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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Comm App (CALL)


(This entry is specially for my classmates who were absent during CALL last class. I know this is not enough but it's all I have to share with you. Check this out.)

Alhamdulillah... we had finished our CALL class successfully. No need to attend Mr. Mazlan class anymore after this because he'll be away for quite some times. But, honestly, I'm gonna miss him :(

So, in our last class, Mr. Mazlan did share with us some tips for the final examination. Well, he didn't actually  tell us every single thing that might appear in our exam paper, yet there were some important points that he had highlighted when giving his last lectures.

Network-based technology

Experiential learning. Like other disciplines, CALL is a kind of discipline whereby learners learn from their own experiences or others as well. The slogan, "We see, we do, we learn" can be implemented in CALL learning. It's like when they see and get to know with the computer applications-both software and hardware, they tend to use them in our language learning class. In other words, they'll do something about their language learning when they had mastered using the software and hardware and it will smooth their process of learning the target language, say English. Plus, the advent of the WWW has also contributed a lot to the learners' language learning. WWW allows them to get access with unlimited information which is just right at their fingertips. CALL has made the people creators and consumers of knowledge, as they can generate knowledge that they have and at the same time utilise the knowledge shared by others using the computer applications.

Motivation. Sometimes we can say that by using the computer applications can motivate the learners in their language learning. The learners sort of enjoy themselves learning the target language with the help of the computing technology. Teachers who use computer application like software and some web-based programs can generate the students' interest in learning the intended subject. When the teachers make use of elements of fun that contains in games, it will make the students become more enjoyable in the language classroom. In addition, using the computing applications may also help the learners to be more independent as in they can do their practices for the subject on their own without fully depending on their teachers anymore. This leads to the concept of blended learning which is also known as learning autonomy, self-regulated learning and learner-centric.

(Starting from here, you need to elaborate the points yourself. I'm sorry. I can no longer help. I'm busy with other works as well.)

Enhanced student achievement
- Network-based instruction
- The role of teacher: monitor, regulate the learners him/herself
- Promote the learners' self-confidence

Authentic materials for study
- Learners use various resources of authentic reading materials
- Materials can be accessed within 24 hours
- Language communication - it's all about clarity and bravity (nothing to do with accent)

Greater interaction
- Among the learners themselves
- Inside and outside the classroom or even the country
- CMC (computer-mediated communication) is not a technology but a concept about how human communication can be done through technology
- Learners interact among themselves and with their teachers through e-mail, newsgroup, online forum, etc.

- Speaking about shy/inhibited/passive/anxious learners

Independence from a single source of information
- Today's education fulfills the need for interdisciplinary learning in a multicultural world

Global understanding

(In the finals, based on the above points, sir might ask us to illustrate those points by giving examples and the platforms that we think are suitable.)

(Another thing is that he reminded us pertaining to the finals are, avoid using the word somehow, coz according to him, that word doesn't indicate anything. The final exam questions will be essay type (4 questions and answer all). Make a space in between each paragraph (not each line) and make sure we write a topic sentence for each point. Regarding our term paper, we still can meet him for consultation next week but our paper need to be handed in by the end of next week.)

That would be all.

I hope this will help you guys although it's not complete.


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