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Monday, 17 May 2010

From the Inside (special on Teacher's Day)


Yesterday is a special day,

A special day for people like us,

People like us who love to be wished,
Love to be wished by our precious ones.

Our precious ones keep wishing us,

Keep wishing us a wish that brought us a smile,
Brought us a smile-it still continues,

It still continues until we satisfy.
Until we satisfy, sounds impossible to me,
Sounds impossible to me coz I didn't receive any,
I didn't receive any from any of my precious ones,
My precious ones perhaps they forgot,

Perhaps they forgot that I'm too their tutor,

I'm too their tutor sounds annoying to me,
Sounds annoying to me-yes it is,
Yes it is, I'm just temporary,

I'm just temporary, not gonna stay long,

I'm not gonna stay long, I'll leave,
I'll leave-they'll be glad,

They'll be glad coz nobody is gonna scold them or nag them,

Scold or nag them-the way I educate people,


I educate people with full of patience,

Full of patience, I've tried hard,

I've tried hard but they still couldn't accept,
They still couldn't accept the way I am,

The way I am isn't like anyone else,

Like anyone else-so impossible for me to become,
Impossible for me to become someone they adore,
Someone they adore I could see,

I could see the beauty of the face attract them most,
Attract them most-something I'm hardly to give,
I'm hardly to give something I don't own,
I don't own beauty nor intelligence,

Beauty nor intelligence just aren't my specialties,
My specialties something that people could hardly see,
People could hardly see just with a first sight,
With a first sight they only feel disappointed,

Feel disappointed just like I do,
Yes I do feel a deep pain inside my heart,

Inside my heart it's like been tore out,
Been tore out by a very sharp knife,

Very sharp knife, until it hurts myself,

It hurts myself when I see my other friends' smiles,
My other friends' smiles for receiving gifts from their precious,
Gifts from their precious've given them a grin,
A grin-so obvious sketched on their faces,

Their faces shine thousands of starlight,

Thousands of starlight-thousands of glee,
Thousands of glee I could feel when reading their faces,
Reading their faces just like reading a page of a book,
A page of a book-they are written many secrets,

Written many secrets-secrets of their happiness,

Secrets of their happiness, how about me?
How about me, how do I feel-nobody cares,

Nobody cares for someone like me,
Someone like me who has nothing-nothing to be proud of,
Nothing to be proud of, so why I'm still here?


Why I'm still here, that's a question,

A question that needs an answer,

An answer which'll only be given by the end of the day,
The end of the day-the day I'll leave,

The day I'll leave all my precious,
Leaving all my precious, so let them choose their own path,

Let them choose their own path-my last objective,

My last objective-seeing their succeed,
Seeing their succeed-my last aim here,

My last aim here to see they become someone I can proud of,
Someone I can proud of, it's not impossible,
It's not impossible coz I trust them,

I trust them with all my heart,
With all my heart I'm hoping nothing in return,

Nothing in return-yes, that's what you called a teacher,


A teacher-like me-hoping nothing in return,

Nothing I want from my students,
Except to see them becoming successful people,
Seeing them to be accepted by the society,
Seeing the smile widely on the face in the day after,
In the day after tomorrow,
I shall see all my students succeed in their life
And already in their own path,
And that's-to me is an invaluable gift I shall request

From all students who are put under my care,

During this Teacher's Day!

p/s: I love all my students, especially students from my class, 3 As-Suyuthi. May Allah bless you all:)

With love,
Qamar Purnama


Nisa said...

Saya sayang teacher jugakk :)

ulinnuha said...

cikgu ana pun sayang cikgu gakk!

Nurul Najwa said...

Cikgu.. thanks a lot sbb mgjr ana.. rindu nak g jln2 ngan cgu.. nk kongsi2 ngan cgu.. nk sume2 la.. love u..
Cgu dh mkn coklat yang ana bg?? sdp ak?? ana wat sndiri tau!!
lg 1 jgn lupe taruk gmbr waktu teacher's day kat fb cgu tau!! jgn lupe approve ana (cahaya bisikan) tau!!


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