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Thursday, 30 April 2009

New events (Part 3)

Saturday, 25th April 2009

On Saturday morning, my mom and I left house at about 7 am to reach CFS, IIUM Nilai (my campus). Do you know why? On this day, I had to face a big test for me which would determine whether I would qualify to enter IIUM Gombak after I have finished my last semester. The test was known as MUET. The exams that we were going to be tested on this day were writing, reading, and listening. For speaking, Insya Allah I will be tested on 12th Mei 2009. At first, when we reached CFS, I thought I was not able to sit for MUET, seemed during that moment I was the last person to enter the MPN hall. However, alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah I was not late and the luckiest thing was my sit was located at the back of the hall. Thank God. I almost got angry with Husna because she supposed to wait for me at Block D as we had promised to meet there. But alhamdulillah, everything was under control (so sorry, Na!). I didn't know what would happen to me if Allah wasn't there to help me. Thanks Allah.

About MUET, oh my God, you better don't ask me anything about it. Let me tell you now. Hmm, for me the tests were quite tough and challenging. My friends said so, especially the listening test. For writing, alhamdulillah, I just 'goreng2' what should I 'goreng' and still I got the point what to write on those pieces of papers given by the attendants. Even though I didn't know what was the first question asking me to do. But I just jot down any ideas that came across my mind. So, I did it. Now, about reading. Well you know I am really weak in answering reading questions as I am too lazy to go through every single alphabets or letters in the texts provided. However, during the test, well to me it was pretty easier than the EPT i had sat before. Yeah, fortunately I could answer them also with the help of Him. Thanks again, Allah. How about listening? Ehemm, well how can I tell about listening test? Huhuhuhu... I was so sad and very disappointed because the listening test was completely difficult. I couldn't have imagined how come listening test for MUET was tougher than for EPT while MUET'S writing and reading tests were simpler than EPT's? O'oh... I am really in trouble! I don't know what will my results for those tests look like? Will they be ok or otherwise? I guess whatever it is I have to start tawakkal to Him and start working on my speaking test which is just around the corner. Please do pray for me, ok? I need your supports. Insya Allah.

Ok. Forget about MUET. Let's move to other interesting topic. After I had released all the bad feelings trapped in my body thinking about MUET, Husna and I made our pace to Nilai KTM station to reach home as Husna would be staying with me for a couple of days (she would register to enter IIUM Gombak campus on Tuesday). Soon when the train had arrived, we walked inside the train's stomach and the train took us until we reached KL Sentral station. There, I had received my mom's called told me that she along with Zaim and Itqan (my niece) was on her way to KLCC (to fulfil Zaim's promise to play at the children pool). So, we met at Gombak Putra station then we went to KLCC together. As for Husna, I never thought that that was the first time she had arrived KLCC. I was so proud of myself to bring her there with us and showed her almost every part of KLCC and she seemed to enjoy the tour. Hehehe.... since when I became a tourist guide for Husna? Hehehe... I was getting to admire with my new job. Other than that, before we went home, we took our dinner at Nando's Restaurant. It was our first time taking our meals there. It was extremely exciting!!! The foods there were delicious and the drinks too could make our thirsty blew away. Hehehe... but Husna and I just ate peri-peri soup with garlic bread and ice lemon tea as our meals. But still it could make our tummy full.

We really had a good time together, did we?


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