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Monday, 22 September 2008


Salamun 'alaik...

Alhamdulillah, I fee so happy because I'm still alive today.

Like always, today I don't have any good stories to share here, but, at least I can share my feeling with you guys. you know what, I'm so happy to be back again.

I want to see my parents; mom and dad, my siblings; especially kak uda, hafidz and zaim which is my 'bestfriends' and also my brother and sisters-in-law with theirs children.

We're going to celebrate Raya Festival together and our theme colors for this year are purple and pink. what nice color, aren't they? Oh, I just can't wait to show everyone my baju raya. they're might be beautiful like the owner. hehehe, joking, okay?

but, the sad thing is, now, i'm not a kid anymore. i'm a big girl now as i'm a teenager and i'm going to be an adult soon. so, i will not get any ang pau but, if i get so, i would probably get so little money, huhuhu... not as much as i was a kid. hehehe, but actually it's not important thing to get during the hari raya. the most important thing during these days are the forgiveness from everyone especially our parents, family, relatives, teachers, friends and all the people that close to us. and don't forget, syawal is also a special month for us as muslims.

like ramadhan, we also required to do lots of ibadah as much as we can, insya Allah. that's why, it' s very necessary to perform the raya pray, pay the zakah, visiting others and also fasting for another 6 days (puasa 6) after the first of syawal.

but, people always got the wrong idea about this month. they thought during hari raya, it is the time for them to enjoy themselves, eat as many as they like and go seeking some entertainments that are not very healthy for them like going to concert and make some party with the hard-drinks (wine, beer, etc.).

that's my opinion about hari raya.
oh my, now, i heve started of getting a headache as my head is so painful right now...
anyway, see you on HARI RAYA ESTIVAL. insya Allah!!!



Rahman D said...

wah!!! dah bersiap2 nak raya nih...heheh

zimawa said...

selamat belajar!!!!

selamat hari raya!!!!


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