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Saturday, 4 September 2010

When people ask me about love...


When people start asking me about love, I become blur. I really don't know how to respond to their questions. To be frank, I don't know anymore how to express myself about thing called "love."

What is love?

A very common question that is usually asked to teenagers like us.

Love. Consists of four letters. L.O.V.E and it's very easy to pronounce. If we ask people about love, sure they can answer it very well. Because many of them are experts in love things which is very contradict with myself. Although I also did experience love before myself, but I still cannot interpret the meaning of love itself. Because love is not as simple as its spelling and pronunciation. Love is very complicated and its very hard to be put into words. Love is too broad and maybe only those who had experienced the "true love" in their lives might help me explain what love is all about.

Love... love... love....

Who doesn't want to be loved? I 'm sure not some but all of us want to be loved by someone that we love. If you disagree with me, it is either you are alien who came from other galaxy or you are a liar? Which one is true? Hopefully neither one. Just kidding.

Like I said previously, love can be broad in terms of its definition itself. But here, in today's issue, when we hear the term love, what does come across our mind? What exactly love here that I'm referring to? Yes, love between male and female.

Honestly, have you experienced love before?

To be frank, I did.

Come one. It's not that bad to fall in love with someone. If we think from the positive side, we would learn so many things about life, through love. Yes, from my experience loving people for about 3 years long, I learned uncountable things about life in this world. Thanks to all my "heart breakers" anyway for breaking my heart. If you didn't do so, I wouldn't be able to know my True Love much closer and I would say, perhaps if we hadn't met before, I might not realize the real reason of why I have been brought to this world.

So, what am I trying to say here is that don't ever feel regret for loving someone before. Yes, of course we must regret for the sin that we had committed but we should know that Allah loves those who commit sins but afterward he or she ask for His forgiveness. So, don't you think that Allah also create sins for a good reason?

My question here is, does falling in love with someone (someone who is none mahram to us) is considered as sinful too?

That's why, when people keep asking me about this thing, I don't really have a specific answer. However, I do have my own opinions about it. If people still asking me the same question whenever they meet me, I would come out with two answers. One, Islam is very kamil. It's very complete. Everything has been explained by Allah in His holy book, al-Quran. It's our job to open the book and look for it. Two, it depends on oneself. As for me, I have my own principle when it comes to "love" and I'm still holding to that principle wherever I go. What is my principle? D o you want to know?

My principle is very simple. Everything is clear in the Quran and Hadith. So, obviously both are our sources of knowledge. I just follow what had been taught by Allah and His messenger in those sources and practice it in my daily lives. Coz I know anything that has been stated by Allah is for my own good. Don't you feel what I feel?

My brothers and sisters,

Allah is very caring to all His servants, including us. So, we don't doubt Him instead we must trust Him. Everything He did is for our own good. So, just follow His path then we won't lost.

More stories about love? Just wait for the next entries.

There are lots of thing I wanna to share with you about love. And for the next entry, and onward, I will share with you a story of my friend which had experienced love with males. I already got her permission and alhamdulillah, she approved in the hope that her story will give lessons for all teenagers who are dealing with the "cinta monyet."

Til next time.


Anonymous said...

zimah, awak tak jawab pun soalan ni....

"does falling in love with someone (someone who is none mahram to us) is considered as sinful too?"

Anonymous said...

L.O.V.E again?
cigku saya ni falling love ke?? jk..hahaha..nice post teacher..luv you.. dont 4get us, ya! ~boodark 3as-suyuthi~

wan hazimah said...

anonymous 1:

perlu ke untuk jawab soalan itu di sini? saya kira mungkin anda sendiri sudah mengetahui jawapannya, kan?

anonymous 2:

heii... sapalah anak murid cg yg bertuah ni. komen post cg x ltk nama. pastu ckp boodark 3 suyuthi plak. hahaha.... papepun, thanx ya. cg pon syg n rindu korg sgt2!


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