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Monday, 6 June 2011

Life is a matter of choice


In the late night, I'm still awake, writing a meaningful post,
as a closing of today's chapter of my life.

"Life is a matter of choice."

That's what people always say, right?

Totally love this quotation.
Life will not be completed unless we make the right choice for our life.

What ever we do we must remember that
we are always being given choices.

Not many, but only two. Yup, two choices to choose.
God always gives us only two options (choices) in life.


Because naturally every of His creations there are only two elements.
Male and female. Adam and eve. Sin and reward. 
Heaven and earth. Good and bad. And so forth.
And He gives us the chance to pick any of the two.
We decide what do we think is best for ourselves. People could never make
the right choice for us. Only we understand us best. Nobody can.

For me, I believe that I'm making the right choice.
Even if they disagree with me, until they deleted my name from their heart,
I don't care anymore. 
I already decided and it's up to me.

Struggle, pray and tawakkal.

That's what Islam had taught me and I definitely trust my fate.

What will happen to them next?
They decide for themselves. To me, I did my part very well
and He will give me the best, just like the right choice that I picked.

Yes, life is a matter of choice.

So long.

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