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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sahabiah HIMEGA '08

assalamualaikum, hello everyone!!!

how are you today, huh???!!! insya-Allah i always pray for you guys' health. amiin..

insya-Allah today i would like to share with you about my new bestfriends or we call them as my new sahabah, of course, that i've known during the HIMEGA '08 programme. they are yusra, amirah, asma', khairunnisa', nasuha and a couple of twin which was ijmal and ijlal(the same name as my niece) just like it. hehe....

insya-Allah, let me tell you about these girls.

first, yusra. actually i forgot her full name. how dare me! hehe.. but, never mind. i still wanna share about her with you. if i'm not mistaken, yusra came from perlis. on the first day i had join this programme, she and her close friend, aisyah(no available photo) were the first person who greet me. such nice muslimah, alhamdulillah. during that time, we were going to have our lunch but i din't have any close friends with me. sudenly, yusra and aisyah saw me walking alone to the canteen, then, they greet me saying, "hye! jom!" just that! but, who cares! at least there were still someone that realized about my existance. after lunch, we sat together at the auditorium. until the end of the programme, they were being such good friends of mine as they talked to me a lot. for example, we talked to each other a lot about spm, sharing informations about our schools etc. it was so much fun! yusra was a very friendly girl.

next, amirah. amirah was my partner or we call it as 'teman sejati' along this programme. hehe.. when the first time we had been closed to each other, i realized one thing about amirah. you know what? she was very looked like my schoolmate or neighbour. you know who? yes! rabiatul! her styles, her face exactly the same. but there was a different between them, of course their skin colour. hehe2... amirah has a dark skin colour while rabiatul's is vice versa. but they ar still come from the same race, which is pakistan. amirah also a good friend of mine. she was very nice to me. different from my other friends she studied at a local school, i mean, graduated from 'sekolah kebangsaan' only. not like others, from boarding schools. we were just the same!!! right mirah?? hehe.. other than that, she shared a lot with me about her experiences during the plkn. she said, she was very excited joining the programme and we also keep talking about our schools' social problems before we go to bed. and so on...

and the third one as the funny asma'!!! haha... maybe she looks like a quiet girl to you and to me at first, but, now... no...at all. she was friendly and so kepoh! she liked to share about a few not very funny stories including her experiences about being a primary school teacher. other facts about her, she liked to laugh and liked to share her snacks with all her friends. because she said,"makan sorang2 x best, makan ramai2 br seronok. ramai bdk kat asrama asma' dulu, kalau mkn snek, ada yg smpi mkn dlm locker, kedekut sgt". she was very generous. i'm so glad of becoming her new friend as we keep contacting each other until now. nice knowing you asma'!

now, about khairunnisa' she's not my new friend. actually, we had known each other since we were form one. i still remember me, khairunn and nadhirah (my schoolmate) were bestfriends at that time. when the first time i saw her face during our first activity which was icebreking, i was was startled. i thougt i had met this girl before. to make sure that i've known her, so, i wrote to her,'khairunn, igt kite lg x wan hazimah, kwn nadhirah?' khairunn replied,'igt! cane awk blh ada kat sini plak?' we together smiled to each other. with Allah's blessing, alhadulillah we met again after 4 years seperated, at this unforgettable programme. alhamdulillah. and so, we talked to each other about our conditions now, of course about our results too, and alhamdulillah, she had successed in her spm. congrats her! she also asking me about nadhirah as i knew that khairunn really missed nahdirah so much! insya-Allah, next time, they would meet again!

oh, i can't wait to tell you guys about this 'bidadari'. hehe... her full name is durratun nasuha binti mohamad. she was graduated from MATERI school which is a boarding school. what i want to write about her, huh? if you can see, she has a very cute face that can be symbolized her true characteristics. during the first day i had into this programme, she's the third person who greet me (if i'm not mistaken). she asked me gently, "ni siapa nama??" can you imagine how gentle she was! subhanallah.. when i looked at her face, i feeled so peaceful. and i thougt and i was very sure that she was the one i've been looking for. the one that can be my true BESTFRIEN! alhamdulillah... Allah maha mengetahui. i was so glad at that time. but, there were a problem. everytime i was getting close to her, there must be someone else who wanted to sit beside her, this was because, nasuha was very kind to everyone. and everyone were also liked to be her friends. but, what can i do.. just tawakkal 'alallah.. insya-Allah, there must be another chance to to get closer to her. you know what, every time i saw her face, i can see muslimah in herself. once i asked her about 'tudung labuh'. i asked,"nasuha, awk mmg jns yg pakai tudung labuh je eh?" she replied,"a'ah. hazimah bile plak?" "hmm... kite dulu penah, tp x lm sbb x selesa. tp, kite pakai tudung segi yg labuh". and then she said,"oh.. xpe2. kite pakailah apa2 pun, kite sume sama je, insya-Allah.." i felt touched when she said like that. do not surprise if i say that i always thinking about her. and every second i remember her, i was started wearing a tudung labuh. alhamdulillah, nasuha had changed me alot. syukran kathiran, sue!! and i hope Allah will bring us together. insya-Allah... really miss her!

oh!!! masya-Allah!! i forgot about this cute couple. hehe.. ijmal and ijlal.. hmm... what can i tell you about these cute girls?. insya-Allah, they were twins, of course you knoe that! haha.. ijlal was a little bit quiet than her sister, ijmal. actually, ijlal is older sister. sory, but actually, i don't know much about ijlal because i get so closed with ijmal. ijmal was also like my other friends, friendly and funny. she was such a nice friend to talk to. we can share so many things that e know with her. i guarantee it. hehe.. but, even though, both of them were very nice and 'sporting'. but ijlal was a shy girl, a little bit different from her twin. but, i was so excited knowing them as they were very interesting and always tried to make me smile always... alhamdulillah...

insya-Allah... that's all!!!
i hope we all will meet again!!!!
uhibbukunna fillah!!!!

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