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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New events (Part 2)

Friday, 24th April 2009 (2)

On Friday night, me, mama, Kak Long, and Kak Aisyah had our 'Ladies Night' at Istana Budaya. We went to watch a theater titled 'Mahsuri' (the fourth theater I had watched with my mom) which was acted by Vanida Imran, Azizah Mahzan, Chiko, and Arjalee. This amazing theater was directed by the most well-known artist in Malaysia, Ibu Fauziah Nawi. At first, I thought this theater might turn to be as boring as 'Impak Maksima The Musical' but when the story had reached the climax, it was totally pulled my eyes back to the perfomance, to focus on the flows of the story again. Vanida and also Arjalee who was acted as Wan Darus, Mahsuri's husband had made the most perfect couple in the story. They acted very well together and so their acting attracted us so much until the story seemed very interesting. Before we went to the entrance, we could see there was a foreign couple also paid for the tickets to watch this incredible theater. Wow! I was completely surprised. I thought foreigners like them didn't like to watch such story (Malay old story) as their meal for that night. However, I was 100% wrong! Maybe, as tourists in this country, they wanted to discover more about Malaysia's culture through her people's way of life and also from the Malaysia's histories itself. What ever it is, I was extremely enjoyed my night watching the remarkable theater, 'Mahsuri.'

Here are some pictures that we caught together right after the movie was finished:

P/s: Kak Long asked me to snap more pictures of us just to make 'that' person jealous!!! Huhuhu, sorry!!! Insya Allah, we will go and watch theater titled 'Sirah Junjungan, Tahajud Cinta' next year, with mama. If we get the chance. If we don't, hmmm, terribly sorry!!! Take care!


Kak Uda Chuuun said...

sengal! haha
kak long kata kak long ada amik gamba ngn vanida imran. i ingat vanida imran betul,rupanya patung kertas vanida imran je..wakakaka

tk dela jeles sgt dah. sbb mak ckp teater tu tk best..haha

wei,apsal nampak vogue sgt ha? pandai bergaya eh skrg.apsal kak long nampak gemok? dh pregnant ke?ngeh3

mak ngn kak aisyah jugak nampak ayu,cuunn.
i lagi la cun

p.s: u menyamar jadi 'anak emak' kat blog br i eh..nk buat kacau ke?

wan hazimah said...

kak uda yg kononnya cuuunn:

alah, at least vanida jgkkan? wakakaka... eh, siapa kata x best? ckp jgn sembarangan ea... best tau. vanida comel sgt2 ats pentas... i bergaya? tlg sket... mn adalah... aslkan menutup aurat. cm style imah pakai tudung je imah ubah sket2... kdg2 pakai tudung msk dlm bj. sbb malas nk pin. pastu x yh nk gosok tudung. kak uda, jomlah main ice skating!!!!

nursabirah azhari said...

wah..bergaye sakan dlm gambar2 dia..bukan main lagi..hehe


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