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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Puzzle 24: Do you remember?

Do you remember
The first time I knew you?
At CFS, Nilai
Inside A&R Office, in the VIP room
Waiting for my turn to register
As a new student of IIUM
Next to my mother, you stood
Wearing a nice green baju batik
With a smart black hair
And a smile drawn on your face
Every time people came and greeted you
The first word I learnt about you 
At that time
You were one of the most active committees
I had witnessed
Always asked us to sing CFS song
Again and again 
Wanted us to grow our love 
Towards IIUM

Do you remember
The first time I recognized you?
As a former President of Guidance and Counselling Club (GCC)
You stood in front of us
Giving speech
Giving advice
Giving hopes
For us to gain the spirit
Becoming the next heirs of GCC
Future leaders of the ummah
Your speech had enlightened us
To be part of it
Is what you are
Reflecting your character as a future leader
That we had been waiting for

Do you remember
The first time we became friends?
From my friend
Who's also one of your acquaintances
Your number, I got
Gathered the courage and strength
Typing the keypad
To text you
I shivered at first
But looking at your response
I was confident
You would be a nice person to be friend with
Started to call you
But never met you in person
As I believed the time hadn't come yet
For us to meet each other
Coz He had decided the best time 
For me to see you eye-to-eye
For me to chat with you heart-to-heart
 The suitable word to describe you
For you like to share lots of stories and your life experiences
Allow me to learn new things

Do you remember
The first time we met each other?
At AIKOL cafe
That was where we met
I saw you for the first time
It was hard to believe
I had actually met you at last
We ate Nasi Ayam AIKOL together
As you said it was your favorite
We exchanged details about ourselves
Our conversations seemed to be lively
Although it was the first time I talked to you face-to-face
It was like I had known you 
Thinking had we ever known each other before
In my past life, or perhaps in my dream?
I could say
Every time I see you laughing
Your smile is somehow a cure
For every of my pains

Respect others
Never look down to others
Always see the goodness of others
Pious in your own way
All these attributes
Are living inside you
Because they are mixed together
By Allah
To form YOU
They are what you are now

Do you remember
All the moments we had created 
All the sharing we had made
All the advice you gave me?
Everything we did together
Remembering those 'cool' things
Keep reminding me about you
You are not here
Went again continue the journey
Seeking knowledge and pleasure of God
Knowing someone like you
Always make me in zest
To keep on serving
To my religion
To my people
I have had an ambition
I want to follow your footsteps
I wanna join you 
Seeking knowledge as much as possible
I wanna be like you
Who has never thought about giving up in life
Always put your trust in yourself
And most importantly in God
I wanna be like that too.

This might not seem to be a beautiful poem
This is specially written and dedicated to you
My dear friend
Who is now in the other side of the country
I will be waiting for your return
Because when you came back
I could hear lots of things
About your family and your life experiences
May Allah protect you from harms
And may our friendship be blessed
Til we meet again soon
And hopefully in Paradise.

Insya-Allah :)

Note: My friend went to Japan representing IIUM for a certain program called Japan studies or something. I'm nor so sure about the name. But what is more important now is that may everything run smoothly with Allah's blessings. Insya-Allah.

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