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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Islam is beautiful


Islam is beautiful. That's the title for my entry for today.
Seriously, I have no idea at all about what am I going to write in here.
Just, want to share a piece of my mind, in hoping to make us all ponder upon about something.

Something good about Islam.
Something special about Islam, that we as Muslims, should know seems we were all created
by Allah as a Muslim.

Yes, i really do think that Islam is beautiful.
Don't look too far, just look deeply at things which are nearer and closer to us.
The teachings, the syariah, the rules...
Everything that Islam preaches to its followers are beautiful.
That's what I think. Don't you feel the same way as I do?

Why is Islam beautiful?
Because Islam teaches us about so many things in general,
but one thing in specific that can lead us to many other things too, which is LOVE.
Yes, definitely. For me, Islam is beautiful because it teaches me about love.
The meaning of true LOVE, the rules of LOVE, and the dangers of LOVE.
With LOVE, I feel myself growing up stronger and stronger,
with LOVE, I seldom feel myself becoming weaker and weaker.

Islam recommends us to LOVE and be LOVEd by our one and only Creator-Allah s.w.t.
Islam tells us to LOVE and be LOVEd by people who are the same in line with us.
Islam reminds us to LOVE and be LOVEd by those who are nice to us.
Islam warns us to LOVE other creatures too.
See, don't you think Islam is so beautiful?

I learn many new things about LOVE, through Islam.
My knowledge of LOVE is being updated each day because of Islam.
And now I'm actually in LOVE because of Him, who opens my heart to feel the feeling LOVE again.

Because of Islam, I learn about how to strengthen my LOVE towards my Creator.

I LOVE Islam, just like I LOVE the one who sent it to me.

That's why Islam is beautiful.

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