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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Rehlah g13th


On 30 May 2009, our school batch, g13th, had successfully organised a reunion for all members of g13th. This programme was known as "Rehlah". This rehlah was held at Laman Bestari, Hulu Yam. I'm not gonna tell everything about it, but in sha'a
Allah, by posting some pictures of it, I'm pretty sure that many of you will enjoy viewing my blog.

In the bus

All of us...

Me and Djah

Nazmin and Sab

Asma' and Nazmin

Me and Hajar

Afi and Aimi

Sab and Atiqah

Fira and Arinah

At Laman Bestari, Hulu Yam

When we had arrived

Game 1: Ice breaking

The other games

After the games

Our faces after had being touched-up by flour

Me and Mawar

The three of us

Me and Chah

Me and Nadia

In the river

Me and Kak Fathy

The conclusion is, I LOVE g13th s
o much!!! May Allah bless us all! In sha'a Allah!!!


...Uhibbukum Fillah...

(ukhuwwah never dies)


afif said...

aik.. semua yg pergi perempuan ek?

wan hazimah said...


xdelah. pljr laki pon pergi jgk. tp, aktiviti kami asing. so, xdelah brgmbr dgn laki.

nursabirah azhari said...

hehe..best ye entry kali nie..thnx zima..

Nurazah said...

bestnyer gambar!! miss kakak2 all!! teringat mse usrah akak n kak farah nadia... em, sempat lah kite n fatmah rapat2 ngan akak kan~


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