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Sunday, 18 December 2011


Quranic Youth Club (QYC) new line-up for 2011/2012 session:

Main board

President              : Br. Umar
Vice President 1   : Br. Fikri Ahmad
Vice President 2   : Sr. Noraini Ahmad
Secretary 1           : Br. Afiqi
Secretary 2           : Sr. Huda
Treasurer             : Sr. Shairah

Management board (secretariat)

Ukhuwah and Welfare (WnU)
Head          : Br. Asyraf Syafiq
Assistant    : Sr. Nabilah Ali

Education and Development (EnD)
Head           : Br. Lukman
Assistant     : Sr. Nabilah (Abel)

Finance and Entrepreneur (FnE)
Head            : Br. Amirul Aizat
Assistant      : Sr. Hajar

Training and Leadership (TnL)
Head             : Br. Irfan
Assistant       : Sr. Nik Khatijah

Publication and Information (PnI)
Head              : Br. Ridhuan
Assistant        : Sr. Wan Hazimah 

Tahniah diucapkan kepada barisan kepimpinan baru QYC (2011/2012).
Semoga kita semua dapat bekerjasama dalam menjayakan usaha dakwah kepada ummah.

Semoga Allah memberkati kita semua.



p.s.: Maaf, entri ni agak lambat :P

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