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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Puzzle 38: Love


(This simple poem is written by myself. It may seem nothing to some people but it'll be meaningful for those who appreciate every single thing spoken by the heart. Before I explain further what love is, according to my own opinion which is based on my own experiences, all the words compiled in the poem below is actually to be digested by a peaceful mind like yours. So, enjoy reading it and struggle for a deep understanding.)

                                                                                                                                                              The poem

I may still too raw
To talk about love

I may still too child
To understand what love is

Love that I know
Is something given from the Above
I believe

What do I know about love
Until one day
I met

The God who created me
The One who gave me

Knowing Him
Means knowing love
This may sound empty
This is what have been vibrated
Inside it;
My heart
Until the present

What do I do
Without love
Without it
I'd be lost
Find the way out
From the darkness; no more

Without love
I'd be

Only He knows
How love means so much
To me


Yet people whom are in love
Will be so much delighted
For love
Cheer them up
And love
Is everything
To those who appreciate it
As a feeling
Special, by God

(I shall write another poem about how I describe love. It's gonna be a very brief and simple poem, don't worry but it'll be full of mystery. Lol. I'll put it in the next post. In sha Allah. Later, I'll try to explain to you or to help you interpret the reason or meaning behind the writing of the two poems. Just hang on!)

p.s..: I'm not a Love doctor nor a Love philosopher. I don't know how to view love according to the field I've been involved in. But I'm just a normal lady who has just met her 'love' wanting to share some of her thoughts about her experiences dealing with love, but of course not everything. There are thousands of them, but I'll just pick only a segment of them. So, see you in the next post ;)

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Just me.. said...

This is JUST G.R.E.A.T!! ^_^ Me LIKE!


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