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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tempatan atau Overseas...?????

salam sumer...

today i'm going to write about my journey after spm.... actually, imah dah apply beberapa form utk msk u, lps amik result spm baru2 nih. antara senarai universiti yg imah apply termasuklah UIAM, UiTM, USIM, dan UM.

1) UIAM : accounting, bahasa inggeris, psychology
2) UiTM : accounting
3)USIM : perakaunan dan muamalat
4) UM : syariah, usuluddin, (x igt)

itulah dier senarai universiti yg imah apply utk yg tempatan punyer, skali dgn coarse yg imah akn ambil kat sn nnt. sebenarnya, imah nk amik psikologi, tp, mak n ayh dn lain2 sarankan imah amik accounting. because pluang kerja lg byk berbanding dgn psikologi. furthermore, my mom said ilmu psikologi tu mdh dipelajari. x yah blajar scr formal pon x pe. so, when i'm keep thinking and thinking, mom was right! in addition,i like both coarse, even i like psykology the most. tell you what. at the first place, i want to apply psycology as my first choice. but my father asked me, why don't accounting?then i told him that i'm not very confident to carry all the subjects in this coarse, even i like it. tp, lps fikir dan fikir dan fikir, akhirnya imah buat kptsn utk amik accounting. yelah, walaupun imah x confident, at least i can try. dulu pun, time f4, punyelah pening pala nk amik science stream ke arts... sbb x konfiden jgk blh bwk akaun. last2, berjaya jgk!!! alhamdulillah... usaha tangga kejayaan...

tp, imah hrp sgt2 dpt uiam. x pon, usim, plng x pon, uitm lah... sbb nk dok dekat dgn family. al-maklumlah, adik imah yg sorang tu pon dah besow. risau plak nk tngglkan dier. tkt2 bt hal plak. alamat peninglah kepala mak ayh nk menguruskan bdk tuh. tp, tulah, Allah lbh tau which one is the best for me. kan??

ok, psl uni tempatan ni, x kesah sgt. because, pape pon, still in my own country. tp, oversea???!!! o'oh... i'm in a big trouble!!! lps dah apply upu, mak srh cb apply scholarship from jpa. memandangkan imah akn amik coarse accounting, so, they will send me either to NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA OR UNITED KINGDOM. nk tuh, mmg nak... tp, ni satu lg mslh. actually, i got a disease yg mmg x de ubtnya. penyakit imah tuh ialah, krg keyakinan diri. you know, actually i like to go overseas, but, i'm scared!!!! yel;ah, dahlah english teruk, pastu xtaulah blh phm ke x slang dorang kat sn nnt. then, tktlah sbb imah x biasa travel. dlm layasia pon jrg kuar dgn kwn2. so, xtau pape sgt psl dunia luar niha. but, i wanna try. yelah, x slh kalau nk cb. but... ntahlah... that's why, imah btl2 dlm dilemma skrng... kalau nk tolak, kak arsyi kata, "baik x pyh apply." igt dik, pluang tu hanya dtg sekali." and my mom plak ckp,"dik, kalaulah adik dpt gi new zealand, kan, pastu adik tolak, xsyg ke?"... ah sdh... i really2 don't know what am i going to do now... ya Allah, please help me.... tp, jpa tuh, blm tntu dpt pon. tp kalau dpt??!! xkan nk tolak, kot...

so, for those who read this entry, i need your opinion or suggestions about, which one i should choose for my future life. espesially, from kak uda. tolonglah imah kak uda. cheh, imah ni... nk pening2kan pala plak. mcmlah dpt jpa tuh... hihihi.... x delah. sbg persediaan awl jer...

silalah bg komen anda yer...
trima kasih (thank you)....

p/s: sory, imah gn BAHASA ROJAK plak.. he2....

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