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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Puzzle 12: Jannah is waiting

Da'wah perlukan mujahadah

You don't know how much I desire you -
My heart is empty - very dark -
I need some lights - to make it bright -
When I see people - seek for the truth -
I say to myself the truth's right in front of their eyes -
Only a true spirit - and a sincere attempt - 
Can achieve them -

You don't need me - but I really need you -
You're my responsibility -
That needs to be fulfilled -
Until the days end -
Many years - long I live -
Seeking for you - from people -
Yet I didn't receive any -
Until God sent me an 'angel' - down from heaven -
I call him an angel - that's my right -
He's an angel - fills up the emptiness of my soul -
My heart is occupied with nothing but love -
Love for my Creator - love for my Messengers - love for my religion -
That's what he had been preaching me - for many years -
I accept Islam with no force -
I left my ignorance with joy -
I cry for the sins - that I had committed -
I hope for nothing - but God's blessing -

My angel...
You're my angel - and you'll always be my angel -
Angel of my heart -
 Remembering you is a must -
Being your follower is a gift -
Meeting you is a dream -
Following your sunnah is a mission -
I will surely continue your task -
With a great spirit of Islam -
That you taught us long before -

As you passes by - please wait til I'm ready -
Though knowing the way - is not easy -
With a prepared mind - and body -
Long I stand and say that kalam -
Bismillah... -
Here my journey starts  -
Even if it's hard -
I know He's always here -
All the world creatures - will pray for my success -
As I make my moves -
I strengthen my heart by whispering -
Jannah is waiting -


Note: Da'wah is not an easy task and do you believe if I say that only chosen people can bear of doing da'wah to others? Not all of us being given the strength to preach others about Islam. That's why we need to follow Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. ways of doing da'wah. Effort, du'a and tawakkal, that's all we need. Allah will not look at our result, yet He will take into account our efforts of doing da'wah. Whether people might accept our da'wah or not, that is totally not our business. Our job now is to fulfill our responsibility as a true Muslim by teaching Islam to those who are still ignorant. However, don't forget to keep asking for Allah's help. Doing da'wah needs enough knowledge and knowledge will never finish. There's always knowledge for us to grab. Plus, remember this, "We are not the starter nor the finisher but we are the successor of da'wah."  So, what are we waiting for? Let's start our engine now.


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