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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Take it easy!


It's been three months I've become a teacher and all I can say is, "Alhamdulillah..."
Thanks to Allah for giving me such noble profession to work as.
Being a teacher is surely not an easy task but to be truth, everyone can be a great teacher as long as he
has the passion and patient in his career.

at one point of time, I felt like I was giving up of being a teacher, especially for the subject I'm teaching now.
English. I give many excuses to myself to show that I'm not good at teaching English. 

Among the excuses that I always give are:

- I'm not a fluent speaker of English coz English isn't my first language
- I have no one to talk in English to
- I've lack of English vocabularies
- etcetra, etcetra...

I know, as a teacher, I'm not supposed to be giving such nonsense reason coz being a teacher is not all about teaching (only) but it's about learning. Sometimes teachers can learn a lot of things from their students and in my case, I did learn a few things from my students which is to me should not be considered as a shameful thing. Because sometimes teachers may not know many things, the same goes to students. The process of teaching and learning in a classroom is all about give and take and it's also a matter of sharing all the knowledge you know to others. 

On the other hand, this is not the main point that I would like to share. 
My main concern is... I'm having some problems in dealing with my students' behaviour.

Different kids have different characters, personalities and (of course) behaviours!
This is the most thing that not all teachers can handle.
Well, including myself, especially due to the fact that I'm not an education graduate and 
I've zero knowledge about teaching skills, classroom management, how to handle kids...
everything about teaching and learning in classroom!
All I know is about English language; in particular all the linguistics part of it: semantics, syntax, grammar, lexicography, morphology and what not.
So to be said, all the things I had learnt in my past university have nothing to do with teaching profession!
That's why sometimes I became clueless whenever my students act or behave strangely and hyperactively in class...

Since I've become a primary school teacher for about three months, at the same time I've also become a class teacher for the same duration which I personally think that this is the most challenging part of being a teacher.

As class teacher, I need to take care of 18 children in my class and pay attention to not just their performances in academics but as well as their akhlak and behaviour in school.

And now... I'm dealing with a student of mine who has problems regarding his studies as well as himself. 

At first, I thought it was easy to handle this boy because from what I observe, he's such a lovely boy. He's friendly and he makes make friends with the adults so easily coz according to his mother, he loves to "bermanja-manja" with the elderly people. In term of that, he has no problem at all. All teachers can converse with him and he seems to be comfortable mingling with people who are older than him.

since his parents live separately; he lives with his father here in KL while his mother and his little sisters are away in Sarawak, he has no one to take care of him at home. He has no one to ask about whether he has done doing his homeworks, he has no one to ask whether he's okay at school, he has no one whom he can laugh and cry with and he definitely has no one to share many things with. That's why he tries to get closer to me. But sometimes I find it hard because I don't want other students to see I'm giving extra care to one student only while I forget about the others. I try to be as fair as I can until one day I told him, "... we can be best friends but after class. During school hour, you must treat me as your teacher." Then he understood.

Now, many people concern about his exam but the problem is they cannot be with him for 24 hours. His parents are too busy with their works. So, his mother asked for my help to monitor him doing all his revisions for the coming soon examinations (the week after the school breaks). 

I know I can't do much but this is all I can offer. 
Without asking for any extra payments or fees, all I can do is to be with him for one whole day just to make sure that he does his revisions, especially for the subjects that he's weak at like English and Arabic. Can't believe that a student like him who's really good at speaking English could get low marks for his past English monthly test. So, I need to do something in order to help him get As for all subjects, plus nurture him how to be a good muslim too.

So, there's not time for you to give up yet, Hazimah! Just take it easy! May Allah ease your way
Rabbi yassir wa laa tu'assir.


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