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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Today's lectures


CCT Club

This morning, we had our second class for Introduction to Creative and Critical Thinking course (CCT) which is handled by Madame Adibah, the scariest but the most brilliant lecturer in this field. During her first lecture, which was held yesterday, she ordered us to prepare our first presentation and praise be to Allah this first presentation not done individually instead in a group. In a group of four (me, Siti, Rin, and Nisah), we were asked to create a logo specially for CCT Club. We were not sure whether madame would take marks for our presentation or else she just wanted to see our ability to speak in front of the class. Alhamdulillah, everything seemed to follow the original plan at the night before the presentation. Of course, without His help, perhaps I might stand speechless in front of my classmates and madame because of too much nervousness.

The most surprised thing I had ever faced today was we were the fourth group to present our logo for this club. Who picked our group to present? Just guess. I'm not gonna promote the person's name here. No matter. That's not a big deal at all! What ever it is, it was a big relief to know that we had just finished our presentation earlier (I think so) before the scary feelings continued to conquer us. Even though God knew we could not answer several weird questions from Madame Adibah, but at least He knew how much we tried our very best answering those tricky questions. We hope, madame would accept our simple but full-of-effort presentation. In sha'a Allah.


A short brief about HS course

Now, let me share with you what we had learnt during our Introduction to Human Science (HS) subject.

Well, as always, something will not be perfect without an introduction to it. The same goes to this subject too. Unlike Madame Adibah, our HS lecturer, Madame Zariani, explained to us some of the important points we should know to study this course. First, she told us what was Human Science stands for. She said, "Human Science is a study of human being. Human Science and Social Science carry the same meanings even there are presented in different names." Then, she expanded her lectures by telling us the five important fields which would be studied by all HS students. The fields consist of Psychology (this is my favourite course!), Sociology and Anthropology, History and Civilisation, Communication, and last but not least Political Science.

After that, she briefed a bit about Sociology. According to her, Sociology wasn't taken from English words. Socio is derived from a Latin word socius which means about society, human beings and Logy was taken from a Greek word logos meaning the study of. So, overall what I understood from her lecture was Sociology is referring to the study of human behaviour or society, everything about human beings. If one wants to study about animal kingdom, he should take Anthropology instead of Sociology, because Sociology is specifically studying about humans only.

Okay. The last subtopic she taught us was about Social Interactions. It can be divided into two parts, Micro level of interaction and Macro level of interaction. Micro means small and from what I understood micro is the interactions among people which won't affect others, however, macro means large and this means thae interactions take place will affect others (the surroundings). Before I forgot, madame Zar also lectured about what is the meaning of Revolution and Evolution. Sorry to say but for this part, I totally forgot what do they mean. Hehehehe...

Before madame Zar ended our HS lesson, she asked us one of my favourite questions regarding the topic of 'friends.'

She asked, "Do you have a friend which you be friends with for no reason?" To be honest, when madame said, "you can answer this question if you got the answer but if you dont' just remain unanswer." And my heart chose to answer the question but my mouth didn't have the strength to do so. So, I just remain silent and sit still on my seat (next to Nisah) but deep inside of my heart there was the present of dissapointness. Never mind. Maybe it might be better if it just remain secret. Just between me and my Lord. Nobody knows. Just the two of us.

Can't wait fr tomorrow lectures!!!

To mak, ayah and the rest of the family, I really really miss you all!!!
May Allah bless us all!!!

Good night!


fathiyyah said...

tadi i baru lepas exam psiko..huhu

wan hazimah said...


yeke? alahaii... mesti senang kan? hehehe...

nannychomel said...

Lookiing forward to this FRIDAY...Yahooooo....she's coming home ...:-)


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