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Monday, 14 May 2012

Puzzle 25: Exam tips


I used to hear people say that knowledge without practice is just like a tree which doesn't produce fruits or give benefits to other human beings at all. As a Muslim, of course I don't want to be one of those who are so stingy about sharing their knowledge with others. However, there was once my sister said to me that it's okay if we want to be a little bit stingy to others in a matter of study because studying is an ibadah. We should surpass others in anything that carries ibadah purposes. But, I don't prefer that way. To me, as long as we are Muslim brothers and sisters, what ever knowledge may come in, we are obliged to pass it down to others. So that not only us will be blessed by Allah but the knowledge we are passing down to others itself should be containing His blessings as well. Am I right or not? 

Okay. Just straight to the point. Since we have been in exam mood (or mode), I'm pretty sure that some of us may be stressful right now. Some might also think of nothing except planning for getting straight As in this exam or perhaps wanna achieve the Dean's list this time. Well, I guess there's nothing wrong about it, but just wanna tell you guys something that we can altogether ponder upon it. Let's think, what is our main goal of studying in IIUM? Simple question, isn't it? But nobody manages to give precise answers for it. So, what say you? Any response? ^_^

Mardhatillah (blessing of Allah)...
Blessed knowledge...
Bright futures...
Dean's list...
No failing this time...
Many more (you write it down on your own)

These are (seriously) very beautiful ambitions. On the other hand, the main question is that, how are going to do so? How are we supposed to achieve all goals that we have set in life? Is there any good suggestions? Mind to share?

Okay, let me get this straight. Actually, my COMM 1010 lecturer, Madam Nury, always reminds us about the four (important) steps in order to be a successful man/ student.

-  Study hard and study smart
- Pray to Allah sincerely (the core step that we should not overlook because we need to ask His blessings in whatever we do)
- Ask blessings from parents (especially mother, because paradise lies on mother's foot)
- Tawakkal 'alallah

As simple as that. Let's together pray for the best for everyone, regardless how well we know someone or not. Just consider all the Muslims are our brothers and sisters and if you don't shy, pass this tips to your other friends as well. We're gonna observe how many students are honestly use this tips and practice it in their daily lives. 

With the above steps, according to Madam Nury, insya-Allah we will never go wrong and Allah is always there to back us up. He will take into considerations on so many things. This is to say, not just by paying attention in class will be a guarantee for us to score all subjects for a particular semester. Yet, this tips is merely suggestions. I could say it is not applicable to all (most probably). But, it's still doesn't matter for us to do it, right? We will gain reward from Him. Insya-Allah.

Gambatte everyone and please don't waste our time with something useless. Love your time and spare it only on important or urgent activities, like in the case of exam, study would be an appropriate answer.



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