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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cerita Syawal 1433H Zimah

Picture taken at Pantai Kemasik, Kerteh, Terengganu. Beautiful background, isn't it? :)


Actually, there are not so many to story about this Hari Raya. For the first time ever in our family history, we celebrated our Raya in Kerteh, Terengganu. We paid a visit to Abang Umair's and Kak Uda's house and stayed there for about one week. Well, we enjoyed our Raya in Terengganu. Although this Raya was quite empty and pretty boring but we were happy to have the chance to celebrate Hari Raya with Kak Uda, since she has been staying far away from us.

Speaking about Hari Raya, hmm, there were a few things we did together during our Raya in Kerteh. 

We cooked together, enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Pantai Kemasik and the beach near the neighborhood together, performed Solatul Eid al-Fitri together, watched telemovies together, shoot some Hari Raya photos together, and shake hands bermaaf-maafan together. Abang Umair and Kak Uda did receive some guests. which were their own neighbors to their house but they were not many. Maybe everybody was busy visiting their close kins in other parts of the state or perhaps some of them might not return from their kampung just yet. And one more thing. Actually, we were supposed to play bunga api that night, but Kak Uda always forgot until our last day there. I was so disappointed. Huhu... 

So, the first day of Raya, we ate Nasi Dagang, ordered by Abang Umair. More interestingly, we tried to order Nasi Dagang for only a few people eating, let's say 10 people or something. But Kak Uda said the caterer did not take orders for a small number of people eating. So, like it or not, Abang Umair had to order Nasi Dagang for 20 people eating. Oh my Allah! To be honest, no one was able to finish them. I told mommy about inviting Amer beraya at our house but Kak Uda said that I needed to ask for Abang Umair's permission first. Okay, I was so scared to do so, so I just forgot about it. Sadly to say, the next day, all the Nasi Dagang had been contaminated and desperately, we threw them away. So sorry Nasi Dagang!

The next day, we ate Rendang Daging cooked by mommy. It was to tasty and fingers licking good! Mommy was truly an expert in cooking Rendang Daging. Every time Hari Raya comes, mommy will cook Rendang Daging the night before the Hari Raya so that in the morning she can just serve it on the table for people in the house to eat. Because she used to tell me that cooking Rendang Daging surely consume some times. Well, all I can say is that it's not easy to cook Rendang Daging, even I myself still don't pass the test. Hmm...

On the third Raya, Kak Uda made Nasi Lemak for breakfast. It was so cool! It was like she knew how much I mengidam to eat Nasi Lemak. So sweet of her! But the different thing about Nasi Lemak prepared by Kak Uda compared to Kak long was that Kak Uda did not serve kangkung as ulam, but Kak Long always does, but it was still awesome!

Hmm... you know what, we had spent most of our Raya just lepaking and watching some telemovies provided by Astro. Haha... what a lazy Hari Raya we had this year but still we enjoyed it very much. Even though during this Hari Raya we spent most of our time by confining ourselves in our house and in front of television, however I think it could strengthen our kinship and seriously, it truly did strengthen the bondage and filled in the gaps among us. That is one think I like about this year Hari Raya and I am grateful to Allah for that.

Okay. I suppose that's just it. I have no more stories to tell about this Hari Raya. Insha-Allah this Saturday g-13 is going to held Konvoi Hari Raya just like we did in the past years. Maybe there will be more stories about the konvoi that I can share here with you guys.

Just wait for it with patience and smile!

So long. Ta-ta!


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