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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Saturday, 27 June 2009


Salam and good morning to all my brothers and sisters.

Wow, it has been a long time since I had updated my blog, isn't it? Well, the truth is I do have so many stories to be shared with you. However, I don't have moods to open my Asou's bag and take it out and turn it on. I don't know why. Sometimes not everything we can share with other people, right? Especially thing regarding our feelings, emotions, and of course all o ou secrets. No matter. I have decided to update my blog today after had being insisted by my several friends for several times. Today, I have opened my heart widely to put as many stories as possible in my blog so that you'll know what is actually playing aroud my mind for all this while. In sha'a Allah (special thanks to all my friends who were keep reminding to update my blog, especially Siti and Iqah. This is specially for you...=))


I don't exactly know what is happening to me all these days. Since my classes have started, I feel something isn't right inside of me. I have no idea what am I going to write in here, but the thing is I really don't understand why is this happening to me. Especially at night. Everytime before I get ready to go to bed, I'll rewind everything that I had done on that particular day, from the morning until the evening and when I am memorising it, suddenly my tears are rolling down my cheeks without I want it to. Pretty weird, isn't it? Yes, I know so. There is something isn't right inside of my heart. I feel something is missing inside of me.I don't know what is it and I don't know how to express it here. Everytime before I go to sleep, accompanied by the tears on my cheeks, I'll text my one and only mother. I'll tell her everything I feel at that time and she is the one who will comfort me. Only she can do that to calm me, nobody can. Of course! I came from her womb, of course only she knows what is exactly her daughters look like. Only she can understand my feelings, no one can.

I don't know... (crying...).

God, please help me!!!!

Story 2

Let me ask you some questions. Prepare yourself. I bet it is going to be the scariest questions you will ever hear and you won't be asked by other people except me. Hehehehe... kidding! In sha'a Allah you're gonna love to anwer them. Okay. How do you feel when someone you don't even know him/her, someone you don't even meet him/her before and someone who is called as "secret admirer" tells you that he/she has fallen in love with you? Another question will be what is your expression when there is someone who is seriously and honestly proposing you to become his/her his wife/husband? What I mean here is this second person is confident that you are the perfect match granted by Allah for him/her after he/she has done Istikharah prayers for several times? Hmm... please don't get me wrong. I just want you to think about it yourself. Try to answer these questions and keep it to yourself but it's nothing wrong to share them with your closest keens.

"What is Hazimah trying to say by asking these sort of weird questions anyway?"

Think yourself!

Story 3

Astaghfirullah!!! One the most fearful thing that I'll be facing by next week, I think. What do you think it will be? PRESENTATION!!! Yes, sure t is. Even I like to do presentations in front of people but still I can presume myself as a "cowardy" in front of everybody. What a shameful thing to say here. The presentations that must be completed by this semster (which is our last semester) are CCT and Oral Communication.

Please pray for me. I hope Allah will give me enough courage to speak in front of people. So that I will no longer call myself as a cowardy anymore. I want to be the best public speaker just like my other friends.

In sha'a Allah.

Story 4

Today is already Saturday. So, what will be the day after Saturday? You are absolutely right! Congratulations!!! The day after Saturday is Sunday! Sure Sunday is the day that I have been waiting for. But which Sunday is Hazimah talking to? There are many Sundays in a month. Perhaps four? Now I'm telling you, the only Sunday that I've been waiting for is "tomorrow's" Sunday! 28th June 2009. Why? Is there someone who will ask you to go a date with him? No, of course not! I'm muslimah. I won't do such thing in my life. It's totally forbidden in Islam. Allah won't bless me if I do so. Nau'dhubillah... Okay, let me get this straight. I can't wait to see someone that I've been missing so much for about a year. The person is my sister! My twin! She'll be back tomorrow! On the day of Sunday!!! Don't you feel happy for me? Please do! I don't know what to say to express my delightedness!!! I really really want to see her face again. Only Allah knows how much I miss her.

Okay, kak uda, I can't wait to hug you!!!

Love you so much! (uwekk2...)


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Today's lectures


CCT Club

This morning, we had our second class for Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinking course (CCT) which is handled by Madame Adibah, the scariest but the most brilliant lecturer in this field. During her first lecture, which was held yesterday, she ordered us to prepare our first presentation and praise be to Allah this first presentation not done individually instead in a group. In a group of four (me, Siti, Rin, and Nisah), we were asked to create a logo specially for CCT Club. We were not sure whether madame would take marks for our presentation or else she just wanted to see our ability to speak in front of the class. Alhamdulillah, everything seemed to follow the original plan at the night before the presentation. Of course, without His help, perhaps I might stand speechless in front of my classmates and madame because of too much nervousness.

The most surprised thing I had ever faced today was we were the fourth group to present our logo for this club. Who picked our group to present? Just guess. I'm not gonna promote the person's name here. No matter. That's not a big deal at all! What ever it is, it was a big relief to know that we had just finished our presentation earlier (I think so) before the scary feelings continued to conquer us. Even though God knew we could not answer several weird questions from Madame Adibah, but at least He knew how much we tried our very best answering those tricky questions. We hope, madame would accept our simple but full-of-effort presentation. In sha'a Allah.


A short brief about HS course

Now, let me share with you what we had learnt during our Introduction to Human Science (HS) subject.

Well, as always, something will not be perfect without an introduction to it. The same goes to this subject too. Unlike Madame Adibah, our HS lecturer, Madame Zariani, explained to us some of the important points we should know to study this course. First, she told us what was Human Science stands for. She said, "Human Science is a study of human being. Human Science and Social Science carry the same meanings even there are presented in different names." Then, she expanded her lectures by telling us the five important fields which would be studied by all HS students. The fields consist of Psychology (this is my favourite course!), Sociology and Anthropology, History and Civilisation, Communication, and last but not least Political Science.

After that, she briefed a bit about Sociology. According to her, Sociology wasn't taken from English words. Socio is derived from a Latin word socius which means about society, human beings and Logy was taken from a Greek word logos meaning the study of. So, overall what I understood from her lecture was Sociology is referring to the study of human behaviour or society, everything about human beings. If one wants to study about animal kingdom, he should take Anthropology instead of Sociology, because Sociology is specifically studying about humans only.

Okay. The last subtopic she taught us was about Social Interactions. It can be divided into two parts, Micro level of interaction and Macro level of interaction. Micro means small and from what I understood micro is the interactions among people which won't affect others, however, macro means large and this means thae interactions take place will affect others (the surroundings). Before I forgot, madame Zar also lectured about what is the meaning of Revolution and Evolution. Sorry to say but for this part, I totally forgot what do they mean. Hehehehe...

Before madame Zar ended our HS lesson, she asked us one of my favourite questions regarding the topic of 'friends.'

She asked, "Do you have a friend which you be friends with for no reason?" To be honest, when madame said, "you can answer this question if you got the answer but if you dont' just remain unanswer." And my heart chose to answer the question but my mouth didn't have the strength to do so. So, I just remain silent and sit still on my seat (next to Nisah) but deep inside of my heart there was the present of dissapointness. Never mind. Maybe it might be better if it just remain secret. Just between me and my Lord. Nobody knows. Just the two of us.

Can't wait fr tomorrow lectures!!!

To mak, ayah and the rest of the family, I really really miss you all!!!
May Allah bless us all!!!

Good night!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Selamat Hari Lahir, kakanda!!!


Sedang saya asyik membaca blog saya di bawah tajuk, "Hati yang kau sakiti (edisi 4: Rintihanku)," saya perasan ada seseorang telah menghantar komen kepada saya.


June 5, 2009 3:56 PM

wei budak kecik..sila bg sekurang2nya 5 alasan mengapakah kamu tidak wish sy birthday ari tuuu??
sms pun tarakk.. haiyaa..

p.s: nnt i balik,nk pegi genting kan?cari weekend yang emak,u,hafiz n zaim free utk kkuar pegi jalan2.. Org2 besar tak bley join laa.. p.s lagi : i belanja u all..tapi kalau u nak top up skit2 bley gak..huhu..

Kesian dia. Inilah kakak saya, kak uda. Macam manalah saya boleh terlupa tarikh lahir dia. Sedangkan awal-awal lagi sata sudah pasang niat untuk menjadi orang pertama untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir padanya. Tapi akhirnya, disebabkan terlupa, semuanya tak menjadi. Sedih jugak sebenarnya. Kalau kak uda sedih, saya sebenarnya lagi sedih sebab telah mengecewakan orang yang saya sayang.

Tapi, pada hakikatnya, Hazimah yang kini memang begitu. Maksud saya, kalau dulu saya seorang yang tidak pernah lupa tarikh lahir orang-orang yang saya sayang, namun sekarang saya bukanlah seperti itu lagi. Mungkin sebab dulu, saya selalu tidak ketinggalan mengucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir kepada mereka, tapi semasa hari lahir saya, tiada seorang pun yang ingat, lebih-lebih lagi orang-orang yang berada paling dekat dengan saya. Bukanlah nak kata saya berdendam, cuma bagi saya sekarang, tarikh lahir bukanlah segala-galanya. Selagi cinta dan kasih sayang kita terhadap mereka masih kekal di dasar hati, itu pun sudah lebih dari mencukupi. Sebab itulah saya lebih suka memberikan hadiah ulang tahun kepada mereka sebelum tarikh lahir mereka. Walau begitu, saya masih dirundum rasa bersalah kerana kak uda pernah cakap dulu, memberi ucapan ulang tahun kepada orang2 yang kita sayang itu adalah suatu perbuatan yang mampu mendatangkan kebahagiaan kepada mereka. Alamak, panjang pulak membebel...

Oklah. Saya janji dengan kak uda. Sebagai denda saya lewat wish Happy Birthday untuknya, saya akan menulis post tentang dirinya. Tapi ringkasan jelah ye, kak uda. Kalau nak tulis panjang lebar, alamat tahun depan takkan habis. Sebelum tu, mari saya tunjukkan personaliti yang dimiliki oleh mereka yang lahir pada bulan Jun ini ataupun berzodiakkan Gemini ini dan ini merupakan hasil kajian Dato' Dr. Hj. Fadzilah Kamsah sendiri...


* Berfikiran jauh & berwawasan. * Mudah ditawan kerana sikap baik. * Berperangai lemah lembut. * Mudah berubah sikap, perangai, idea dan mood. * Idea yang terlalu banyak di kepala. * Bersikap sensitif. * Mempunyai pemikiran yang aktif (sentiasa berfikir). * Sukar melakukan s
esuatu dengan segera. * Bersikap suka menangguh-nangguh. * Bersikap terlalu memilih & mahukan yang terbaik. * Cepat marah & cepat sejuk. * Suka bercakap & berdebat. * Suka buat lawak & bergurau. * Otaknya cerdas berangan-angan. * Mudah berkawan & pandai berkawan. * orang yang sangat tertib. * Pandai mempamerkan sikap. * Mudah kecil hati. * Mudah kena selsema. * Suka berkemas. * Cepat rasa bosan. * Sikap terlalu memilih & cerewet. * Kurang mempamerkan perasaan. * Lambat untuk sembuh apabila terluka hati. * Suka pada barang yang berjenama. * Mudah menjadi eksekutif. * Kedegilan yang tidak terkawal. * Sesiapa yang memuji, dianggap musuh. Siapa yang menegur dianggap kawan.

Amacam? Sama tak dengan kak uda? Hehehe... in sha'a Allah. Ada sebahagian yang memang sangat ada pada diri kak uda tapi ada jugak sikit2 yang tak sama langsung dengan kak uda. Contohnya... tak payah sebutlah. Takut nanti meng'aibkan kak uda pula. Tetapi apa2 pun, kak uda tetap sangat isitiwewa!

Apa ya nak cerita pasal kak uda ni? Hmm...

Wan Fathiyyah ni memang seorang kakak yang sangat2 baik dan sangat2 prihatin dengan adik2 dia, lebih2 lagi dengan sayalah. Sebabnya, kami ni kan kembar! Dia seorang yang sangat bijak dan paling cergas dalam keluarga kami. Sentiasa mengharumkan nama keluarga dan selalu menjadi kebanggaan mak ayah. Dia selalu menjadi pendorong dan semangat untuk saya dalam pelajaran. Kalau saya resah atau gelisah dalam perkara yang berkaitan dengan belajar, cinta atau diri sendiri, dia pasti akan ada di sebelah saya dan meminjamkan bahunya untuk saya menangis. Tapi, style dia lain sikitlah dari orang lain. Mula2 dia bagi nasihat kat saya lembut2 tapi bila dia tengok saya ni keterlaluan, maksudnya emosi melampau sangat kat situlah dia dah start bengang. Masa tulah dia marah saya! Tapi saya tak kesah. Sebab bagi saya, kerana dia selalu marah sayalah, saya menjadi Hazimah yang baru! Sebab dia selalu marah2 sayalah, saya tidak lagi menjadi adik dia yang lemah dan mudah dikalahkan dengan segala ujian yang datang menimpa. Kerana kemarahan diaa jugaklah, saya berjaya dalam peperiksaan SPM. Saya sangat bangga dan bertuah punya kakak seperti Wan Fathiyyah. Setiap detik, setiap saat tidak pernah diri ini dilupainya. Setiap kali ulang tahun saya, dialah satu2nya orang yang tak pernah lupa untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir kepada saya. Jika dia tiada di depan mata, pasti dia akan menukarkannya dengan sesuatu yang lain sebagai pengganti dirinya. Sejujurnya, setiap entry yang dia tulis dalam blog dia tentang kami ataupun diri saya, air mata tak pernah berhenti mengalir. Betapa saya tersangatlah merindui dirinya.

Tiba2 pulak rasa sebak bila tulis entry ni...

Terakhir sekali, saya ucapkan Selamat Hari Lahir kepada kakanda Wan Fathiyyah. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan sentiasa diberkati serta dirahmati Allah. Semoga kakanda sentiasa dicintai dan dikasihi Allah sebagaimana adinda di sini mencintai dan mengasihi diri kakanda.


p/s: Sorilah kak uda kalau post ni terlalu simple atau tak sesuai untuk dijadikan hadiah ulang tahun kak uda. Sebenarnya kekurangan idea. Sebab kadang2 benda2 mcm ni susah utk diungkapkan dengan kata2. Tapi ni sajalah apa yang terlintas di fikiran imah sekarang. Selamat maju jaya dalam exam. Buat yang terbaik! Tak sabar nak jumpa u nanti. Blh gi genting sama2!!!

Take care...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Rehlah g13th


On 30 May 2009, our school batch, g13th, had successfully organised a reunion for all members of g13th. This programme was known as "Rehlah". This rehlah was held at Laman Bestari, Hulu Yam. I'm not gonna tell everything about it, but in sha'a
Allah, by posting some pictures of it, I'm pretty sure that many of you will enjoy viewing my blog.

In the bus

All of us...

Me and Djah

Nazmin and Sab

Asma' and Nazmin

Me and Hajar

Afi and Aimi

Sab and Atiqah

Fira and Arinah

At Laman Bestari, Hulu Yam

When we had arrived

Game 1: Ice breaking

The other games

After the games

Our faces after had being touched-up by flour

Me and Mawar

The three of us

Me and Chah

Me and Nadia

In the river

Me and Kak Fathy

The conclusion is, I LOVE g13th s
o much!!! May Allah bless us all! In sha'a Allah!!!


...Uhibbukum Fillah...

(ukhuwwah never dies)


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