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Sunday, 22 September 2013

"I don't want you but I need you"


"I don't want you but I need you."

It's a saying in which to most people is quite unusual.
Its'a saying which most people always tend to misinterpret.
It's a saying which is only uttered by a heart which has put too much faith in God's will.

It's a saying uttered by myself to someone.

Between "want" and "need," there's a slight difference.
Only those who truly appreciate the meaning of a "relationship" will comprehend its hidden message.

When I say, "I don't want you but I need you,"
what is the first thing that comes across your mind?
"Don't you love me?"
And I would say, "Of course I don't! I love only Allah. My God."
And you'll be sad. But I'm not finished yet.
"I may not want you because I have no love to offer but I need you to complete my other half and to make my love to my God even more complete."

You got it?
It's hard to understand and it's too hard to accept, isn't it?
Yup, because it's too abstract to be absorbed into a human's heart. 

But that's the truth.

If I say, "I want you aka I love you, you may leave. Sooner or later.
And that will hurt me and you yourself. Both of us will be in great pain."
But if I say, "I need you," both of us will make a lot of difference to our lives. We will work hard, we will struggle together to be the best servants of God, sincerely. Just for His sake. Plus, we will do our best in mostly everything, not to fulfill each other's requirements or desire but only to fulfill His.

If I say "I want you," you must be by my side for 24 hours. Never leaves me even a minute.
If I say "I want you," we must contact each other in every single day until our credits finish.
Is I say "I want you," you'll have to fulfill all my wishes without any excuses.


If I say "I need you," all I get from you is your trust, in me and in God.
If I say "I need you," all we have to do is less contact but there're still communications.
If I say "I need you," you don't have to do anything just to satisfy me but do many things that can satisfy Him.
If I say "I need you" rather than "I want you," that means I need you as you. Not as anybody else.
No pretense, no acting. No disguise. Just you. A good servant of God.

This is all I can explain about the meaning of "I don't want you but I need you."
And to be exact, I don't need a man, but I need a khalifah and to be honest I can see that in you.

To add, this is my answer to your question.
This is my reason.
And this is all I can offer.


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