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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New semester began: things to be shared


Long time no write, right? Actually, there are so many things I want to update here. But... (okay, Zimah is trying to give excuses again. As usual. Yikes!) you know, this semester is going to be a very hectic semester compared to the previous ones. Why? Because I will be bombarded with so many duties and works. This include my studies as well as my co-curricular involvement. Yup, I'm now turning to be a busy woman after this. 

However, I try my best to keep myself updated here as frequent as possible. I really love this blog and I'm not gonna let it bersesawang (is there any such word? haha.). I believe that many things will be happening throughout semester. Insya-Allah, I won't be hesitate to share it with all my loyal readers.

So, to all my IIUM friends and acquaintances. How was your new semester so far? Was it good or not good? How is your study progress? What about your lecturers? Are they all interesting? I bet mine are much more interesting than yours or should I say they are totally outstanding! Why did I say so? Because whenever I enter the class, all my lecturers become enthusiastic before they start their lectures. And this makes me in zest whenever I sit in their classes. But, the lecturers which I think are the most awesome ones are Mr. Mohd Noh Abd Jalil (Methods of Da'wah) and Mdm. Nury Maryam (Communication). 

Speaking of them, they taught me many new things. They taught me to be brave in sharing my thoughts and ideas in our discussions as Mdm. Nury expected us to participate in her class and all of us need to be attentive in the sense that we have to communicate with her or in other words we must try our best to response to every of her questions and explanations. Meanwhile, as for my Methods of Da'wah lecturer, he also asked us the to be aware all things that happen around us. Suddenly I remember my previous lecturer said that as Muslims, we should be aware of every single things that is happening around us. Even how small the thing is, as long as it is related to our beloved religion, then we should take note of it. A good Muslim must keep himself/herself with new issues, especially issues regarding our Muslim brothers in various Islamic countries, like Syria, Palestine, Egypt and so forth.

Hopefully, this is not only going to be a sweet reminder for you, but also for myself. Insya-Allah.

Now, I'm moving on speak about my club. Quranic Youth Club or in short, we used to call it as QYC. QYC is a very unique club compared to other clubs or societies in IIUM. Why? Because all of its programmes focus on training Muslims how to implement the Quranic values in their every deed. Truthfully, I'm very much proud of being QYCian. Other than bringing the Quranic values in every member of QYC, QYC also help us to create a close relationship or a close bond with all our brothers and sisters in Islam, specifically IIUM students.

Tell me, is there any club does such of thing? Trust me, none! But, we cannot deny that there are several clubs in IIUM which promote the Islamic teachings but they are all not as outstanding as what had been underlined as vision and mission of QYC. But I believe that every club has its own specialty. Although ther are not quite good in some respects, then they may be good in others.

Ah-ha! Speaking about QYC Mass Gathering, do you know that we held it this evening? The venue was at  the HSC LT 1. Honestly speaking, many things occurred unexpectedly like problems faced by prep and tech committees. Poor them. I know they had tried their best doing their job in prep and tech but what can we do? I believe that there must be a reason behind it. Maybe Allah was trying to teach us on something that we might not know what it is. However, ahamdulillah, we could face the consequences whole-heartedly and were able to solve the problems we were dealing with with patience and professional. Because we believe that Allah is always by our sides and He will always help us in every good deeds we commit.

Oh no! It's time already! Time for me to rest myself. Insy-Allah, I'll update again soon about my life progress. Before I end, let's watch this video, which I had made specially to be presented in front of all members of QYC, either seniors or juniors.

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