. Well, he didn't actually  tell us every single thing that might appear in our exam paper, yet there were some important points that he had highlighted when giving his last lectures.

Network-based technology

Experiential learning. Like other disciplines, CALL is a kind of discipline whereby learners learn from their own experiences or others as well. The slogan, "We see, we do, we learn" can be implemented in CALL learning. It's like when they see and get to know with the computer applications-both software and hardware, they tend to use them in our language learning class. In other words, they'll do something about their language learning when they had mastered using the software and hardware and it will smooth their process of learning the target language, say English. Plus, the advent of the WWW has also contributed a lot to the learners' language learning. WWW allows them to get access with unlimited information which is just right at their fingertips. CALL has made the people creators and consumers of knowledge, as they can generate knowledge that they have and at the same time utilise the knowledge shared by others using the computer applications.

Motivation. Sometimes we can say that by using the computer applications can motivate the learners in their language learning. The learners sort of enjoy themselves learning the target language with the help of the computing technology. Teachers who use computer application like software and some web-based programs can generate the students' interest in learning the intended subject. When the teachers make use of elements of fun that contains in games, it will make the students become more enjoyable in the language classroom. In addition, using the computing applications may also help the learners to be more independent as in they can do their practices for the subject on their own without fully depending on their teachers anymore. This leads to the concept of blended learning which is also known as learning autonomy, self-regulated learning and learner-centric.

(Starting from here, you need to elaborate the points yourself. I'm sorry. I can no longer help. I'm busy with other works as well.)

Enhanced student achievement
- Network-based instruction
- The role of teacher: monitor, regulate the learners him/herself
- Promote the learners' self-confidence

Authentic materials for study
- Learners use various resources of authentic reading materials
- Materials can be accessed within 24 hours
- Language communication - it's all about clarity and bravity (nothing to do with accent)

Greater interaction
- Among the learners themselves
- Inside and outside the classroom or even the country
- CMC (computer-mediated communication) is not a technology but a concept about how human communication can be done through technology
- Learners interact among themselves and with their teachers through e-mail, newsgroup, online forum, etc.

- Speaking about shy/inhibited/passive/anxious learners

Independence from a single source of information
- Today's education fulfills the need for interdisciplinary learning in a multicultural world

Global understanding

(In the finals, based on the above points, sir might ask us to illustrate those points by giving examples and the platforms that we think are suitable.)

(Another thing is that he reminded us pertaining to the finals are, avoid using the word somehow, coz according to him, that word doesn't indicate anything. The final exam questions will be essay type (4 questions and answer all). Make a space in between each paragraph (not each line) and make sure we write a topic sentence for each point. Regarding our term paper, we still can meet him for consultation next week but our paper need to be handed in by the end of next week.)

That would be all.

I hope this will help you guys although it's not complete.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Imperfect people in making of a perfect couple


Reading the post with praising Allah and a sincere smile.


Have you come across your mind why Allah created us as male and female?
Why didn't Allah create male for male and female for female?

There must be a reason for it right?
There must be a wisdom behind it.
But what?

Hmm...pending... loading...
Oh my... all the jargons are coming out... :P

As Muslims, we believe in Allah's power, don't we?
That's why we don't question anything about His creation.
But don;t you think that it is good to question about Him sometimes (not all the time ya!).
Because it makes us closer to Him.
It will definitely make us know Him better.
It will make us realize of why we should not only accept but obey all His rules.
That's the wisdom.

But again, why male for female and vice versa?
Even when we look at other creatures, what do we see about them?
The lion for lioness, the tiger for tigress, the male cat for female cat.
And many others.
Event plants have their own male and female types.
Amazing isn't it???
That's the beauty of His creation.
He overpowers everything, without we expect.


Another question for us to ponder upon.

Why is it that Allah match-makes a handsome guy with a not-so-pretty lady?
Why is it that Allah match-makes a beautiful lady with a not-so-handsome guy?
Why is it that Allah marries a wealthy man to a poor woman?
Why is it that Allah marries a smart woman to a not-so-smart man?
The real question is...
why is it that Allah match-makes people who are not in the same category;
gorgeous-good-looking, clever-clever, rich-rich
and what not?

The answer is...

because Allah is the Fairest of all!
And He knows what is best for His creatures.
He's the most understanding God who understands our fitrah.
He knows exactly what suits us and what suits us not.
He knows who matches us.
He knows who's gonna make us happy.
He knows everything.

Nobody is perfect coz Allah is the Most Perfect one.
No one can beat Him in terms of perfectness.

But, there's one thing we can do.

Although Allah matches us (the imperfect) with someone who's also imperfect,
that means He wants us to make a perfect couple, 
for the sake of Him.
In order to get mardhatillah.

Did you get it?

"Imperfect people make a great perfect couple that anyone can never imagine."
That's how it works.

However, there's one thing for sure.


... still... "good women are for good men, and good men, for good women..."
and this is Allah's promise to us and we always know that He shall never break His promise.

So, let's improve!

p/s:  A note for you --> Although we're not perfect, but we can improve ourselves to make our relationship perfect in the eyes of Him-soon. I promise.



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