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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

JOM Berubah!


Assalamulaikum warahmatullah. Alhamdulillah. Finally, it's raining today. Betullah kan... rain is one of Allah's so-called utusan which sends berita gembira to all His servants. So, jangan merungut setiap kali hujan turun okay? Because raining brings happiness. It gives peace. So, be grateful when Allah still sends rain to us. 1000 of praises only for Allah. Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah also, I'm back to share with you some of my thoughts today. Fyi, we just ended our last daurah just now. Seriously, I'm going to miss it but we soon are going to meet again next semester with the new identities. In sha Allah.

This morning, before Abg Nwar sent me to AIKOL, where the daurah was held, I got the guts to read the second chapter of Life is an Open Secret by Zabrina A. Bakar. Although I've the book for many times, but the contents never make me feel bored and always attract to kepp reading it whenever I can. So, alhamdulillah. So, the second chapter of the books stresses on how we should decide our path wisely. Meaning, as Muslim we must always have mission and vision in life. We know what we are going to do and what we are going to be in the future. Well, Sis Zab didn't exactly mention these words but that's what I understood from the gist of the chapter, generally.

Why do we have to have mission and vision in life? It's to ensure that everything we do is worth while and we won't waste our time doing things which don't benefit us at all. And, as long as we're given chance by Allah to improve ourselves, we should do so. We cannot expect other people to change us and most importantly, we cannot expect Allah would do the changes for ourselves. Because it is obvious that Allah Himself had mentioned about this in His Holy Book:

This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing. (Al-Anfal 8:53)

And what is more precious is that when Sis Zab mentioned another verse which said that if we go back to Allah, Allah will definitely grant us a success. Isn't that what we want the most in this life as well as the life in the Hereafter? Below is the verse:

Turn toward Allah, O believers, every one of you, so that you may be successful. (An-Nur 24:31)


However, in the chapter, what had attracted me the most was the story shared by Sis Zab concerning the importance of we make some changes within ourselves, in other words, improve ourselves to become a better person. The story was about a man and his street and it consisted of five scenes with an analogy worth sharing.

The story goes like this:

Scene 1:
I walk down a street, and there's a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. It takes forever to get out. It's not my fault.

Scene 2:
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It still takes a long time to get out. It's my fault.

Scene 3:
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It's becoming a habit. It is definitely my fault. I get out immediately.

Scene 4:
I walk down the same street and see the deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Scene 5:
I walk down a different street.

My analysis based on the analogy:

Scene 1:
As I walk down a street, I see a deep hole. I fall in.
= As I live my life, I commit a mistake. I lose.

Scene 2:
I walk down the same street and I fall in the hole again. 
= I commit the same mistake for the second time.

Scene 3:
I still use the same street and fall into the hole again. 
= I do the same mistake again, for the third time-I'm such a forgetful person.

Scene  4:
I'm still walking down the same street. I see the hole but I just walk around it.
= For all this while, I realize that I've been doing the same mistake repeatedly. So, I try to discover the factors that influence me committing the mistake. From there, I learn something.

Scene 5:
I walk down a different street.
= I've found the way to correct my mistake. I replace with something else-good deed/good actions. I;ve changed!

Can you see what I'm trying to explain here? If you still can't see it, I urge you to read the analogy followed by my analysis more than six time. I bet you'll understand. Dr. Subra said, "If you want to understand something, you should read it at least six times." Lol.

But my point here is that, if we fed up with ourselves and so the people around us, there is something wrong with us and we need to detect what are the weaknesses that we want to improve. Remember, it's not too late to change. As long as we're given the continuous life and time, we always have the opportunity to make some changes within ourselves in order to become the most  successful person in this world as well as in the Hereafter. In sha Allah.

"...Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition..." and you know what to do next.


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