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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A short note


I know this is a bit late but to me it's not too late. Because it's just two days away after my birthday.Nothing much to update here actually but there are a few words I would like to share witn you.

But before I come to my birthday things, there's something else I would like to take note here.

Let me begin with my Ling Lit mid-term result. It was suck! I got low marks again for my literature subject. Aiyyoo! I do love literature but I couldn't even score the exam. Although it was just a mid-term test but still it contributes a lot to our final exam later. I feel so dissapointed with myself I think I can hardly express it here. Let just He knows how bad I'm feeling right now. I never thought that I would get that marks but I expected that I would get lower than I targetted. Just imagine... 9/20! What is that? If there's no presentation at all, I'm sure I won't pass the course. Seriously! That's why Dr. Nora told us in class, "Never mind. I don't expect you to write the way I analysed the piece myself but at least I want you to identify and explain what about the things that you found in the text. Why did the writer write the sentence that way... this and that... and don't foreget that you still got one more presentation to work for and you can get earn more marks from it. I'm very sure of it." (Well, she didn't actually say it this way. I just paraphrased it.) After class, I got out from class a bit late than others. As I was packing my stuffs, Dr. Nora called me by my name, as she always does. "Hazimah..." I looked at her with a puppy-eyes face. No words were coming out. Feeling embarrased a of getting low marks for my test, I just give her a small upset grin. I know she was upset with me too but all she said, "Don't worry. You'll be okay. Just do your best for your presentation. Don't let your result demotivate you to struggle more next time. However, 9/20 is not that bad..." Not that bad??? I admit that I did get lower than that before for my other mid-terms but still I'm not satidfied with it. But I just accepted everything she said to me yesterday. We had a small chat before leaving the class. I asked her about her health, about her right eye and she never forget to cheer me up whenever I feel lost in the course. I really hope that I'll improve through my presentation soon. I just want to give my best shot on that day! May Allah bless me and may Dr. Nora never gives up support me to succeed!

Secondly, it's about my birthday. I would like to thank a few people: those people who wished me "Happy Birthday" and I also thank your du'a too, to my sista in Cairo for calling me at a very late hour just to have a 'birthday' chat with me (there were lots of things we discussed about my future... ehem2...), to my mother for giving birth to me, if it wasn't because of her I won't have my birthday just like anybody else, to my usrahmates and  at the same time who are also my companions in QYC board of management, thank you for the surprise that you guys made for me (I never expected they would made such a surprise. I thought they wanted to prank me, butthey didn't. How upset :P) and of course not to forget to all my Muslim brothers, sisters and kids in Gaza who never give up fighting the Israelis defending Islam and AL-Aqsa. I thank you for their struggle and their patience but I just want they know that they're always in my heart and my du'a. One good news for Palestinians, alhamdulillah... finally I've started boycotting some of the Israeilis' products and I'm still struggling to boycott others and continue donate for them. (Previously, I fought against myself to boycott Israelis' products. I questionned so many things about this campaing. But now I found no reason for not to boycott their things. Alhamdulillah... Allah has guided me to the right path...)

That's all.

Pretty boring, isn't it? Yet I have something to write and I pray to Him may I never stop writing out my thoughts so that together we take the ibrah from everything I've experienced in this life.

See you.

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