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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Prepare for the worst


Sometimes things don't go as we plan.
Things like this happens to me every time. I plan something but something else happens.
No matter how much careful we are in planning things, none of our plans can defeat God's plans.
Indeed, God's plans are far much better and beautiful than ours til we cannot even imagine it coz it's beyond our knowledge.

Speaking about plans, it's closely related to the concept of 'redha' or accepting things with an open heart or accepting things as it is.
This is what I learn as long as I'm a Muslim.
This is what I've learned from my past experiences.
This is what He teaches me from all the grieves that I have been through.


It's a very beautiful word I've ever acquired.
It teaches us so many things about this life. 
It helps us realize the power of God in planning things for His servants aka crumbs (I learned this word from my friend. Credit to him)

Once, my naqibah told us.

"Nothing in this world belongs to us. Everything exists in this world belongs to Allah alone. So, if He wants to take it back from us, He may do so anytime and He's the right on everything He had created. Hence, we must let it go because it goes for good. That's why we cannot put our heart too much on anything we have now, here, because when Allah decides to take it back from us, we'll feel like dying. We'll feel like this life is so meaningless and hopeless. We'll feel like He's so cruel to us (naudhubillah). We must take everything given by Him in this world as barang amanah which is something that we need to take care of due to the reason that they came from Allah and Allah had put His trust on us to care for these barang amanah. In a way, it's a symbol of our obedience to His commands. It's a sign to show that we are willingly to do anything just to please Allah."

To add...

Other than taking care of things as our barang amanah, at the same time we must also prepare for their lost. We'll never know when they are returning to their Creator. Only He knows and of course, He'd never tell us about it. 

One of the things we hardly to let go is... love aka cinta.
This is what I had experienced before. 
All I can say here is that, the more we're feeling afraid of losing our loved ones, the faster Allah will take them back from us. With this, Allah is actually trying to tell us that He loves the person even more and nothing can defeat His love to us. 

No matter how much we love someone, we must remember that His love is even greater.

This is just the right or I could say the best way for Allah to test our faith in Him.
This is how Allah evaluates the concept of redha that we had planted in our heart.
And most importantly, this is how Allah sort of wants us to prove whose love is greater and more powerful.
Is it our love or His love.

Don't you think?

In whatever we do, we must always prepare for the worst. 
We can't be too confident that everything will happen as we wish. 
We can't expect that Allah would give us many things to our liking.
Trust me, such thing will never happen!

Didn't Allah remind us about this?
We knew yet we forgot.

In what ever things we do, we must first think of the bad consequences that we might face later.
So, that we can be more prepared.
Prepare to lose, prepare to cry and prepare to feel hurt.

But again, the pain will go away as time passes by because there's redha buried in our heart from the very beginning. 

With redha, we can easily accept whatever Allah had planned for us with an open heart.
Sentiasa berlapang dada.
That's how happiness is defined.

p.s. If we love too much on things in which we're not sure how long it will last, sooner or later they will leave us or Allah will take them back. So, always prepare for the worst. That's how we can proceed to the next level of life.


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