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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Latest updates - my girl


Hi, love! Sorry for not updating my blog for so long. I'm quite busy since I've been working as a teacher in a private school. I hope you don't mind. Anyways, I'm hoping that all of you are doing well. Oh and by the way, hope it's not too late for me to wish you, RAMADHAN MUBARAK! May Ramadhan this year is going to be a better Ramadhan than last year. Insya-Allah. Everyone is praying for the best.

Well, in this post, I'll not be writing so much. But yup, this entry is going to be put under the journal section. So, everything written here is basically going to be about myself, my life updates, specifically while becoming a teacher.

I'm just gonna tell you a bit about my students. Buah hati pengarang jantungku. Hehe.

To start with, there is a student of mine, a girl and she's now in her primary 3. All for this while, I thought she understood my teachings, especially on grammar and truthfully she didn't understand every single thing I taught her in the class. How sad is that? Sedih, kan? Coz every time I asked her whether or not she had any questions to ask me, all she did was shaking her head from left to right. Until our next meeting, as usual, it's been my routine to ask the students, "Do you understand, girls?" and she was among those who answered, "Yesssss!" confidently, although she wasn't actually clear about my elaboration on the grammar lesson that I was teaching them at that particular time. 

I was so sick with this kind of attitude of my students. I'm also not sure, whether they were too malu to ask questions simply because they thought that they would be laughed by their friends  or maybe they didn't want others to view them as 'not smart' and that could be the reason why she never asked me any questions regarding the matter in the class. However, I always expected that she could ask me after class about anything that she was not clear about and I always tell my students that my 'door' is always open for them and they're welcome to see me in my class anytime they want (as long as they are freelah), to talk to me about many things or to even tell me that they didn't actually understand a single bit of my teaching. Hee... seriously geram gila masa tu. But, what to do, a teacher needs to act cool. If not, the students will never trust us that we can actually make them understand our lesson.   

So, what I'm doing now is that I'm struggling so much, I'm working hard to make sure that she will get the best result in all tests, including the final exam, which will be ready to get them by the end of this year. I give her many exercises as her parents requested and try to create a great bondage between us. I really want her to enjoy my English class and I struggle to make her fall in love with the subject, thinking that this subject is the easiest subject to score. Because to me, it's nearly impossible for one to score the subject that she really hates or that she doesn't like it so much.Alhamdulillah, now I can see some sort of her improvements in English class. She can understand my teaching now, better than last time. To me, it's a great success to both of us. Not just me. Please don't get me wrong. 

I think, that's pretty much it about my female student. In my next post, I'll be writing about my male student plak. 

Insya-Allah, hopefully I'll have some time like you to update more about myself as long as I'm still working here.

Sleep early okay!
Don't forget to take your sahur.

Happy fasting dearies <3 p="">

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