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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Puzzle 39: On my birthday


've never thought that I would live
As a perfect human being
With perfect senses
A perfect body
Complete with an innocent soul

'm His creation
'm grateful

'm happy to be born
From my mother's womb
Struggling and striving
With full of spirit and never lose hope 
Letting me out of the darkness
To see all the beauties;
Beauty of the universe
Beauty of the world
Beauty of Islam

Yet there's one thing
If everyone's happy celebrating their birthday
every year
'm not so this year
There are reasons behind this sorrowness

This year
On my birthday
All my family are not here with me
Celebrating it

Happy birthday to me :)

Except my one and only companion: my mother
On my birthday
My Palestine brothers and sisters in Gaza
Are being attacked dreadfully
By the evil malicious Zionists
Almost everyday
'm being given the pictures of their death
Covered with blood, from the head until toe
As my birthday presents
On my birthday
I witnessed people receiving free burger 
From McDonald; the main contributor of the Zionists
On my birthday
I see horrible things
War, blood, enmity, hatred
Every where!

'm delighted to have my mother and my 'sisters'
Making a birthday surprise for me last night
Receiving birthday wishes from others in one single day
've cheered me up
I shall never forget my Muslim brothers and sisters
In Gaza, Syria, Rohingya and every where else
Coz they're always in my heart

On my birthday
Many Muslims are being attacked, killed, tortured
By the dirty hands and souls
I shall never forget what had happened to them
Allah will repay for every single deed of the Zionists
And those who cooperated with them
And I'll make endless dua
May Allah protect their body, soul as well as aqidah

In sha Allah
My birthday:
It is a remembrance


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