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"Do what you love and you'll be good at it. Sounds simple enough. But what if you love reading comics, playing video games and watching korean dramas until your eyes pop out? Is it possible to make a career out of such things? What's the alternative? Spend all your time wishing you were brave enough to take that leap? Don't let fear stop you from doing what you love. Because ultimately, it's about being true to yourself."


Saturday, 14 December 2013



hye there! long time no updates. sorry again for making you wait but 
again i  know exactly that there's not so many people actually drop by and read my blog, 
except for one person. that's why i just left my blog unupdated for so long.

my bad. i know.

and now, i'm back again..... so no worries.
i'm gonna share with you a beautiful story inspired by a video which i found very interesting on youtube
and i would like to recommend to you to watch the video too.

you can just click on the video i posted below.

first, let me ask you a few questions, which are to me can be too tricky yet you'll be able to answer them only if you know yourself better.

okay. here you go.

have you ever had a dream?
have you ever thought of ways in making your dream comes true?

the next section of the questions will be,

have you ever thought of drawing your own story?
how are you gonna tell the whole world about the beautiful life story you had ever invented in your life?

tricky, aren't they?

i'm sure you haven't prepared yourself much on how to answer these questions satisfactorily.
but, if you already have the answers now, just keep it to yourself 
and we'll save them for some other times. we're gonna talk to each other about them later.
i promise.

because now, it's time for me to draw my story here.
i may not be a very good sketcher or artist like Michelle is 
and i may not be a good storyteller to tell about my life story but at least now,
i'm giving you some ideas about what my dreams were when i was still a little kid and how did i 
manage to fulfill those dreams.

okay. i'm taking a deep breath now before i can actually continue my writing.
bear with me babes because this is going to be quite long and boring.

inspired by Michelle's video that i just posted above, my childhood story goes like this........

once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very timid, shy and quiet. well, she can be considered as
a very anti-social kid who didn't get along well with all her friends at school.
and that girl was me.
because i was too shy to speak to other beings at school, i only had one or two friends who 
were very close to me and knew my characters very well. i felt comfortable being in their circle.
whenever i was with them, i felt belonged.
so, we started became best friends from that moment.
i always thought that no one could ever accept me to be a life-long friend except for these people whom i thought were wonderful. beginning from that, i always believed that God had sent them down from the heaven just to be my companions. i was glad that i was no longer alone.

days passed by... 

one day, i pondered upon something. 

"i'm always treated like a Cinderella. every time, after coming back from school, granny always asked me to sweep the floor, help her folding the mountain of clothes and washing the dishes in the sink. she never asked my other siblings to do so."

from then, my mother bought me a collection of Disney princesses movies and one of them was Cinderella and at that time, Cinderella was my favorite. i always adored how the movie portrayed the life of Cinderella because i could see my reflection in her. how amazing. you know, little kids. they just love to imagine things and i just couldn't escape myself from that.

so, i kept imagining myself being each Disney princess until at one point of time, i daydreamed,
"i wish i could be the prettiest princess just like them." i said it so sadly. "but i'm not so beautiful to wear those wonderful gowns and no one is attracted to me. i have nothing! i have nothing to be proud of." i cried.

hmmm..... this was the saddest part of my life when i was not really confident about myself
and i thought that i had nothing to make the boys attracted to me and this feeling kept on haunting me
until i reached my secondary level.

i still remember, when i was 15, i used to admire one boy from the next class. he was actually a new student. i had to admit that he was so good-looking like the prince charming that i had ever waited for. i felt calm and pleased whenever i looked at his face. starting from the day i knew about this guy, i began to do the most stupidest thing that no one could ever think that a shy girl like me had time to do it. i stalked him! i stalked about his seat in his class, i stalked about which hand did he wear his watch, i stalked about what t-shirt he would wear in every PE class, i stalked about who were his new friends in our school, i stalked about mostly everything relating to him. crazy i was, wasn't i? but, sadly to say, he never looked at me or should i say never noticed my existence in school. to shorten my story, later, i found out that he was actually in love with my friend from the other class and they both were in a romantic relationship. i was about to cry when i discovered about this from that girl. but i didn't cry long. so, when he left, i decided to forget everything about him and moved on to the next chapter of my life.

i never imagined that my life actually changed 180 degrees after i met somebody and got to him the next year. he was also a new student in our school at that time. and everything started when we were at the end of our secondary 4.

at first, i thought that he was a nice guy to be friend with but he is actually the worst guy i had ever known in my life and surprisingly, i hate him until now. see, how much 'love' can actually overpower us until we can make the person whom we used to be in love with, our enemy!

i did a mistake when i decided to be so-called someone special in his life when he approached me. to sum up, our relationship didn't last long. it only remained for about three days. the last day of us being 'lovers' (yuucckkkkk!!!), i asked him the reason why he broke up with me and the stupidest answer i got from him was, "because you're not attractive enough. you're so shabby (selekeh). why don't you try to improve yourself by wearing proper attires and beautiful make-ups so that guys can easily be attracted to you?" in my heart, i babbled, "who are you to teach me about beauty?????!!!" i was so angry at that time til i wanted to punch him on his face but thankfully i didn't do such a thing. God still granted me the gift of patience dealing with this kind of people. so again, i stopped there and just moved on to the next level.

however, to be honest, i did cry a lot because of him. he truly hurt my feelings. he was the first guy who made me think that all guys in the world are bad and never put my trust on them. starting from the day he broke my heart, i didn't fall in love with any guys for so long. i just disbelieved them and i thought that they were the worst creatures that i thought God had ever created in this earth. see, how broken my heart was?

i cried and cried and cried so badly after being left by him until my mom could do nothing to make me stop crying. when i cried, no one can ever calm me down and wipe my tears away except for one person, "my superhero." my superhero is a female superhero. she's so wonderful and always there for me whenever i look into the mirror. she would always smile at me and entertain me whenever i'm feeling sad about something and for your information, this superhero of mine is actually my own reflection. me. myself.


my superhero had saved my life. she helped me how to improve myself in becoming a better person. she taught me many things about beauty and how to look beautiful in the eyes of others. for all this while, i had been hiding myself behind 'a mask' but now i know that "behind a mask is a beautiful person and behind a beautiful person is a beautiful heart" (quoted). in short, if we have a beautiful heart, then we tend to look beautiful to others. see, how inner beauty can actually affect the outer beauty? when i was in my final year in UIA, i started to learn a few things about make-ups and from there, i decided to change my look and my personality. make-ups is my second hero. make-ups did change my life a lot. it helped me to build more confident and be truthful to myself. i had taught me that being beautiful doesn't mean that you should wear make-ups all the time but how you actually be good and useful to other people. make-ups had taught me that how beauty can influence many things in our life and to be beautiful is to be in the state of happiness. plus, make-ups also taught me how to smile sweetly. before this, i less smiled because i always taught that i have awful teeth but with make-ups on my face, i started to learn to how to smile nicely because you don't want to look horrible with thick make-ups on your face but there was no smile at all. "smile is actually the best make-up every girl can ever wear" (quoted).

and of course my best superhero is God the Almighty. He's always there for me. He never leaves me by myself. when i cry, He would be the one who comforts me. i just love Him more than everything i have in this world. and i'm sorry for not being able to explain how amazing this superhero of mine because God's power is undescribeable. but just so you know, He was the one who changed my life and other things followed.

my superheroes had turned into what i am now. if previously i used to be someone who was very shy and lacked of confidence about herself, but now i appear to be more confident and always think good about myself. now i always think that i'm good at something and i'm actually talented in some ways. i am a special gift to my loved ones although many people out there rejected me.
now, i am the Cinderella that i always dreamed about when i was a kid and to be truth, i had found my prince charming and we're waiting for the right moment to be together.

here's a special gift for you. i learned a lot about love from this video.
why don't you give a click and watch the video.

thanks for reading and good luck :)

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