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Thursday, 24 February 2011



Alhamdulillah, just finished my BMK class. We learned how to write a good resume. Insya-Allah, it might be beneficial to us when seeking for occupation after we have graduated soon.

What am I going to write in today's post?

I realize that day by day my post is getting boring and boring. Who knows, there are lesser people who prefer to read my blog compared to others. But, never mind. Why do I have to concern about how many people read my blog during their leisure time? While I can write as many things I like in here without really care about what they are going to critize about my posts. Don't you think so? I don't know. I'm just giving my own opinion. It's up to you whether you want to accept it or not. 

Actually, the main topic of my post today is about the four-letters word-BUSY.

Like always, I always lack of ideas writing about the things that I really want to talk about. But, insya-Allah, I'll try my best.

This is my second year first semester of studying. Unlike the previous semesters, this semester is so-called a totally busy semester for me. Why? Again, unlike the previous semesters, this semester I only got two assignments that I need to work on. One is group work and the other one is individual work. However, I got another three presentations left to worry about. Although the numbers of assignments and presentations that I've been doing this semseters are fewer than those in the previous semesters, but I still feel I'm lack of time. Yes, I'm lack of time doing so many things, especially things that I like-my hobbies.

Lately, I notice myself getting busier and busier. Each day I go to class and sometimes I got meetings at night and when I return to my mahallah, I will clean myself up and lay down on my bed and I will sleep. Because of the dreaful tiredness, I'm now rarely read my novels (as usual), seldom go swimming at the pool, hardly ever consistent with my usrah and qiamullail and also infrequently spend my free time with my close kins. I hate it when I think about it. Allah has given me 24 hours just like he gave to His other servants, but still I think 24 hours (now) are not the same as 24 hours long before I was accepted into this university.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be an ungrateful servant of Allah here, but what am I trying to say is that time is going faster and faster. Do you ever feel that way all this while? As what had been said by my GA lecturer, "How times flies?" Don't you think? And we are getting closer with the Day of Resurrection. That's why.

Excuse me, seriously I don't know what am I babbling about now. But I'm trying to share something with you.  Don't make the statement "I'm lack of time" is the main cause of us to miss our qiammulail or tahajjud. You get what I mean right? I'm sure everybody already knows about the fadhilah of tahajjud itself. Yes, I know this semester is almost end and therefore, we need to struggle more and more, preparing ourselves for our final examinations. On the other hand, we don't have a good reason to give Allah for not waking up early in the morning  to perform tahajjud. 

Actually, I've been critisizing myself. Because of busy struggling for my studies and society, now I rarely qiam and perform my tahajjud. I'm not trying to be noble here. Anyone has his/her own weaknesses and so do I. And please don't think that I'm being riya'. No! I'm just saying that no matter how much busy we are, we still need (or should) to remember our job and responsibility as a servant of Allah. If we forget Him while preoccupy doing our works; procrastinate our prayers, skip our usrah, seldom going to talks or forums organized by any clubs or soceities etc., Allah will tend to forget us either. Surely we don't want that to happen right? Of course we always want Allah to remember us every hour, minute and second so that when we are in difficulties we can always ask for His help. Why? Unlike superman, spiderman, batman (what so ever), Allah is the BEST superhero that we have.

I think that's all for today. Sorry for babbling so much on the not-so-important issue (but it is important to me to share with you).

I have to get ready to meet my friend to discuss about our club program.

Ok, see you later!


p/s: Use your time wisely! Don't waste your time with things that are not so 'urgent' (you know what I mean) and fill it up with something beneficial (studies are still our priority!). Ganbatte!

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cikpah said...

kepada cik adik manis yang busy tu..semoga Allah mudahkan urusan kamu..all da best imah =)


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