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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Update gambar


Sorry for the long disappearance. I've been invisible all this while because I think there are not so many interesting stories to be shared. However, I'll try to update my blog every time I have something to say. This means I'll take out everything that is frozen inside of my heart and put it in my lovely blog. But, not necessarily every single thing. The conclusion is I'll try to update my blog.

Zaim is wearing my glasses
(I told him his face is look alike one of my friends. His name is...)

Wow! They were really enjoy themselves playing at the pool at
the hotel which located in Kuantan, during Abg Amir's wedding.
At this time I was really upset because

I could no longer play in the pool because I'm a big girl now.

The pictures above are the pictures of Abg Amir's hantaran
made by Kak Long and Abg Long.
Aren't they just lovely? But, during my wedding soon,
I want to decorate my own hantaran myself.
Because I'm also a creative person just like them and I wan
my future husband to be proud of my ability. Hehehehe...

Okay. How about these ones? These pictures I snapped during my
mom and I went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to
do some outdoor activities. Well you know, since last two weeks
we have been spending our morning
with jogging and joining aerobics which is held at the court provided.
We really have fun with our new activities. But pity mak. Soon,
I'll be getting into cfs back, so no one would accompany her going there.
Insya Allah, when Kak Uda got here, I'll ask her to join mak do such exercises at Titiwangsa.


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