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Thursday, 11 September 2008

She’s The One….


Assalamualaikum w.b.t…

Alhamdulillah, I’m still alive today, insya Allah. As usual, this morning I don’t have any classes so I spend my free time updating my blog at the library.

I’m so happy today as I’m not sure why. Maybe I can’t wait to be home again this week, insya Allah this Friday, I mean tomorrow, I’m going home and see my family again. I want to see mummy, daddy, kak uda and all the rest of my family, especially my ‘boyfriend’, kamil… hehehe… love you, dear…

Other than that, there’s another reason why I’m so happy today. Last night, I telephoned my ‘best friend’ or ‘sohibii’. We had a very long conversation together. We laughed together and at that time we were also getting to know about each other. We were talking about ourselves, studies and also made some ‘silly’ jokes, hehehe. That was very fun! Alhamdulillah, knowing ‘sohibii’ have changed a lot of things in myself. ‘Sohibii’ has brightened up my days. Thank you, ‘sohibii’!


Now, I want to talk about my roommate and at the same time, she’s also can be considered as my best friend too, my new best friend actually, here in CFS Nilai.

She’s from Kelantan but she can speak KL very well as I seldom hear her speaking in Kelantanese dialect. What can I say about her?

Well, she’s a very nice friend. During my studies here, she helps me a lot. Sometimes we always go to the library together as she always accompany me with my studies. And sometimes we also share about our happiness and sadness together. We laugh together, we cry together, we share our problems together. She’s a very caring and concern about other people as she’s not a selfish girl, insya Allah.

When I’m starving and have nothing to eat,
She’s the one who will feed me with her snacks;

When I got some problems;
She’s the one who can be a good listener;

When I got into tears because of my problems,
She’s the one who will hug me and summonsed me up;

When I’m alone – have nothing to do,
She’s the one who will come to me and make me laugh;

When I don’t know about something,
She’s the one who will teach me about;

And above all this… because…
She’s the one who’s lying in my HEART now and forever…

That’s her, Julaiha Syazmira… ‘buah hatiku’….

*This poem is dedicated to someone that very special to me, called Jue. Even though my English is very broken, but I don’t care as long as I want her to know how much I love her with all my heart. I hope she’s going to like it, insya Allah…



zimawa said...

salamun 'alaik....

zimah harap sgt2... jue baca blog zimah ni. entry ni zimah buat khas utk jue yg tersayang....

fathiyyah said...

uish,asek bergambo je adik ni..
oit,ptg ni me n ayah will fetch u at uia...tunggguuuuu


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