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Wednesday, 1 September 2010



The most respected month
Among other months in Islam
It is the month of ibadah
The month of rewards
The month of rahmah.

During the month of Ramadhan,
All the gates of naar are closed
All the gates of jannah are wide opened
Just for us, my dear Muslim friends
And the satan is being tied
No more evil force would influence to do the bads
Thus, be happy everyone.

In Ramadhan,
People compete with each other
In their worship
To gain mardhatillah
Performing saum
Performing solah
Comitting sadaqah
Helping others
Many good deeds committed by us
Just to get His bless.

In Ramadhan,
Enemies become friends
Friends become relatives
Relatives become family
And family are those who are very close to our heart.

In Ramadhan,
People obey all commands of Allah
And avoid all his prohibitions
Being kind to others just for the sake of Him
Is where our sustainance is multipled
The most special thing about Ramadhan
There is one night
A very special night
A night which is the best night compared to a thousand month
It's called - Lailatul Qadr

Why must you leave me?
I don't want to stop performing ibadah
Not just in Ramadhan, I know, but in other months too
Although our rewards are being doubled,
Ibadah is a must for us to stay close to Him.

I need Ramadhan,
Because it's a station
It's a motivational program, for me
To increase not the quantity
But the quality of my ibadah
Towards Him.

10 more days are left
And Ramadhan will depart
Saying goodbye to all its lovers.

Don't just sit without do something for it
Our last moments of Ramadhan are getting closer
I don't want it to leave me
I just want it to stay
With me forever
How about you?

p/s: Ramadhan, I'm gonna miss you.

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