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Friday, 27 July 2012

Christian takes down in tears after an answer by Sheikh Yusuf Estes

My friends, you have to watch this. Islam is so beautiful and Allah is the Greatest and the Most Merciful. By watching this video, I'm sure you'll love Islam more and you'll be more appreciative of being born a Muslim and remain a Muslim until today and forever, in sha Allah. 


Frankly to say, I cried the moment Sheikh Yusuf Estes hugged a Christian man, named Gabriel.
That's definitely a symbol of brotherhood in Islam for in Islam, there's never a discrimination 
in terms of races and colors.
All humans are the same in the eyes of Allah. And what touched my heart even more was that 
when witnessing Gabriel and our four other newly-converted sisters uttered the syahadatain.
Listening to their voice confessing the syahadatain, 
it made me cried more hardly.


Hidayah or guidance is His and only His.
He's the one who can touch people's heart to embrace Islam but our duty is 
to introduce Allah to them and bring them closer to Him.

Subhanallah... walhamdulillah... walaailahaillallah wallahuakbar!

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