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Saturday, 22 January 2011



I am such a forgetful person.

This is one attitude that I hate the most. So, my friends and whoever wish to become one have to be patient with my forgetfulness. I never intended to have this character inside me, but it just exists!

I have never wanted this attitude to grow in me but as a Muslim, I believe that Allah created things for reasons and the reasons could be something that we know or we don't know.

Perhaps I would say forgetfulness is somethings which is very unique. Only those who are selected will have this trade to become a part of their personalities.

To make life more interesting, I have a simple short story that I want to share with you guys.
For your information, this is a true story that happenned to me during my Mass Communication
mid-term examination this morning.

The story begins like this.
I went to the banquet hall in CAC because my exam would be held there. I was from home and that
means I didn't bring my pencil case along with my conformation slip with me. I needed that slip
because I forgot which section I am from. But, what could I do? Yesterday I went back with Kak Long
and because that time she was rushing home, we didn't have the opportunity to go to my mahallah
and take the slip. So, we just went back with the feeling of anxiety conquering myself. I wondered
what would happen during the exam time if I forgot to bring along my slip.

There you go.
As we were instructed by the lecturers to enter the hall, suddenly something crossed my mind! Ya Allah! I forgot which section I am supposed to be?!" I was so panicked . Then, I started to look
for my classmate, Anis and Na. Unfortunately, I dind't see their faces as I walked along the side. So,
I told Siti about my anxiety for not knowing whic section I was supposed to be.

The time has come.
I made my pace toward the entrance of the hall and there was one female lecturer asked me the same question. "What is your section?" (in bahasa) Then again, she asked me the same thing, because
she saw I just kept silent when she asked. "Awak section berapa???!!!" The second time she asked me
with a very high tone of voice. I noticed that all student who were sitting at the front, their eyes were sticked
on me. Maybe they were also stunted by her high-tone voice. She scold me for forgetting my section.
Frankly to say, if I could, I would cry during that moment, to make her feel guilty for yelling at me
in front of the public. Ya Allah, I was so embarrassed! I didn't know where to put my face!

p/s: Don't be like me. Train yourself not to become a forgetful person.

I want to continue crying now. Bye.


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sweetpotato said...

ala...sian nye zimah
:) -fiqahjohari-


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