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Tuesday, 20 April 2010



Different types of beauty one shall have....

beauty of the look,beauty of the dress,
beauty of the hair,
beauty of the body,
visible to their sight.

But, less people look at one type,the unseen kind,like a shadow walking in the dark room,
which's being ignored by its own master,
the beauty of the heart.

A form of beauty,
one shall possess.
Even not everyone could get it,
but still it's precious, yet too much valuable
to be treasured.

In today's world,
beauty of the heart's
no longer valued.
People don't see it nor feel it.
They don't even care.
What they care most
is the beauty of the cover, rather than the fill

Do they not realise,
beauty of the heart that one owns
is an analogous to a round dark mangosteen.
Ugly skin it has, doesn't attract the eater to open it at all,
but possesses a sparkling fresh sweet content inside,
attracts the eater to taste the fruit.

Beauty of the heart,
something that's hard to keep
something that's difficult to value
something that's tough to cherish
something that's tricky to tackle with.

Beauty of the heart,
why can't men easily detect it,
why can't men have it,
why can't men hold onto it.

why are you so passionate of being pretty?
why have you sacrificed your nature of becoming one?
what is it in beauty that pleases you?

why must you choose a pretty woman to be your queen?
why should you spend dollars to make her pretty?what's wrong with the uglys,
but those who retains the beauty of the heart?

nothing is more beautiful,
except for one who possesses the beauty of the heart.
No matter how unattractive your outer part might look,
no matter how many people overlooking at you,
as long as you own such a beautiful and wonderful heart,like the sunshine scattering throughout the daylight,
like the moonlight glowing in the night sky,
and as long as you could take care of it,
do notice that...

you are the most BEAUTIFUL person in this world!

A beautiful heart cannot be owned easily,and it's hardly to be found too.
it can be built with one's pure intention,
- to seek for mardhatillah...

Well, I believe that many of you realized that people nowadays are very picky in choosing their own life partner and from the poem I've just written above indicates that majority of them, especially men are looking for someone who's pretty, beautiful or should I say who is very good-looking and handsome. Let me ask you. How many so-called cute couples (whose the husband and wife are both handsome and pretty) in this world who are known to have a happy marriage? How many of them do you think have a long marriage throughout their lives? None! Read my lips, NONE! From what I know, many of those couples ended up their marriage with divorce and their reason is as simple as "we're not fated to be together." What is that? Don't you think it's such a lie? Actually, what I am trying to say here is that in order for us to find our own future soul mate, we're supposed not to be too concerned about the physical or the outer layer of the person, instead it'll be nice if the 'chosen one' is someone who has a beautiful heart as he/she is nice, sweet, understanding, generous or everything that could make him/her the most 'beautiful' person of all. Furthermore, what will you get if you are physically beautiful but spiritually you are not? Who'll take that kind of people to become their life partner and who would want to live with someone like that for the rest of his/her life? If you ask me, I have my own opinion. Until now, I've been held the English idiom/proverb saying that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." As long as you know which part of you is beautiful, you don't have to be so anxious when people are teasing at your unattractiveness. Because the most important thing that you should bear in mind is that, there'll be no other beauty in this world which is comparable with the "beauty of the heart." Also, please note that, all God's creations are beautiful actually, it's just that we are gifted with different kinds. So, please don't get upset if you feel you're not pretty enough to attract people, because it's the beauty of the heart that counts rather than the physical beauty.


With love,



kenwooi said...

love is wonderful =)

mizah-kholil said...

"In today's world,
beauty of the heart's
no longer valued."

soooo sad but true. :(

wan hazimah said...


yeah... it's wonderful.. but sometimes it could be hurtful....


u're right mizah. today, no one will value the beauty of someone's heart anymore. the thing which's more valuable to them is either the look and property one has.


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