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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Something to blog about

Life as a university student sure isn't as 'cool' as many people could have imagined.

I still remember. Back to my secondary school, I always said to my friends that I couldn't wait to get into the university because I thought becoming a university student is something fun and enjoyable, just because I thought that it's wonderful to live as an adult. Most probably, I thought by becoming a university student is one way I could change my lifestyle. Unfortunately, I was totally wrong.

To be frank, sometimes I do enjoy my life as a university student. Living inside the campus; in a comfortable hostel, studying with friends in an aired-conditioner classroom, consulting with my lecturers when I have problems with my studies, making up a group discussion my classmates for presentations and assignments, are absolutely things that I enjoy doing them in my university. However, things does not remain the same as the semesters pass.

I don't wanna say that my life is burden with so many work loads. Hey, I'm a university student, anyway. Like my lecturers always remind us about this, that "this is simply a university life all about" and "this is all what a university students like you should do." Things like that. I will always remember that.

But, my life here in UIA seems to be more complicated. What do I mean by "more complicated?"

Well, unlike anyone else, I don't feel like my reputation as a BENL student is getting better and better. I think it's going worse and worse. Without I realizing it, my English speaking is not as fluent as my other BENL friends. My English fluency is going down day by day. That's why I've been blogging in English language, because I thought maybe this is the least way for me to improve my English (writing, to be more specific).

But I guess, no one would want to read my blog, anyway. Coz it's pretty boring and storyless. Well, I apologise for my rudeness for being pessimist abput my readers, but that's how I feel. This is why I rarely update my blog, coz I certainly know that nobody would be interested to know the latest stories that I want to share in here.

Ok, what I'm talking about now? Don't you think that it's going out of context? Actually I want to talk about my hectic life in campus, but..... see? I'm also confused about myself now. Poor Zimah.

Maybe I should stop here. Just forget about everything that I mumbled about just now. Maybe it's because of the migraine, that has made me go mad. Lol.

Just want to fill my blog with new stories.




JoJo said...

zimah, u r totally wrong. i do read ur entries and visits ur blog. its okay, like me, i dun care whether people read it or not coz the blog is totally mine, so of course most of it would be my stories.

be optimistic okay!!

nursabirah azhari said...

saya baca je blog kamu ni :D

masturah said...

i always follow ur blog my dear~~ maybe u do not realize about it...
always be positive my dear...=)

Hostels said...

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