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Saturday, 2 May 2009



Yesterday I went to Jaya Jusco AU. Guess what I bought there? The most incredible thing that I had always wanted in my life. Alhamdulillah, yesterday I got it! A roller blade. I love roller blade so much. When I was chatting with kak uda, I told her that I wanted to buy one for myself and I also wanted to buy one for her. So, we promised, after she has arrived home soon, we would play roller skates together at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. See? We have the sam interest which is playing roller skate and this is the first time I have my own roller blade.

Well, it doesn't look much but I love them so much!!!

Just now, kak uda was online. But I didn't get the chance to have a happy conversation with her like before seemed that moment she had some works to do. So, I didn't want to interrupt. To be honest, there was something that I wanted to share with her at that time but she looked quite busy. So, I hope kak uda will know what am I going to share with her now while she reading this post.

Just so you know, I am a type of person when I want something, I will put my big efforts to get it. I will try and try and try even I know I might probably fail to get it. On the other hand, I will not give up, especially in getting something that I most wanted.

You might think that if someone buys a roller blade for her/himself, she must be good at it. Well, if you think of me that way too, trust me, you are totally wrong! I really don't know how to skate very well. Don't get the wrong idea, please! I'm not saying that I can't skate at all. I can but I still need someone to teach me how to skate like a professional skater. Someone who can guide me to skate very well until someday I probably become an expert roller skater or perhaps 'ice' skater? Who knows? Nothing impossible in this world, right? We can be what ever we want to be if only it will not bring us to the thing that is prohibited in Islam.

Learning how to skate using the roller skate/blade is another type of knowledge that will be beneficial for us. Like our beloved Prophet told us about the importance of knowledge gain in one of his hadis, that we should gain knowledge no matter how far we might go (tuntutlah ilmu walau sampai ke negeri China). So, I bought a roller blade not to just enjoy myself or have fun with it. Instead, I have one dream and I'll make sure that this dream will come true. I want to be a Muslim professional skater in the world. Maybe it sounds funny to you, but for me it isn't. As we know, not everyone knows how to play with the roller blade and the most crucial thing is not all Muslims love playing it because for them "e'eleh... roller blade je. Bosan! Benda kecik je! Bukannya dapat masuk tornament pun!!!" Who say that being a roller skater won't make us get involved in a tournament? If you are a apart of them who are underestimate this kind of sport, you are the people who never appreciate sports.

Ok, let me get this straight. As I said before, to make myself to turn into a professional skater in Malaysia, today I asked many of my friends whether they have a friend (male or female) who is really good in skating to be my tutor. This is because I need to fill myself with all teeny tiny details regarding how to skate well before I started to move my roller blade as a professional. Unfortunately, not any of them knew any of their friends who is a good skater. However, I knew Allah really love me. He knew how much I have worked on looking for someone who can be made as my good 'skating' teacher. The truth is, I got His help from my junior, named Afif (one of my blog readers). He gave me the e-mail address and also the phone number of the skater (a woman, a student of Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman) as she does have her own 'skating' classes for anyone who is interested to learn it. Alhamdulillah, after I sms ed her, she agreed to take me as one of her students and the most exciting part was when she accepted to teach me in her personal class. Alhamdulillah... Thank you very much Allah...

Now, I really can't wait to get started. Insya Allah I will start my skating lessons by next week, every twice a week. When kak uda got back, I want her to join me taking part in this class.

Take care!!!


fathiyyah said...

what's the difference between skating and rolling on skates ha?

Me pun jadi blurr blurr

sharifah syahirah TSM [chep] said...

bertuah kak uda~

all da best!

wan hazimah said...


sama je. saja je nk guna vocab lain. hehehe...


hye kak chep. thanx for dropping by. insya Allah. i'll do my very best!!

Kak Uda chuuun sgt said...

weiii..me nak join jugaaak kelas tuuuu

tp tgk la,kalau i ada masa.
mentang2 la u cuti eh..sabar jeh..huhu

nannychomel said...

Jgn hangat2 tahi ayam udah ler...kasut dah beli kenalah digunakan slalu...jgn duk terperap dlm beg plastik k


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