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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Imperfect people in making of a perfect couple


Reading the post with praising Allah and a sincere smile.


Have you come across your mind why Allah created us as male and female?
Why didn't Allah create male for male and female for female?

There must be a reason for it right?
There must be a wisdom behind it.
But what?

Hmm...pending... loading...
Oh my... all the jargons are coming out... :P

As Muslims, we believe in Allah's power, don't we?
That's why we don't question anything about His creation.
But don;t you think that it is good to question about Him sometimes (not all the time ya!).
Because it makes us closer to Him.
It will definitely make us know Him better.
It will make us realize of why we should not only accept but obey all His rules.
That's the wisdom.

But again, why male for female and vice versa?
Even when we look at other creatures, what do we see about them?
The lion for lioness, the tiger for tigress, the male cat for female cat.
And many others.
Event plants have their own male and female types.
Amazing isn't it???
That's the beauty of His creation.
He overpowers everything, without we expect.


Another question for us to ponder upon.

Why is it that Allah match-makes a handsome guy with a not-so-pretty lady?
Why is it that Allah match-makes a beautiful lady with a not-so-handsome guy?
Why is it that Allah marries a wealthy man to a poor woman?
Why is it that Allah marries a smart woman to a not-so-smart man?
The real question is...
why is it that Allah match-makes people who are not in the same category;
gorgeous-good-looking, clever-clever, rich-rich
and what not?

The answer is...

because Allah is the Fairest of all!
And He knows what is best for His creatures.
He's the most understanding God who understands our fitrah.
He knows exactly what suits us and what suits us not.
He knows who matches us.
He knows who's gonna make us happy.
He knows everything.

Nobody is perfect coz Allah is the Most Perfect one.
No one can beat Him in terms of perfectness.

But, there's one thing we can do.

Although Allah matches us (the imperfect) with someone who's also imperfect,
that means He wants us to make a perfect couple, 
for the sake of Him.
In order to get mardhatillah.

Did you get it?

"Imperfect people make a great perfect couple that anyone can never imagine."
That's how it works.

However, there's one thing for sure.


... still... "good women are for good men, and good men, for good women..."
and this is Allah's promise to us and we always know that He shall never break His promise.

So, let's improve!

p/s:  A note for you --> Although we're not perfect, but we can improve ourselves to make our relationship perfect in the eyes of Him-soon. I promise.


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