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Friday, 13 September 2013

Lalala... jalan-jalan ronda Putrajaya!


Alhamdulillah... yesterday had passed...
And today, I mean tonight is the right time for me to summarize everything about yesterday event. 
Where we had went to and what we did there, during our trip vacation.

So allow me... ehemm... ehemm...

I was in charge for Primary 2 trip to the three different attractions.
The places that we went for a visit were including Beryl's Cookies Factory, Putrajaya and the Museum of King Palace. Just before we departed, the children got so excited and overwhelmed to visit all these places. They just couldn't wait for the visits. 

Beryl's Cookies Factory is located far away from our school. It's in Seri Kembangan. I don't know to explain on how we can get there because I totally forgot the direction to go there. So, in case I want to go there again, I might be needing mak's Waze or maybe GPS or something. Lol. As we reached there, we got the chance to take some photos and looked around. We got to look at how the cookies and chocolates were being made, including the designing until the packaging. Everything! It was very awesome! Later, all of us spent some time to shop some cookies and chocolates at the souvenir shop outside of the factory. The children were so happy when it comes to shopping things! Many of them bought some to be taken home and to be given to their parents. However, there was only one boy who came to me and said, "Teacher, I didn't bring any money. I want to buy this cookies but my mother forgot to give me money." He looked so sad and he was about to cry when he was telling me that. So, I said, "It's alright. Which want would you like to buy? Let me just pay it for you. Consider it as my treat, okay?" Then, he could calm himself down.

Here's our picture at Beryl's Cookies Factory. Take a look.

Our next destination was Putrajaya Cruise! Seriously, this was the first time I had the chance to ride on a cruise. Before this, never! And to tell you, it was a very unforgettable moment I had ever had in my entire life! It was totally amazing! The best part is when we were allowed to go out side of the deck. Menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasalah sangatkan! It was really great! On the cruise, the captain brought us to some bridges in Putrajaya. Not bad at all! We got to see the bridges. Ada yang siap ada yang tak siap2. Tak paham apa fungsi jambatan yang tak siap2 tu dibuat. Hmm... but no big deal! As long as we could ride on the cruise, it's fine for me! Lol.

Here are some pictures for you to see.

Our last destination, was the Museum of King Palace! I really don't know how to describe our visit to this place but all I can say when the time we arrived there and entered the building was that, "I wish I would be the princess or even the queen of the nation! I wish I could taste all the luxuries inside this huge mansion!" The palace was super duper big and it got many rooms. But what stunted me the most was the king's and queen's bedroom. It was very wide. Complete with a set of furniture, including the home TV theater. Plus, they have their own cinema which is incredibly awesome! I want my own cinema too!! This is not fair! Lol. An my favorite compartment in the palace is the bathroom. Subhanallah.... it was very beautiful! Like Bonda said, "Aku ni kalau dah masuk, tak keluar dah ni. Terus tido dalam bathtub tu." Hehe. I might say the same thing. And another things is, the queen's own bilik solekan. I'm not sure what we call this in English. Is it make up room? Hmm... maybelah kot. Oh, the room just suits a make up lover like me. Why can't I have my own make up room at home? Hmmm.... boleh suggest dekat Nanny Zai ni. Hehe. 

To conclude, I love the palace! I hope one day I can visit the palce again with my future husband. Nak sama-sama berangan jadi raja dan permaisuri diraja bila jalan-jalan dalam istana dengan suami nanti. Pun boleh! 

That's all for now! Hope to visit such wonderful places again next time!


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