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Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Assalamualaikum, hello everyone.

Hmm… Of course today is a very busy and tired day for everyone, especially for Farrah because, like others, she got so many classes as usual. Hehehe… sorry to her.

Actually, I just want to share with you about my ‘Listening and Speaking’ presentation that had been done yesterday, Monday, 12 August 2008, 8 am to 11 am. Oh, it was so miserable for me. I think it was a nightmare for me too. I don’t know. Yesterday, I felt so disappointed and upset with myself because I couldn’t do my presentation very well. I always fail in this sort of thing, even though I like to talk in front of everybody.

Ok, lets get straight to the point, ok?

The title for my presentation was ‘Languages I Want to Learn and Master’. I chose this title because to me, it was the easiest topic than others. I don’t know. It’s just my opinion. Other than that, I had searched a lot of points about this topic also. My turn was number seven. Oh God, I was so nervous when I found out that I was among the earliest students to present my topic. But, what can I do? Hmm… So, when it was my turn, I just paced calmly to the front class and ‘tawakkal’. Just leave it to Him, let Him decides what is good and what is bad for me.

After I have got myself comfortable in front of the class, I read Surah as-Syarh 3 times and said to myself, “You can do it, Hazimah!”. So, I just went. Then, I started my presentation by introducing myself along with seeking an apologize from the audience.

“Assalamualaikum, a very good morning to Madame ‘Ain and all of my friends. Today, I would like to present about the topic ‘Languages I Want to Learn and Master’. Before that, I want to apologize because I actually have completed my presentation using Power Point but I haven’t bring it along here today. So, I have nothing along with me today as I only got a very simple notes about this topic, but never mind. I will try my best to explain about it to you…” then, I started the topic.

Oh, I can’t forget about how was I looked at that time. So nervous and very difficult to speak in front of people without prepare anything. But, I just did it. At first, I thought I wanted to tell Madame that I didn’t prepare yet, but I was afraid to do so. So, I just did my very best at that time. No matter what, at least, I tried my hardest and I kept all SF’s advices in my heart, and Alhamdulillah I could get trough it.

But, I still think about my presentation until now because I have a bad feeling about it. Of course Madame will give me the lowest marks because my presentation is really bad. Oh my God! If only I can get back into the past, I am really sure that I will do my very best because I have prepared everything before I present it to the class. But, how come I do that? Unless I got the power to turn back of course I would do that. But, it’s all about yesterday. What done is done. There is no need to talk about the past, because it useless.

The most important thing is, I am going to improve myself in the future just like what my SF have told me before.

written on Tuesday 12/08/2008

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