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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Interview JPA

assalamualaikum, semua...

hmm.... pejam celik, pejam celik, hari ni dah pon msk 2 april. haii... kejap btol ms berlalu. oklah, straight to the point jelah, k? imah nk infomlah kat sni kan yg hari jumaat ni, imah akn ditemuduga utk mendptkan biasiswa tajaan JPA, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam. semalam, 1 april, kawan imah, saidatul, tlh pon ditemuduga. die kata,' Ya Allah, nervous giler!'.pastu die kate soklan, susah2 plak tu. die dpt tajuk, ' the major achievement of malaysia after 50 years of independent '. mak datok! imah terkejut beruk bile dier bgtau tajuk yg dier dpt tuh. kwn2 dier yg lain dpt tajuk, ' unemployed malaysian, biasiswa ke luar negara(bm), and sbb harga barang naik(bi)... tp, saidat ckp the interview will be in english 100%, except during the intruduction part. die srh kite knlkan diri kite in bm. tp, apa2 pon, sume kn dlm bi. ya Allah!!! english aku punyelah teruk... cmn nk practise english dlm ms dua hr ni??!!!

hmm... papepun, i still need to proceed this kind of test.. don't look back!! hehe.. dahlah speaking imah berterabur.. imah btl2 x confident that i can get trough this interview or not. but, my frens and my family are always keep saying that, Hazimah Boleh!!! tingkatkan keyakinan dirimu! hmm, yelah.. nk bg sokongan, is very easy. tp, nk laluinya tuh, fuhh.... entahlah.. apa yg imah mampu buat skrng, i have to use the precious time given from Allah, which are today and tomorrow. these are the only days i have to practise for the interview. by these days, my family, my frens and my beloved teacher will help me. insya-Allah, they are always standing beside me, i can always count on them...

tp, tgklah, sgt broken my english. cmn nk interview nnt, haa? ya Allah, mudahkanlah sgala ursnku... kalau nk jwb soalan interviewers, mmg sng, coz we juz have to take out our ides, thats all. it's not that bad... but in english??!! oh my goodness.... i'm in a big trouble!! cane nk susun ayt dgn btl2, lbh2 lg imah x reti bi n time tuh jgk, imah sgt nervous?! ya Allah....

actually, i don't really care about getting the scholarship, coz for me, all the things that have been setted by Allah, are all for our best. cuma yg imah takutkan, imah x dpt buat yg terbaik je utk interview nnt.. bile x buat dgn btl, kite x lehlah nk bersaing dgn orng lain, especially yg lain races ngan kita... knlah buktikan kat org cina, Melayu Boleh!!! Islam Boleh!! pastu, kalau x buat yg terbaik, imah jgk yg nyesal... hmmm...

papepon... kalian yg membaca entry ni, plz pray for me, k? you know how i feel rite now...


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