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Monday, 29 December 2008

All The Best!!!


Kak Wani,
Well, she was really a nice ‘sister’ of mine.
She was in the same batch with me but
She was one year older than me. That was why we call her, KAK WANI.

Kak Wani,
There were too many memories we built together.
During the first semester,
We were in the same classes for all subjects.
English and also FIM.
But now, she aren’t with us anymore.

Kak Wani,
Such a nice, friendly and sisterly type of person.
We were happy every time she was by our side.
Clever, hardworking and love to study,
Are her strengths.
For beloved family,
She had to sacrifice her ‘future’ for a while.

Kak Wani,
Now, she’s become an independent woman again.
Looking for money to help her family,
Who are in need.
She’s not selfish or though, doesn’t have time to think about herself.
Her FAMILY, is the only TREASURE she has left,
The only PEARL given by Allah in her life.
It’s apart of responsible to care about them.

Kak Wani,
Working very hard to earn some money,
To be given to the beloved family.
May Allah bless this person.

All the best, KAK WANI!
Miss you…

*barulah ada kesempatan nk tulis psl kak wani.
*semoga kak wani dibekati Allah, dunia akhirat.
*sayang akak!


anwar said...

untungnya ada adik yg sayang kita.. emm..

ana cemburu

ikrami said...

apa yg nk cemburunya, as long as still got a family, x cukup lg ke?


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