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Sunday, 16 March 2014

6 tips to becoming a freelance makeup artist

If you are interested in the makeup artistryindustry, you will be glad you found this page!
Just like you, many makeup artists have a passion for art and beauty, helping others, and using their visions and hands to create these wonders. It's an ever growing, ever changing, ever learning industry that is never affected by recession and will become everything and more that you want it to be if you put in the hard work and devotion to your craft.
1.) For starters, you will need a makeup kit. Consider the people around you and what ethnicities and skins you will commonly be dealing with. Get the basics like a mascara, an eye shadow pallette, a few lipsticks, a natural blush that would look good on your highest population of clients, a foundation pallette (or reccomend clients to bring their own until you can afford pallettes), brushes, brush cleaner, a nude face powder, and cream eyeliner in black.
Consider buying a makeup set to cut costs. One great place to look is SEPHORA.
Keep in mind: You don't yet need lip liner or brow pencils, as you can use eye shadow and brushes to mimick these! Ex: A lip liner brush dipped in *your choice of color* eyeshadow and gently brushed around the lips with lipstick over top, and it holds very well!
2.) Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! Use whatever person comes your way, whether family, friends, even your boyfriend or husband (If they let you)! Any opportunities you have to learn and grow in your craft you MUST take, and most likely if you are a beginner, you will have to understand you won't be getting paid! Don't expect anything, but just to learn as much as you can. Visit makeup counters in department stores or cosmetic stores and ask the employees for tips and beauty advice. Become friends with them and play around with the different makeup! Sign up for cosmetic company emails to get discounts when they have online or store sales to grow your kit. And most importantly, use your OWN face.
Keep in mind: Your own face will always be available to yourself, so practice hard and take pictures when you think you have done a rockin' makeup job.
3.) Create a Portfolio. Upload your makeup pictures on to the web! Add these to your facebook to get feedback and encouragement from people you know and trust. Add them to any online sites, as this will be the start of your portfolio (even if it's not the greatest of pictures! It's a start!).
Join sites like:
  • ModelMayhem.com: THIS IS A MUST! You will find lots of resources and guides and people in your area with common interests. You will find models and photographers who are also new to the business and looking for a makeup artist for thier upcoming shoot! Explore what the site has to offer, because this will be really helpful to you with your portfolio building and networking.
  • ThePowderGroup.com: Be sure to sign up for their makeup magazine!
4.) ADVERTISE yourself. Create a free website on a site like wix.com or carbonmade.com. Put all your beautiful makeup pictures on this site and add a way for people to contact you. Create business cards with your personal website and keep them on you at all times! You never know who you'll run into or if you'll find the perfect spot to distribute them. Go on craigslist.com and head to the beauty section to sell your talents!
But most importantly...
5.) Be CONFIDENT in what you do and why. You are hear to create beauty and art and to make people feel great about themselves! Do not worry if someone hates their makeup job, because they can wash it right off and you can start all over (unlike a bad haircut... eek!). Be proud of your accomplishments and always flaunt what you do and take pride in your work! People will notice this and will automatically be drawn to you if you market yourself well and keep professional and passionate about your craft!
And lastly...
6.) Find a job in a department or cosmetics store, or be a makeup artists' apprentice! You will learn so much from working and hands on experience. Always take advice from the people who know the business. This will be a great experience for you.

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