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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

New events (Part 1)


Oh my! It has been a long time since I have written my blog in English. To be honest, I really miss my English. Yesterday, I read Michi's blog which was written in English. She never use other languages including Malay language to tell people about her stories, instead of English. This shows that she probably loves English so much as her second language. When I read her blog, I can see that all the vocabularies she had been used are really good! I am so proud of her. I hope someday I can write as excellent as her to tell my stories in my blog.

Now, straight to the point, I want to share with you guys about the new events I had faced during my semester breaks. Starting from 24th April 2009 (Friday) until 27th April 2009 (Monday). Hope you'll enjoy it!!!

Friday, 24th April 2009 (1)

Okay, let's start with Friday first. Hmm, on this day, I went out with my brother-in-law, Abg Long and accompanied by my best friend, Syidah. Guess where we went to? That's right! We went to Pesta Buku at PWTC. We started our journey right after we had taken our breakfast which was from 9.30 am, Abg Long fetched us at the main entrance of IIUM, Gombak. In the long journey to arrive there, Abg Long and I had a long conversations together, while Syidah who was sitting at the back, just 'zipped' her mouth tightly as she is a very less-talkative person. However, sometimes Abg Long would asked her a lot regarding her studies at KUIS and she would answer them. After we had arrived, so Abg Long left us because he had an apointment with someone regarding his works. So, Syidah and I started to shop every book we saw there. Hahaha, just kidding! Are you kidding? Our money wasn't enough to buy all books at the same time. Syidah bought some comics and other religious books and as for me, I bought only four novels which cost nearly RM 60. Three Malay novels and one English novel. However, seemed the English novel hadn't been discounted, so I needed to pay for the original price because it was a new book produced by Faisal Tehrani. No wonder how it could cost me a lot. But, I don't care. As long as the book will be beneficial for me, I will pay it at any price, even the money isn't come from me. Hehehehe...

These are the books I bought at the book fair

In the afternoon, as Abg Long had gone to Jumaat prayer, we (the girls) made our steps to the Musolla nearby. We prayed Zohor there and we took a rest for about 30 minutes to relax our feet. We were almost exhausted for walking so long in the PWTC building without taking a seat. Just imagine!!! We rested ourselves while waiting for Abg Long to finish his Jumaat prayer, outside the Musolla. We inhaled the outside air to release our tiredness. During that time, we snapped a few photos of us to be made as memories we spent our time there together. It was pretty exciting!!!

The kids above were the students of a Tahfiz school, I guess...

Oh, before I forgot! Guess who we met at the Pesta Buku? Tada!!!

Ustaz Zamri, Mari Mengaji, TV 9

Brother Shah, one of the 'in-team' members

Hehehe, I felt so lucky to be taken a photo with Shah,
thanks to Syidah for snapping this photo

Hope next year, Syidah and I will go to the Pesta Buku together again!!! Insya Allah!!! We were really enjoy our outing!! Yay!!!


fathiyyah said...

beli buku apa utk i?

wan hazimah said...


sowi. tak terpikir plak nk beli buku apa utk u. sbb i x reti nk pilih. u kan cerewet. nnt i beli, x suka plak. byk songeh plak. so, x belilah pape. jgn mrh...


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